Deal: Singapore to Tokyo in full-flat Business Class for S$1.3K (panties cost extra)

Betting on Japan reopening by October? ZIPAIR will take you there in full-flat Business Class seats for S$1,300. And sell you underwear.

While Japan recently lifted its entry ban on foreign business travellers and students from 106 countries, it has no immediate plans to reopen for tourism. That’s a bummer, given how the rest of the world is getting on with life- even fortress New Zealand!

Japan’s borders remain tightly shut to tourists

But Japan can’t stay closed forever (one hopes), and when they do reopen, you’ll have the opportunity to fly there and back in a full-flat Business Class seat for just over S$1,300. 

Just top up S$80 for menstrual panties. 

What is ZIPAIR?

ZIPAIR is a low cost carrier (LCC) wholly-owned by Japan Airlines. It launched passengers services in October 2020, and began flying between Singapore and Tokyo-Narita from September 2021.

In one sense, ZIPAIR looks like your typical LCC, operating a single-type fleet of four Boeing 787-8s. These carry 290 passengers each, split into 272 Economy Class and 18 Business Class seats.

An LCC with a Business Class cabin isn’t all that noteworthy. After all, even Scoot does this with their Scoot Plus recliner-style seats (formerly known as ScootBiz).

ScootPlus (formerly known as ScootBiz)

That said, ZIPAIR’s Business Class product is sure to turn heads, because you’d never have guessed where they came from if someone showed you the photos without context. 

ZIPAIR B787-8 Business Class | Photo: ZIPAIR
ZIPAIR B787-8 Business Class | Photo: ZIPAIR

In an unprecedented first for an LCC, ZIPAIR has installed JAMCO reverse herringbone seats on its B787-8s, in a 1-2-1 configuration with all-aisle access. Seats are 20 inches wide with 42 inches of pitch, upholstered in leather, and equipped with individual reading lights and chargers. And yes, they convert into full-flat beds.

ZIPAIR B787-8 Business Class | Photo: ZIPAIR
ZIPAIR B787-8 Business Class | Photo: ZIPAIR

The only giveaway that this is a LCC is the absence of an inflight entertainment monitor; passengers instead receive complimentary streaming and Wi-Fi (in all cabins).

Fly Singapore-Tokyo in Business Class from S$1.3K  

ZIPAIR is currently offering some very attractive Business Class fares on its 3X weekly services between Singapore and Tokyo-Narita.

SIN 2300

NRT 0710 (+1)
NRT 1510

SIN 2130

Return fares cost just S$1,316 on pretty much every date till 28 October 2022, when the published schedule ends.

What’s the catch? 

While full service carriers have been unbundling Business Class fares in recent times (Emirates, for example, has basic Business Class fares without lounge access, chauffer drive or seat assignments), ZIPAIR takes this to another level. A small carry-on bag aside, your fare literally covers the seat only. Everything else is going to cost you. 

ZIPAIR add-ons

ZIPAIR offers four fare types, all of which are strictly non-refundable and non-changeable.

The basic fare type is called Simple, and comes with 7kg of carry-on luggage and nothing more. Passengers can choose to add on additional Biz, Value or Premium bundles at the time of booking: 

✈️ ZIPAIR Add-on Packages
(Sample pricing from SIN-NRT, one-way)

Seat Selection
Inflight meal 
Check-in Baggage 

Carry-on Baggage
Amenity Kit  

Passengers can also choose to purchase items individually, at the following prices. 

✈️ ZIPAIR Add-on A La Carte
(Sample pricing from SIN-NRT, one-way)
Seat selection
  • S$13
Additional carry-on baggage
(7kg already included)
  • S$30 (+5kg)
Check-in baggage
  • S$42 (14kg)
  • S$54 (23kg)
  • S$66 (32 kg)
Inflight meal
  • Hot meals start from S$12.53
Amenities kit
(blanket, slippers, eye mask, neck pillow, ear plugs)
  • S$28.48 (without tote bag)
  • S$34.18 (with tote bag)
Airport lounge
(Narita TraveLounge)
  • S$18.23

But I haven’t even got to the best part. In addition to upsell staples like inflight meals and lounge access, ZIPAIR will sell you menstrual panties (probably the first time I’ve typed that phrase on this blog) for S$79.75, regardless of size. I’m not even kidding. 

Click to enlarge

With Bé-A <Bear> you don’t need to worried about on heavy menstrual flow days. Super-absorbent sanitary shorts that absorb about 125 ml * of liquid and allow you to spend the day with peace of mind. The crotch part has a wing guard and prevents sideways. The wide design with tape firmly prevents side leakage.

The absorber length is 47 cm, so it is safe for the front and back. It also has high functionality such as antibacterial and deodorant processing and warmth design. To wash, just rub it in water several times and then put it in the washing machine.

Be-A Japan supports the physical and mental health and success of all people

Say what you will, but these have a 96% customer satisfaction rating, based on an admittedly small sample of 45 participants. 

Good luck explaining this in your search history

Even if super-absorbent panties aren’t your thing, ZIPAIR will also sell you those lovely Shiroi Koibito white chocolate cookies, at S$9.11 for a 12 piece set. 

For those curious about the inflight menu selections, here’s the items you can choose from. Wagyu beef curry rice at S$28? Where do I sign? 

In terms of lounges, ZIPAIR uses the Narita TraveLounge in Terminal 1, which currently operates from 8 a.m to 6 p.m daily.

Narita TraveLounge

You could always purchase stand-alone access to this lounge for 1,220 JPY (~S$13), but ZIPAIR’s S$18.23 admission fee includes a complimentary alcoholic beverage or dessert. All other food and drinks are chargeable.


Given that ZIPAIR fares can’t be changed or refunded, this is probably more of a thought experiment than anything else. If Japan doesn’t open up before the end of October, you’re out of luck.

However, if you’re planning to travel to Japan for approved reasons like business or studies, or simply want to take a punt on tourism reopening, these Business Class fares are quite simply unbeatable value.

But maybe don’t pay for the underwear. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Isn’t it better to get alaskan miles on jal?


the underwear is for those who pee themselves scared la lol


…I think everyone is taking the analysis part wayyyy too seriously and the panties part not seriously enough. Aaron may need to start tagging his posts as “satire” soon…


You can only buy 300k miles that way and any “send money to the wife” type of shenanigans may have tax implications on her.

SQ Flyer

Some things are better left unsaid.

Wei Lin

It’s all fun and games until the next account audit.


plus you will miss the unique experience to purchase panties in the air.

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