Great deal: Enjoy up to 6 mpd and interest-free instalments on the DBS Woman’s Card

For a limited time, enjoy 0% processing fees on 3 or 6 month instalment plans, and up to 6 mpd with your DBS Woman's & Woman's World Cards.

The following is a sponsored post by DBS Bank. The opinions and analysis remain that of The Milelion.
👍 Update

The offer to earn a bonus 2 mpd on MP3 payments has been extended to 31 July 2022. The updated T&Cs can be found here.

Note in particular point 11 which confirms that any DBS Points awarded on the transaction will not be reversed due to MP3 application during the promotion period.

By now, regular MileLion readers must be sick of hearing me repeat these two mantras: 

  1. Use the DBS Woman’s Card and DBS Woman’s World Card for online transactions only
  2. Don’t opt for instalment plans, because they don’t earn miles

But for a limited time, DBS is changing the rules of engagement with an excellent, stackable promotion for its My Preferred Payment Plan (MP3) and the DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Cards.

Cardholders can earn up to 6 mpd on online transactions and 3.2 mpd on offline transactions, with up to 6 months of interest-free instalments. 

Overview: DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Card

First, a brief recap on what the DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Cards have to offer. 

Despite the name, both men and women are eligible for these products (don’t let your fragile masculinity put you off applying), which earn miles according to the following table. 

CardOnline Trxns.Offline Trxns.
DBS Woman’s Card2 mpd^0.4 mpd
DBS Woman’s World Card4 mpd*0.4 mpd (SGD)
1.2 mpd (FCY)
^Capped at S$1,000 per calendar month
*Capped at S$2,000 per calendar month

If you don’t already have a DBS Woman’s or Woman’s World Card, new-to-bank customers (defined as those who do not hold a DBS/POSB principal credit card now, and have not cancelled one in the past 12 months before application) will enjoy S$300 cashback when they:

  • Apply by 29 April 2022
  • Enter the promo code APRFLASH during application
  • Charge a minimum qualifying spend of S$500 within 30 days of approval
  • Full T&C

Why these cards are so fantastic is because they adopt a blacklist approach to online spending bonuses, rather than whitelist:

  • With a whitelist approach, cardholders only earn bonuses on specified Merchant Category Codes (MCCs), such as dining or shopping
  • With a blacklist approach, cardholders earn bonuses on all online transactions, except those which appear in the exclusions

While DBS cards have the usual rewards exclusions (e.g. insurance premiums, charitable donations, government payments, education bills and GrabPay top-ups), everything else is fair game- Grab/gojek rides, Deliveroo orders, air tickets, Netflix subscriptions, Qoo10 and Lazada shopping and grocery delivery are all eligible for up to 4 mpd.

When you think about the number of online transactions you make in an average month, it just makes sense to add a Woman’s Card to your arsenal. 

There’s all the more reason with the following promotion.

0% processing fees on 3 & 6-month My Preferred Payment Plan

The DBS MP3 allows customers to convert any DBS/POSB credit card charge of at least S$100 into 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24-month instalments. You can consolidate and convert up to 10 eligible transactions into a single MP3. 

❌ MP3-ineligible transactions
  • DBS/POSB debit card transactions
  • Cash advance
  • Balance transfer
  • Payment via iBanking
  • 0% Instalment Payment Plan
  • PayPal transactions
  • Financial-related transactions
  • MCC 6012 Financial Institutions), 6051 (Quasi Cash), 6211 (Security Brokers), 4829 (Money Orders)

A one-time processing fee applies, but from now till 31 December 2022, DBS is offering a 0% processing fee on 3-month and 6-month MP3 instalments, as summarised in the table below. 

TenureOne-Time Processing Fee*Effective interest Rate
3 months3%
0% p.a.
6 months3%
0% p.a.
12 months5%9.5% p.a.
18 months 6%7.86% p.a.
24 months6%5.95% p.a.
*For avoidance of doubt, the 0% processing fee promotion applies to all MP3 plans approved by 31 December 2022, even if the instalments come after this date. 
Terms & Conditions

This means that you could split a S$1,500 payment into three monthly payments of S$500 nett each, or six monthly payments of S$250 nett each.

Any change in tenure, early repayment and/or card account termination or closure will result in an administrative charge of S$150. 

Earn a bonus of up to 2 mpd on MP3 instalments

Terms & Conditions

MP3 instalments are normally ineligible for DBS points, but from now till 31 July 2022 (extended from 30 June 2022), DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Card customers will earn the following bonuses,  on top of the usual points. 

  • DBS Woman’s Card: 3 DBS Points per S$5 spent (equivalent to 1.2 mpd)
  • DBS Woman’s World Card: 5 DBS Points per S$5 spent (equivalent to 2 mpd)

These bonus points are capped at the first S$500 of MP3 instalments per calendar month during the promotion period. 

By combining this with the 0% processing fee promotion, a DBS Woman’s World Card customer could earn up to:

  • 6 mpd for online transactions
  • 3.2 mpd for overseas offline transactions
  • 2.4 mpd for local offline transactions

with the additional benefit of 3 or 6 months of interest free instalments. 

🖥️ Online Transactions
DBS Woman’s Card2 mpd1.2 mpd3.2 mpd
DBS Woman’s World Card4 mpd2 mpd6 mpd
🛍️ Offline Transactions
DBS Woman’s Card0.4 mpd1.2 mpd1.6 mpd
DBS Woman’s World Card0.4 mpd (SGD)
1.2 mpd (FCY)
2 mpd2.4 mpd (SGD)
3.2 mpd (FCY)

As far as I’m concerned, it’s an absolute no-brainer for DBS Woman’s World Card customers to convert their online transactions into MP3. This lets them enjoy up to 6 mpd, plus the cashflow benefits of payments spread across 3 or 6 months with no fees.

In fact, this promotion even creates a case to use the DBS Woman’s World Card for offline transactions. Customers will earn a total of 2.4/3.2 mpd for local/overseas transactions, and while this isn’t quite the 4 mpd you may be able to earn with other cards, you need to factor in the time value of spreading payments over 3 or 6 months.

For example, a cardholder might make a big-ticket purchase of S$1,200 in a department store. He or she will earn a rather mediocre 480 miles (S$1,200 * 0.4 mpd) upfront, but by opting for a 3-month MP3, he/she would earn an additional 800 miles (S$400 * 2 mpd) per month for a total of 2,880 miles. That’s a decent return, especially considering the cashflow advantages. 

❓ What about BNPL services?

Some of you might ask: why not use a BNPL service with a 4 mpd card to enjoy both cashflow savings and upsized rewards?

You certainly could, but the key thing to remember is that BNPL providers partner with specific merchants, whereas MP3 applies to virtually any transaction you charge to your DBS credit card (excluding the ones mentioned previously like finance charges and PayPal transactions).

Think of it like having a BNPL option for any retail merchant you visit. 

Bonus points from the MP3 promotion will be credited by the end of the following calendar month in which the MP3 instalment is paid. 

How to apply for an MP3 plan

Applying for an MP3 is extremely straightforward and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. 

Login to your DBS digibank app and tap on “More” at the bottom right hand corner. Scroll down and select “Pay by Instalments”, then “Credit Card”.

Choose your DBS Woman’s or Woman’s World Card. You’ll then be able to select eligible transactions for conversion into MP3 (remember, only transactions of at least S$100 are eligible). 

You can select up to 10 transactions per MP3. Transactions must be either unbilled retail transactions or retail transactions reflected in the latest statement. 

Once you’re done, tap “Confirm”, then “Instalment Period” and select the duration you wish to pay over.

You’ll see a final screen with the instalment per month and any applicable fees. Confirm the deals submit your application. You’ll receive an approval decision immediately. 

Important things to note

Pick transactions that won’t be cancelled

When selecting payments to convert into MP3 instalments, it’s a good idea to pick those which are unlikely to be refunded.

For example, I had a refundable Airbnb transaction I decided against putting on MP3, because if I later choose to cancel it, my points will be clawed back and I’ll miss out on an opportunity to fully utilise the S$500/month cap (I can’t go back in time and pick another transaction).

If a transaction is converted to MP3 and subsequently refunded, you’ll need to call up the bank and request for a cancellation of the MP3. The S$150 administrative charge will be waived on a case-by-case basis. 

Maximising your points

There are three things to consider here:

  • Bonus points for MP3 payments are capped at S$500 per calendar month
  • Bonus points for MP3 payments will be awarded for instalments charged up to 31 July 2022
  • MP3 instalments are charged at the start of your statement month

To illustrate, here’s what a 6-month MP3 would look like for a S$1,500 online transaction, charged by a DBS Woman’s World Card customer whose statement month runs from the 28th to the 27th of the following month.

DateInstalmentDBS Points (Miles)
28 Apr 2022S$250250 (500)
28 May 2022S$250250 (500)
28 Jun 2022S$250250 (500)
28 Jul 2022S$250250 (500)
28 Aug 2022S$250N/A
28 Sep 2022S$250N/A
Total Miles= 8,000
S$1,500 * 4 mpd (Original Trxn.) + S$250 *2 mpd * 4 mths (MP3)= 8,000

Note how the transactions from August onwards don’t earn any DBS Points, since the MP3 rewards campaign ends on 31 July 2022.

If he opted for a 3-month MP3 instead, here’s what he’d receive. 

DateInstalmentDBS Points (Miles)
28 Apr 2022S$500500 (1,000)
28 May 2022S$500500 (1,000)
28 Jun 2022S$500500 (1,000)
Total Miles= 9,000
S$1,500 * 4 mpd (Original Trxn.) + S$500 *2 mpd * 3 mths (MP3)= 9,000

Likewise, here’s what a 3-month MP3 would look like for a S$1,200 offline transaction, charged in local currency by a DBS Woman’s World Card customer whose statement month runs from the 28th to the 27th of the following month.

DateInstalmentDBS Points (Miles)
28 Apr 2022S$400400 (800)
28 May 2022S$400400 (800)
28 Jun 2022S$400400 (800)
Total Miles= 2,880
S$1,200* 0.4 mpd (Original Trxn.) + S$400*2 mpd * 3 mths (MP3)= 2,880


DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Card customers now have an excellent opportunity to earn up to 6 mpd on their transactions, with the added benefit of up to 6 months of interest free payments. 

This further sweetens the already excellent bonus for online spending, and may even encourage some to use their cards for offline spending, given the boosted earn rate and cash flow benefits. 

For more details on the promotion, visit this link. If you don’t already have a DBS Woman’s or Woman’s World Card, don’t forget to enter the code APRFLASH during application to enjoy S$300 cashback with a minimum spend of S$500 within 30 days of approval (valid for new-to-bank customers who apply by 29 April 2022, T&Cs apply).

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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How much cosmetics do you use to spend so much in sephora?


Bro, how do I like this comment?

Mike Tj

what a comment lol


Suppose the $1500 spending in your example above will similarly count toward April’s $2000 cap for online spend in a calendar month, right? Or would it be $500 counted toward Apr’s cap, $500 to May and $500 to Jun?


I suppose the same applies to online payments via Amaze linked to the Woman’s Card as well?


Amaze earnings have been NERFED on DBS Womans, and earns 0MPD from 1 June! Would you know whether by using MP3, when are the miles awarded? Say someone charges $1500 Amaze transaction in May. Does that amount earn: (A) 4MPD entirely in May, and when when the transaction is selected for MP3 in May, it earns ADDITIONALLY $500 @ 2MPD each in May, June, July? (B) Or, only when a transaction is charged for MP3 will the full 6MPD be given? There is a difference now that Amaze is nerfed. Using the above example. If (A): May earns $1500 @… Read more »


The bonus earn is until 30 June 2022. As well as the normal 4mpd?


For instalment payments I mean


Hi Aaron,

Do you think it will work on Amaze transactions that are tagged to WWMC?

I happened to clock some transactions around 1900 last week on my Amaze card.


1.9k single spend split 3 months. Wasted some bonus.


I’m curious if this stacks with AMAZE


I reckon we can tap onto amaze, and use on the krisshopper via Kris+.
what a good way to move up to more than 15.5mpd lol


Can triple dip with Amaze tag to this DBS card and paid through Kris+?


Heh no idea. I was hoping for some enlightenment from the group too! Would be good if we could since it should work in my imagination


Where does it say you will get the base 4mpd?

7. DBS Points/Cash Rebates will not be awarded for transactions utilized to qualify for the MP3. Any DBS
Points/Cash Rebates which were awarded as such will be reversed.


Curious about this as well.

Noticed this in the T&C.


+1, i would like to know this as well because the article contradicts with T&C.


Hey Aaron, thank you so much for sharing this article..

So to simply put… As long as it’s an online eligible txn, the 4MPD will surely be in place, and then stacked on together with an additional 2MPD right?

Since the T&C’s are not updated yet..


He was paid to write it my friend. It’s his job.

The following is a sponsored post by DBS Bank. The opinions and analysis remain that of The Milelion.


what if i include insurance in the transactions under mp3. will i be eligible for the extra miles?


Thanks for sharing the information Mark.
Sorry to hear your 2mpd loss…


Do you know for sure you have lost the 4mpd for those transactions you converted to mp3? I would suggest you take a screenshot of your current DBS points. Wait till those new mp3 charges get posted to your account, and then check your DBS points ledger again to see if points did indeed get cancelled in the process?

i don’t think it’s fair to call “SCAM” with no proof.


perhaps you need to chill. as mentioned at the start, this is a sponsored post by DBS. it would have gone through several rounds of review (including the product manager, if i know how these things work), and i can’t believe something as big as that would be missed.

if you’ve been playing this game for a while, you’ll know that T&Cs for different products are managed by different teams, and they don’t always communicate properly. should they? perhaps. but freaking out won’t help.

in any case, should your worries be unfounded i do hope you’ll apologise.


I agree. The wordings may not have been the clearest, but it is a huge promo that is also blasted on the woman’s world website. It would make absolutely no sense for a bank to offer you 2mpd promo to use the facility but take your 4mpd away because. And seeing that this is a sponsored post by DBS, the promo really should seem like 4mpd plus bonus 2mpd for using the facility.

Of course the proof is in the pudding at this moment. I’ll cry foul if at statement date next month, I lose miles.

Make sense

Of course it makes sense to give 2mpd and takeaway 4mpd. It’s converting a full charge to installment. Usually the installments get 0mpd so 2mpd is a big upgrade. But of course they can also give 2+4 if they want.


The terms and condition for this installment plan already state no points will be awarded for transactions used for this installment plan. This article doesn’t seem correct.


I get an error in the last step: this service isn’t available right now

Boogie night

If we’ve received our April statement already, can we apply the mp3 to transactions in that April statement?


Oh mannnn! I have booked for my US flight and hotel just before this promotion exists. And I used my DBS WWMC… What a waste!


I would like to ask if this promotion works together with Amaze card or must it purely be transacted with actual women’s card

H. Tee

Hi Aaron,
Just a typical reader here; we don’t know each other personally.
Thank you for this (and many other articles) – my travel experience has changed tremendously ever since following your website.
This is a sponsored article, but as always, your analysis and recommendations are crystal clear and objective. I don’t pay a single cent to access this, and I’m benefiting from more miles.
Felt that I had to drop a note here after reading some of the earlier comments. And I hope that there are many other silent and appreciative readers out there.


hey Aaron, thanks for this. from the point 9 update, can we then conclude, theres no downside to getting this if mp3 transaction is within promo period (30 Jun 2022)

Unfortunately due to my stmt cycle (3rd every mth), i missed 1 month due to FOMO. so net, it offsets back to basic 4mpd over 3 mths….

free loan i guess


wow, can this be stacked with Krishop purchases? that would be >15 MPD ?!


Hello, I bought something online and the merchant routed the payment via Paypal. Does this not apply then?



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