Kris+ Gastronomy Series: Earn up to 19 mpd at selected restaurants


From now till 30 June, earn up to 19 mpd at 20 participating restaurants including Amo, Art, Botanico, MONTI and more.

Last year, Kris+ ran a dining promotion called the Gastronomy Series, which offered up to 6 mpd at 10 restaurants across Singapore, plus up to 4 mpd from your credit card. 

The Kris+ Gastronomy Series is back again from 4 May to 30 June 2022, and it’s bigger and better this time with 15 mpd at 20 restaurants islandwide, plus up to 4 mpd from your credit card. 

 2021 Edition2022 Edition
Earn Rate
(before credit card miles)
Up to 6 mpd15 mpd
Participating Restaurants1020

There’s no cap on the bonus miles you can earn from Kris+, and all miles earned can be transferred to KrisFlyer at a 1:1 ratio with no transfer fees. 

Kris+ Gastronomy Series 2022

As part of the Kris+ Gastronomy Series 2022, Kris+ is offering the following promotions.

Earn 15 mpd at all participating restaurants

From 4 May to 30 June 2022, the following restaurants will be offering a standardised earn rate of 15 mpd across the board.

RestaurantUsual RatePromo Rate
Alegria6 mpd15 mpd
Amo9 mpd15 mpd
Art9 mpd15 mpd
Bee Chang Hiang Gallery6 mpd15 mpd
Botanico at the Grange9 mpd15 mpd
Enjoy Eating House & Bar6 mpd15 mpd
GEMMA Steakhouse6 mpd15 mpd
Jarrell’s Bistro6 mpd15 mpd
Levant9 mpd15 mpd
LeVeL339 mpd15 mpd
Mimi Restaurant9 mpd15 mpd
Mikuni9 mpd15 mpd
MONTI9 mpd15 mpd
Perch9 mpd15 mpd
Si Chuan Dou Hua9 mpd15 mpd
So France Bistro6 mpd15 mpd
The Spot9 mpd15 mpd
TONITO9 mpd15 mpd
WAKANUI Grill9 mpd15 mpd
Xin Cuisine9 mpd15 mpd

Upsized earn rates are already reflected by default on the Kris+ app. 

Don’t forget to transfer any miles earned via Kris+ to your KrisFlyer account immediately. If you wait more than seven days, these miles will be stuck inside Kris+, where they expire after 6 months and can only be spent at a puny 0.67 cents each! 

Fortunately, a big “transfer to KrisFlyer” button appears upon completing your transaction, so there’s no excuse to not do it immediately. 

Special menus

Kris+ has curated special set menus at participating Gastronomy Series restaurants, as well as vouchers for specific flash deals that can be purchased with cash or KrisPay miles. 

Special menus and flash deals are eligible to earn 15 mpd, but remember, you can still earn 15 mpd from ordering off the a la carte menu as per normal.

Mastercard rebate

Kris+ users who pay with Mastercard will receive a S$10 rebate (in the form of 1,500 KrisPay miles) with a minimum spend of S$70 in a single transaction at any participating restaurant.

These miles cannot be transferred to KrisFlyer, and must be spent via Kris+. The T&C of this offer can be found here

Gastronomic Challenge

Kris+ users can opt in for the Gastronomic Challenge, which awards S$10 (in the form of 1,500 KrisPay miles) with a minimum spend of S$100 in a single transaction at any participating restaurant.

This Challenge can only be completed once per user, and miles earned from the Challenge cannot be transferred to KrisFlyer. For avoidance of doubt, you can trigger both the Mastercard and Gastronomic Challenge bonuses with a single transaction, provided you spend at least S$100 via Mastercard. 

Remember, you’ll need to manually opt in for this under the Challenges section of the Kris+ app. 

What card should I use to pay?

In addition to the 15 mpd from Kris+, you can earn up to an additional 4 mpd by paying with the right credit card.

All payments on Kris+ must be made via Apple Pay or Google Pay, and retain the same MCC as the underlying merchant. In other words, you should use the same card you normally use for online dining. 

CardEarn RateRemarks
HSBC Revolution
4.0 mpdMax. S$1,000 per month
DBS Woman’s World Card
4.0 mpdMax. S$2,000 per month
UOB Lady’s Card
4.0 mpdMax. S$1,000 per month. Must choose dining as 10X category
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
4.0 mpdMax. S$3,000 per month. Must choose dining as 10X category
Maybank Horizon
3.2 mpdMin. S$300 spend per month on any category. Capped at ~S$4,285 per month
KrisFlyer UOB Card
3.0 mpdMin. S$500 spend on SIA Group in a year

If you’re paying via Kris+, be careful not to use the Citi Rewards Card. Citibank excludes in-app mobile wallet transactions from earning 4 mpd, and you’ll earn a puny 0.4 mpd instead. 

Stack with Makan+ for 100 extra miles

Kris+ recently added a restaurant reservation feature called Makan+, powered by the Chope engine. This allows users to earn 100 KrisPay miles per fulfilled reservation (which can and should be converted to 100 KrisFlyer miles). 

The following Gastronomy Series restaurants are also on Makan+, presenting opportunities for double dipping:

  • Bee Cheng Hiang Gallery
  • Enjoy Eating House
  • Jarrell’s Bistro
  • Perch
  • Si Chuan Dou Hua
  • So France
  • Xin Cuisine

As a reminder:

  • Miles earned through Makan+ will be credited to your Kris+ app on the 15th day of the month following the reservation (for example, a booking made for 26 September will receive miles by 15 October)
  • You can convert KrisPay miles earned via Makan+ to KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 ratio, but this must be done within seven days of crediting
  • You can make and earn miles on reservations for yourself, or anyone you please
  • You cannot make changes to the date or time of a booking; you’ll need to cancel the entire reservation and make a new one
  • You can make as many bookings as you like, but just like Chope, multiple bookings made at the same time slot will not be accepted
  • Cancelled bookings and walk-ins at a time slot other than the one you’ve booked will not earn miles
  • Once your first Makan+ miles reward has been successfully credited to your Kris+ account, the linked KrisFlyer number will be stored in Makan+ and cannot be changed


The Kris+ Gastronomy Series 2022 presents an excellent opportunity to rack up 19 mpd on your dining, which turns even the average meal into a rich source of miles. The number of participating restaurants has been doubled too, and if you’ve been meaning to try any of these, there’s no better time than the present.

Once again, be sure to transfer your KrisPay miles immediately into KrisFlyer upon earning, because they’ll be stuck inside Kris+ beyond seven days, with a six-month expiry and dismal value. 

Another reminder that Kris+ is running a separate offer up to 13 mpd at more than 280 dining, retail and lifestyle merchants, which was recently extended indefinitely. So even if none of the Gastronomy Series restaurants tickle your fancy, there’s still many reasons to explore Kris+. 

Extended indefinitely: Earn up to 13 mpd at Kris+ merchants

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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henry heng

I see Mikuni on the list. Could we stack with Amex Love Dining discount? Or stack with HSBC revolution 4MPD ?


Might not be possible as you need to pay in kris+ app to activate the mpd


Happily, I had previously already booked Mikuni for today. Just paid with Krispay using Accor for 50% (2 persons) off and Amaze with DBS WWMC. Instantly received the 15 mpd as well as 1500 (Gastronomic challenge) + 1500 (Mastercard) Krispay miles. An amazingly good deal.


@Tiak u have received 3000 pts instantly – T&C says within 6 days after close of campaign ie 6 Jul?
@Aaron Wong, do both promotions reward concurrently ie 1 x $100 MC payment for 1500+1500 Kris+ pts or we need 2 separate payments 1 x $100 via Amex/ Visa and another $70 via MC?


Sly you are right. Correction: I received the 1500 Krispay miles for completing Gastrononomy challenge instantly. Have not received the Mastercard miles.

Brendan Lim

Is it possible to hack it by using kris+ on ApplePay (AMEX Platinum Charge) so that we can get the love dining privilege?


Would be great if this work..


What about using Amex and clocking the Pan Pacific offer (spend $400 get $100 back)?


Hey Aaron, can the DBS Womans World Card really be used? In your older articles on Kris+ dining you did not include it but here you do. If the MCC is dining would the WMC treat it as online or dining?


i’ll try it and feedback here. even if it doesnt earn the extra 4mpd, 15mpd is still quite amazing.


Any word ES? I was just abt to ask Aaron the same qn…..



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