MileLion Exclusive: AMEX Platinum Charge 175,000 MR points sign-up offer


From now till 19 June, apply for an AMEX Platinum Charge and get 100,000 MR points as a welcome gift, plus a 75,000 MR points sign-up bonus.

👍 Update
This offer has been extended till 19 June 2022

American Express has been experimenting with various AMEX Platinum Charge welcome gifts of late, and it’s safe to say I’m a bigger fan of some more than others.

I thought it was a shrewd decision to replace the 2-night hotel voucher with more flexible Membership Rewards (MR) points back in 2020, given border closures and lockdowns. But  since then we’ve had massage chairs and standing desks, things that you either loved or tried to flip immediately on Carousell.

💳 AMEX Platinum Charge Welcome Gifts

I felt the latest gift of a 1-night stay at The Fullerton Bay Hotel was particularly weak, and many of you thought the same. The good news is that I’ve shared this feedback with American Express, and they’ve agreed to offer 100,000 MR points as a welcome gift, exclusively for customers who sign up via The MileLion.

This stacks with the regular 75,000 MR points sign-up offer for a total of 175,000 bonus MR points. 

MileLion Offer: AMEX Platinum Charge

Apply Here

From 25 May to 19 June 2022, customers who sign up for an AMEX Platinum Charge via The MileLion and receive approval by 17 July 2022 will be eligible for the following:

  • 100,000 bonus MR points for paying the S$1,712 annual fee
  • 75,000 bonus MR points for spending S$20,000 in the first 6 months
  • 25,000 base MR points from spending S$20,000

Cardholders will receive 100,000 bonus MR points as a welcome gift for paying the S$1,712 annual fee. These points will be credited within 12 weeks of annual fee payment.

If they spend S$20,000 within the first six months of approval, they will receive a further 75,000 bonus MR points, credited within 8 weeks of meeting the spend threshold.

Spending S$20,000 will also generate 25,000 base MR points, as per the usual S$1.60= 2 MR points earn rate. 

This offer is open to anyone who has not cancelled an AMEX Platinum Charge in the past 24 months. Customers who currently hold other American Express cards (except the AMEX Platinum Charge, obviously) are still eligible.

For the avoidance of doubt, this offer cannot be stacked with the MGM bonus of 20,000 MR points. Applicants will also not receive the Fullerton Bay Hotel staycation (not that you wanted it, right?).

Terminating the card within six months of approval will lead to a clawback of the welcome gift. 

Terms & Conditions

What can you do with MR points?

With the welcome gift, sign-up bonus and base points factored in, you’re looking at a total of 200,000 MR points. 

Based on the conversion rate enjoyed by AMEX Platinum Charge customers (400 MR points to 250 miles), that would be worth 125,000 miles with any of the following frequent flyer programmes:

  • Asia Miles
  • British Airways Executive Club
  • Dynasty Flyer
  • Emirates Skywards
  • EVA Air Infinity MileageLands
  • Malaysia Enrich
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer
  • Singapore Airlines HighFlyer
  • Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
  • THAI Royal Orchid Plus
Singapore Airlines A350-900 Business Class

Using KrisFlyer as an example, 125,000 miles would be enough for a Business Class round-trip ticket to Auckland, Sydney or Melbourne. 

Stay for a week at the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur
Alternatively, those points could be converted into 200,000 Marriott Bonvoy or 250,000 Hilton Honors points.  Some ideas of what you could with that include:

Note: Marriott and Hilton practice dynamic award pricing, and the exact number of points required will depend on when you stay.

And in a worst case scenario where you converted the MR points into statement credit (which I’d highly advise against), 200,000 MR points would be worth S$960, or S$1,200 at Pay with Points+ merchants including Apple, Challenger, Fairmont Singapore or Lee Hwa Jewellery. 


Apply Here

If you’ve been thinking of getting an AMEX Platinum Charge but don’t quite fancy the welcome gift, 100,000 MR points would be a much more flexible option.

Don’t forget to submit your application by 19 June 2022 via any of the links in this article if you’re interested. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Salmon Lee

Thanks, as always. So this exclusive welcome gift of 100K MR is in lieu of the one-day Fullerton Bay Hotel stay? Or over and above it?

Last edited 1 year ago by Salmon Lee

How do I know if my card is tagged to the Milelion promotion as I do not want the Fullerton Bay Hotel stay ? I applied both through Milelion and Amex.


Any hints on what AMEX plans to replace Fullerton Bay Hotel stay with post 30th June when you were corresponding with them?


If you are signing up via milelion offer you get 100K instead of the Hotel Stay


Still weak IMO. Used to give 225k total IIRC


I mean, the offer is just basically 75k points + 25k for MGM or whatever combination. You just lumped it together as 100k.


Well MGM requires an additional $5000 spend. This is 100k for paying the annual fee.


Tempting offer, but unfortunately I’ve cancelled the card a year ago. Not holding the card for 24 months looks kinda strict imo


Can I still get this welcome offer if I’m currently holding the blue Amex KF card?


Yes eligible

Jason Ho

Does supp card holder enjoy the same (travel) benefits?


$400 airline credit – if I book via Amex portal to utilise.. will I still accrue miles? for example, Singapore airlines to Frankrut via Amex portal with $400 offset, do I still get miles and which category?

Similarly for FHR or via Amex portal, hotel bookings will I still get loyalty points? For example, booking Hilton direct vs. via Amex portal.


Hi Aaron, what are the current terms & conditions (validity, expiry dates etc) for the $400 + $400 travel credits? Assuming we apply and get approved by June 8 2022, does it mean that the credits will expire by next year 8 June & have to be utilised by then? Thanks.


Thanks. Does it mean we have to book & pay with the credits by the expiry date, but the date of travel/hotel stay can be at a later date? Trying to figure next summer’s travel plans out…..and wanting to make use of your offer!


Rubbish amex these days…

Promised a call back to better the 40k renewal they giving me. Did not happen.

Asked whether can I double redemption like the previous years to counter the new signups of 100k MR min… No answer.

Asked whether if I 2 or 3 mths the 20k or 25k spending to be alike new signups vs 6mths… Replied Mgmt no such programmes…


spouse and i applies separately!
You forgot to mention – Voyage card: S$3,210 for 150k miles. Now you get $1712 for 125k miles – no brainer!


Thanks for this. Do you know if the 75k MR points (from $SGD20k spend in first 6 months) includes spend on Cardup? (specifically – thinking about spend on Cardup Rent).

I’ve went thru the exclusions on and can’t seem to find an explicit yes or no.


seems like MR points conversion to KF miles now at 450 MR to 250miles


thanks for clarifying


Hi can I check on the sub cards?

– first two sub cards free with no annual fee
– do the sub card holders get all the benefits including hotel loyalty, lounge access etc?

Thank you


Only for main card holder. Can’t imagine Amex giving it to (each) free sub-card holders 😅


How about if you previously hold the Amex platinum charge card as a supplementary card holder.Still eligible with this offer?


I understand that if i apply for charge and subsequently apply for reserve. I do not need to pay for reserve, but for reserve will I get the 50k MR points for $5k spend and do the points pool together?


what is the way to unofficially get the bonus from the reserve?


Just wondering if family members get to tap on the complimentary lounge usage?


Hiya Aaron, with a 0.78miles for every dollar spent, doesnt seem worth it. What would you spend on this card? Voyage is 1.6 for every dollar which seems more worth it


Hi Aaron, thanks for the exclusive offer! Can I check if this stacks with 10Xcelerator of 20MR for every $1.60?


Aaron, are they offering all the side vouchers that used to come with the card previously
(e.g. such as local hotel stay at likes of St regis, MO, and dining vouchers, etc) as before?


Hi Aaron, how long does Amex normally take to process application? I applied about a week ago using the link you provided but have not heard back from Amex. Thanks!


They are moving at a (unusual for Amex) snail’s space on this one. My wife (who already has an Amex relationship) applied two weeks ago using the link and they come back in drips with silly questions in poorly worded language (eg. “Please confirm your working email” which was actually “work email id”) and still no sign of the card. By contrast when I got mine a few years ago I got the card done and dusted in under a week. So probably under-staffed or something. I usually find Amex processing and CS staff to be among the better ones… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Charles

Hahah, I agree. I got a fantastic reply from AMEX, telling me that my CPF Statement is insufficient as proof of income because I only have one job listed on the statement. This wasn’t even for the 1712, it was for a 50k card.

I asked them, how many jobs do you expect me to hold?


Hi Aaron, i had the charge card which expired last year in Apr, would I be able to sign up as a new customer?


Hi Aaron, how long do they take to process and send you the card on average? I got a large spend coming up real soon and not sure if it will make it in time if I apply.


Applied on 31 May
Called to check on app status on 3 Jun
Received sms on application approval on 3 Jun
Received card via delivery package on 7 Jun.


Applied on June 2nd, pushed 2 times per phone, got a call on June 10, to submit all of my supporting documents, which I did already on June 2nd. Hopeless understaffed.
Seems Aaron’s deal brought too many applications to them 😉


Hi Aaron, I’ve applied for the card! Thank you for letting us know about this awesome promotion! Just wondering, since we can get 2 other AMEX cards without paying annual fees, which will you opt for? I guess one of it will be the AMEX Platinum Reserve?


For subsequent AF fees, will there still be MR points awarded?


RE $20k spend
Can anyone see what the spending exclusions are?


Hi, please can i check if the information where Amex do not charge for the Platinum Reserve annual fee is accurate if you have the charge card and have paid the annual fee? They are charging me for the annual fee for the reserve card although I have the charge card and they said this has been the practice all along because they are under different platforms.


Hi, is this still valid? Will it be extended?


Darn, I missed it out too any I’ve got a big purchase coming up. Aaron, any luck to get Amex to extend the offer? 😉


How do I know if my card is tagged to the Milelion promotion as I do not want the Fullerton Bay Hotel stay ? I applied both through Milelion and Amex.


yeah be good if the promotion is extended!


Hi Aaron, am I able to enjoy milelion exclusive for new charge card signup now?


Does this still work? Interested!


Hi. I applied on 28 June. That means I missed out on this 100k MR points offer and the new offer which is coming soon? 😭



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