One week left: Beat the KrisFlyer devaluation by locking in awards now

KrisFlyer will soon hike award prices by 8-16% and nerf the Stopover Trick. Book now to lock in the current prices and policies!

There’s just one week to go before 5 July 2022, when Singapore Airlines will devalue the KrisFlyer award chart for the first time since January 2019.

The cost of award travel on Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance partners will increase by 8-16%, with yet-to-be-announced hikes for non-Star partners like Alaska Airlines and Virgin Australia. 

Further changes will take place on 1 August 2022 when paid stopovers will be eliminated, thereby nerfing the Stopover Trick.

✈️ KrisFlyer 2022 Devaluation
🔺 Award Price Increases
  • All awards ticketed up till 4 July 2022 will follow existing prices, regardless of travel date
  • All awards ticketed from 5 July 2022 will follow new prices
  • Waitlists that are not ticketed by 4 July 2022 will be charged the new prices, regardless of when the waitlist request was made
  • Any date changes to an existing award ticket made from 5 July 2022 will not trigger the new prices
  • Saver awards on Singapore Airlines increasing by 8-16%
    • Economy: 8-16%
    • Premium Economy: 8-16%
    • Business: 10-15%
    • First: 10-13%
  • Advantage awards on Singapore Airlines unchanged, except travel from Singapore to Zones 10-13 (Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Europe, USA, Canada)
  • Upgrade awards increase by 4-5%
  • Star Alliance partner awards increasing by 8-16%
👎 Changes to Stopover Policy
  • No option to add paid stopovers from 1 August 2022
  • Complimentary stopovers capped at 30 days from 1 August 2022
  • You can still make date changes to existing tickets with stopovers >30 days
📚 Further Reading

Here’s a reminder of what’s going to happen, and what you should do to prepare yourself.

Summary: Award price increases

From 5 July 2022, the cost of Saver awards on Singapore Airlines will increase by 8-16%, depending on cabin and destination. 

One-Way Saver Awards to…
(from SIN, in ‘000s of miles)
Zone 27.5
Zone 312.5
Zone 415
Zone 520
Zone 618.5
Zone 725
Zone 820
Zone 928
Zone 1025
Zone 1138
Zone 1238
Zone 13
Zone 2: Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei
Zone 3: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
Zone 4: Hong Kong, Taiwan
Zone 5: Beijing, Shanghai
Zone 6: India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh
Zone 7: Japan & South Korea
Zone 8: Perth and Darwin
Zone 9: Australia (ex-Perth and Darwin),  New Zealand
Zone 10: Africa, Middle East, Turkey
Zone 11: Europe
Zone 12: USA (West Coast) & Canada
Zone 13: USA (East Coast) & Houston

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the nastiest devaluation we’ve ever seen. Still, it does mean six-digit pricing for Business Class travel to Europe and the USA for the first time in KrisFlyer’s history, and the sweet spot for Istanbul travel (practically in Europe but priced as part of the Middle East) nerfed somewhat.

Economy Class Saver awards, which were spared during the previous January 2019 devaluation, are increasing by 8-16%. This includes a 10% increase for flights to Taiwan, 8% increase to Japan and 16% increase to South Africa, Turkey and the UAE.

Premium Economy Class Saver awards see a similar 8-16% increase, though I’d never advise people to redeem miles for Premium Economy anyway since the difference in miles between Premium Economy and Business is relatively small, while the comfort gap is relatively large.

Singapore Airlines B737-8 Business Class
Singapore Airlines B737-8 Business Class

It’s the premium cabins where most people will feel the most pinch. Business Class Saver awards are increasing by 10-15%. This includes a 15% hike for flights to South Africa, Turkey and the UAE, a 11% hike for flights to Japan and South Korea, and a 13% hike for flights to the USA.

First Class Saver awards are increasing by 10-13%, including a 10% hike for flights to Australia and 13% hike for flights to Europe. 

Advantage awards on Singapore Airlines will also increase in price, though the impact is relatively more mild since it only affects a few zones. Do keep in mind that First Class Saver space has all but vanished, so Advantage awards are the only option for those who don’t want to tangle with the waitlist. 

One-Way Advantage Awards to…
(from SIN, in ‘000s of miles)
Zone 1055
Zone 1170N/A120
Zone 1270N/A125
Zone 1375N/A140
Zone 10: Africa, Middle East, Turkey
Zone 11: Europe
Zone 12: USA (West Coast) & Canada
Zone 13: USA (East Coast) & Houston

243,000 miles for a one-way Suites ticket from Singapore to New York? Painful, though if you were willing to spend 237,000 miles, what’s 6,000 more?

Star Alliance awards will increase in price by 8-16% as well, though this was never a particularly compelling use of KrisFlyer miles in the first place. I can count on one hand the number of Star Alliance awards I’ve redeemed via KrisFlyer over the past few years, and I’d much rather book them through a programme that lets me avoid fuel surcharges (like LifeMiles).

Round-Trip Awards to…
(from SIN, in ‘000s of miles)
South East Asia 1+13%+11%+11%
South East Asia 2+8%+12%+11%
North Asia 110%+11%+11%
North Asia 2+8%+11%+10%
South West Pacific+8%+10%+10%
North America+10%+13%+13%
Hawaii, Central America+10%+13%+13%
South America+10%+13%+13%
Middle East, North Africa+16%+16%+15%
Central, South Africa+16%+15%+16%
Central, South Asia+8%+11%+11%

You can lock in current prices by booking before 5 July

If your award tickets are issued before 5 July 2022, any subsequent date (or flight number) changes will not attract the new pricing. However, changes that require a reissuance (e.g. award type, routing, cabin) will attract the new pricing. 

✈️ Changes to Award Tickets
No Reissuance RequiredReissuance Required
  • Date
  • Flight number (e.g. changing SIN-LHR from SQ306 to SQ318)
  • Routing
  • Cabin
  • Award type (i.e. Saver vs Advantage)

This is made clear in the FAQs section on Singapore Airlines’ website.

❓ FAQs
Q: If I make changes to my ticketed redemption booking on or after 5 July 2022, which mileage level will apply?

A: Changes to flight date on or after 5 July 2022 will not require additional miles.

For example, a member has an Economy Saver redemption ticket issued before 5 July 2022 from Singapore to Bangkok for travel on 1 September 2022.

Member may change his flight date to 15 September 2022 after 5 July 2022 without paying additional miles*, provided award type and itinerary remains unchanged.

Other changes made to the itinerary on or after 5 July 2022 will be calculated based on the revised award levels.

For example, a member has an Economy Saver redemption ticket issued before 5 July 2022 from Singapore to London for travel on 1 September 2022.

After 5 July 2022, member would like to change his routing from Singapore to Paris. The miles required for the change in routing will be calculated based on the revised award levels.

*Additional service fee of USD 25 of 2,500 KrisFlyer miles will apply for selected services rendered offline by an Singapore Airlines office or reservations hotline.

There is normally a US$25 fee to make date changes on Saver award tickets (no fee applies for Advantage awards). However, thanks to Singapore Airlines’ complimentary rebooking policy, you can make unlimited free changes to any booking (whether award or cash) by 31 July 2022. From 1 August 2022, you’ll enjoy one free change. 

Date of ChangeRemarks
On/before 31 July 2022Unlimited free changes
From 1 August 2022One free change

For example, suppose I make a booking today (28 June 2022) for a SIN-CDG Saver award on 5 December 2022. 

On 8 July 2022, I decide to change the travel date to 7 December 2022.

  • No additional miles apply, since this is just a date change
  • No change fees apply, since I have unlimited free changes up to 31 July 2022

On 8 August 2022, I decide to change the travel date to 9 December 2022

  • No additional miles apply, since this is just a date change
  • No change fees apply, since I have one free change after 1 August 2022

On 8 September 2022, I decide to change the travel date to 11 December 2022

  • No additional miles apply, since this is just a date change
  • A US$25 date change fee applies, since I’ve exhausted my free change allowance

You can lock in the current stopover policy by booking before 1 August

You can still use Singapore as a long stopover…provided your ticket is issued before 1 August 2022

While KrisFlyer prices will increase on 5 July 2022, the stopover policy will only change on 1 August 2022. 

Nonetheless, I’d still advise you to get your tickets issued before 5 July 2022 in order to enjoy the current award chart pricing. 

Period 1: Till 4 July

  • All award prices follow existing award chart
  • Paid stopovers can be added to awards for US$100 each, and be up to one year
  • All complimentary stopovers can be up to one year

Period 2: From 5 July to 31 July

  • All award prices follow new award chart
  • Paid stopovers can be added to awards for US$100 each, and be up to one year
  • All complimentary stopovers can be up to one year

Period 3: From 1 August onwards

  • All award prices follow new award chart
  • Paid stopovers can no longer be added to any award
  • All complimentary stopovers have a limit of 30 days

From now till 4 July, we’ll be in Period 1 (status quo). You can book one-way Saver awards at existing prices, and add paid stopovers of up to one year for US$100.

From 5-31 July, we’ll be in Period 2 (post-devaluation). You can book one-way Saver awards at new (increased) prices, and add paid stopovers of up to one year for US$100

From 1 August onwards, we’ll be in Period 3 (post-devaluation, post-Stopover Trick). You can book one-way Saver awards at new (increased) prices, but cannot add paid stopovers (because paid stopovers no longer exist).

The most important thing to remember is that the rules and pricing that apply are the rules and pricing that exist at the time your ticket was issued. So long as the change you’re making does not involve a reissuance, you can keep your existing stopover, regardless of the prevailing rules at the time.

For example, I can book a 180 day stopover on a BKK-SIN-SFO itinerary today (27 June 2022)  and make date changes to it after 1 August 2022, while keeping the 180 day stopover.

⚠️ “But the CSO said…”

I’m aware that some readers have been given conflicting information from CSOs, including claims that they will not be able to keep their >30 day stopover if they make any change (even dates) after 1 August 2022. 

All I can say is this: CSOs can be wrong. I’ve clarified this matter on two separate occasions with Singapore Airlines’ PR team, and their response has been as clear as it can be:

“If a KrisFlyer member has an existing booking issued before 1 August 2022, they can change the flight date to any date within the ticket validity of one year and will be able to keep the stopover exceeding 30 days. However, if the ticket is re-issued (i.e. any change other than a date change, for example a change in booking class, cabin class, origin or destination), the new rule will apply where the stopover must be less than 30 days.”

This can also be found in the FAQs section: 

Q: I have a ticketed redemption booking with a stopover of more than 30 days. Can I make changes to my booking after 1 August 2022?

A: Only date changes* for tickets issued before 1 August 2022 will be permitted. Other changes to the itinerary will not be permitted.

Additional service fee of USD 25 of 2,500 KrisFlyer miles will apply for selected services rendered offline by an Singapore Airlines office or reservations hotline.

For more details and worked examples, refer to the post below. 

Stopover Trick: How existing award tickets will be handled

Is it too late?

Singapore Airlines B787-10 Business Class

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and this is the first you’re hearing about a KrisFlyer devaluation, is it already too late?

Well, here’s the thing. If you’re searching for awards now, you may have noticed that First and Business Class Saver space has all but disappeared on certain routes, leaving you the option of an uncertain waitlist or expensive Advantage award.

Some have speculated that SIA is “hoarding” the Saver awards and only planning to release them post-5 July, but what’s more likely is that a feeding frenzy already took place on 7 June when the devaluation was first announced. By this time you’re pretty much looking at scraps, and while it’s not impossible to find something, your luck may be better snapping up award seats 355 days out, as soon as they open for booking.

A related question is whether you’ll be able to get your credit card points converted in time.  Here’s an idea of how long it takes to convert points from the following card issuers:

  • American Express: 24 hours
  • Bank of China: >1 week
  • Citibank: 2–3 working days
  • DBS: 2 working days
  • HSBC: ~1 week
  • Maybank: 2 working days
  • OCBC: 2 working days
  • Standard Chartered: ~1 week
  • UOB: 2–3 working days

If I were dealing with AMEX, Citibank, DBS, Maybank OCBC or UOB, I’d say you have a fair shot. For everything else, it’s hit and miss. 

What if I’m waitlisted?

The only thing that matters is when your award is ticketed. If you waitlisted yourself before 5 July and the waitlist only clears from 5 July 2022, tough luck- you’ll pay the new prices.

There’s really nothing much you can do except pray and make backup plans. I found it slightly amusing that the pre-recorded message on the SIA hotline has been updated to say: “We are unable to expedite confirmations of any waitlisted bookings. You will receive an email update for any waitlist redemption confirmation”, probably a testament to how many requests they’ve received. 

This is probably another post for another time, but I do wish we’d have more transparency where the waitlist is concerned. It’d be helpful to know things like your current rank or how many seats are still available; data points that would give you an idea of whether you’re in with a shot or don’t stand a snowball’s chance. 


D/F seats
Singapore Airlines A380-800 Business Class

The KrisFlyer devaluation is rapidly bearing down on us, but there’s still time to lock in awards with the existing award chart and stopover policy. 

If you’re hoping to travel during peak periods like December however, I fear the ship may have already sailed. You might be better off trying to snag redemption tickets for travel 355 days out. 

With every devaluation, it’s also timely to re-examine how much you value a KrisFlyer mile. Do have a read of the post below for my latest thoughts on the subject.

Post devaluation: How much is a KrisFlyer mile worth?

What else is on your to-do list ahead of 5 July?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Anthony lee

If say we wish to travel in Aug 2023, will we be able to change the date subsequently after ticking before 5 July? (Noted that there is a one year period from booking date)


I don’t think so. The ticket is valid for 1 year from the date of ticketing. If you wait until 4th July to ticket, the latest you will be able to fly is 3rd July 2023. However, if you booked a stop over with the first leg before 3rd July 2023, I understand it is possible to change the second leg to a later date after the first leg is flown.


Is that so? I have made a booking for in Nov 2021 for Tokyo Sep 2022. I have always thot that I can change it to a later date aka Aug 2023 if Japan does not open by Aug 2022.


There may be some exceptions for tickets issued during the Covid period where SQ allowed additional flexibility. I had a ticket that was CHC-SIN, that I was able to change during Covid to SYD-SIN. When they changed it to SYD-SIN (no charge) they reissued the ticket, which re-set the 1 year. So it is possible that if you have a ticket with “covid flexibility” you may have a slightly different situation. My comment above refers to the “standard rules”. I think it is the case that apart from free changes until 31st July, we are back to the “standard rules”.


I see I see! Thanks for the dp! Hoping Japan will open soon or I will have to call to change dates. ><

Biz Lover

Oh! I thought can change. From my understanding: Any booking changes must be made before the original travel date (at least 2 hours before departure), or within a year of the ticket’s date of issuance, whichever is earlier. Tickets will be reissued based on your updated itinerary with a new validity period of up to 12 months. So I thought can ticket on 4 July 2022, then have up to 4 July 2023 (or earlier if date of flight is earlier) to change date. And by the time you change flight if Aug 2023 seats are available then can change… Read more »


I’ve mentioned this before but i’ll say it again.

We brought this devaluation upon ourselves..

So many advantage seats go unredeemed while everybody and their mothers are waiting for Savers..

Of course this was going to happen.

If some people redeemed advantage instead, this might not have happened..


I recommend that YOU redeem Advantage awards even when Saver is available so that us less civic minded people with paltry miles balances can get Saver awards. Thanks.


U go redeem lor… why ask others when u also doing the same? lol


Okay Mr Ethical, make sure you patronise the $5 chicken rice stall instead of the $3 one for your next lunch.


Is it possible to book FRA – SIN – SYD for Jun 2023, with a short paid stopover in SIN, and then 6 months from now (before the first leg is flown), change the SIN – SYD date to Nov 2023? The date of the first leg would not be changed.


Yes of course

henry heng

Is ROW redemption impacted?


Hi Aaron. Given the regular depreciation of miles, will there come a day when parity is reached between miles and cashback?


Hi Aaron i am seeing on my stopover selection, that i need to get the second ticket within 30 days of the first flight. Is this expected? thanks!


If you do it online then it is expected. You will have to call them to buy a stopover > 30 days.
You can refer to Aaron’s post here:

What order

Are you supposed to ticket the whole flight online then call them to book the stopover? Or book both legs with the cso?


They are 100% hoarding it. I checked on Sun and saw many dates available. Then checked again on Mon it was suddenly empty for the 4 months out.


prices of tickets are going up more than mile devaluation in some situations, some flights in J are priced 50% to 100% more based on my recent checks to Australia for the upcoming few months.


I have been trying to book a one way biz saver flight from Perth to Bali with a paid stopover in Singapore. The award chart shows that the number of miles required from Perth to Bali is 36500 miles but when I try to do the booking via the customer service hotline, I have been informed multiple times that the system generates the total sum of 55000 miles required (ie they are adding the miles required from Perth to SG, and then SG to Bali). I have been given the runaround multiple times now. Almost feels like an elaborate scheme… Read more »

Biz Lover

I just called SQ earlier and had similar issue. It might be because the SIN-DPS route has no saver tickets available on your requested date, so the top up is for the advantage ticket. The CSO told me the availability for change for stopover is different from what is reflected on the website (plenty of saver tix available on website). So maybe reclarify and ask them to choose another date with availability. You shouldn’t need to top up extra miles.


no i did my own checks online and the saver award was wide open. so i really have no idea what the issue is. I just did the stopover redemption a few weeks back when the news first hit and emptied out my account. was trying to do a couple more redemptions again when the second batch of miles from my credit card came in. The cso said she will try and escalate it but not hopeful it will get fixed by 5 july..


It’s called backtracking in which you pay the miles as two separate legs combined.


Perth-Sin-Bali is not an eligible stopover. Don’t ownself scare ownself. Do your homework first before shoot SQ.

Biz Lover

Hi Aaron, May I check with you: From my understanding: 1. Any booking changes must be made before the original travel date (at least 2 hours before departure), or within a year of the ticket’s date of issuance, whichever is earlier. 2. Tickets will be reissued based on your updated itinerary with a new validity period of up to 12 months. So if I book a ticket on 1 July 2022 for June 2023, will I be able to change the date of the flight before June 2023 to say March 2024 (which will be released at the time of… Read more »


Pretty sure reissuing it after 5 July 2022 will require top up of miles to the new award rates. Unless you intend to book the ticket today and reissue it before 5 July


Anybody facing issues getting the CS on the phone to book the redemption for a stopover? I tried twice and keep saying they will call me back when they have an experienced agent….


Yes, keep calling till you have a “redemption specialist” using the award travel options in the phone menu. Even if you do select the correct options your call may spill over to a commercial booking agent who amazingly can’t help and just waste time.

Even the “specialists” are not fully aware of how the redemption process really works so prepare some coffee.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave

The devaluation kicked in at around 10.10pm on 4 July. Couldn’t book the old rate anymore.


Can still see old rate now


Hi Aaron
Today, 16 July 2022, I tried to redeem Business Saver Melbourne-Sg-Pg for March 2023 (Mel- Sin) and April Sg-Pg) one way. I requested for to do the US$100 paid stopover in Sg for 3 weeks. However, after being on the phone with her for 3 hours, the rep person on the phone said that paid stopover is no longer available.
What should I do? Should I go to ION Orchard to sort this out?

Aaron K

Hi Aaron, I had an interesting experience today trying to change a flight date online. The system wouldn’t let me change date. I called SQ, but the agent was trying to charge me ‘additional miles’ (difference in miles) for a simple date change. Story… I booked a SQ award back in May (prior to devaluation) for a flight scheduled May 2023. Today, I requested to change the flight date to July 2023 in the same Saver category, but the agent insisted I would need to pay the difference between old SQ rates and new rates. I don’t have the additional… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Aaron K
Aaron K

Dear Aaron

Thanks for your reply and confirmation.

My thoughts exactly, that the agents didn’t receive the memo. Some agents probably know every detail, deal and rules at Sephora, but they seem to lack knowledge of their actual jobs. Although, I’m sure many of the agents are knowledgeable. Just maybe not on Sunday 🙂

Thanks for the link to SQ website which double-confirms entitlement.

You are a brilliant man Aaron!

Kindest regards,



I think is due to the date of issue for your redemption ticket. if ticket was issued in xxMay22, the latest date of travel should be in xxMay23.
My personal experience, I have redeemed 4 buz saver tix SIN-MIL X ROM/SIN/BKK on 16Jun22 & I hv changed SIN-BKK to 15Jun23 only due to the one year validity restriction. I can only change SIN-BKK travel date after my first leg flown. ie next year 18May23:-(

Aaron K

Good spotting @KFC and Aaron.

Originally we ticketed 20/04/22, then changed ticket on 12/06/22 for free.
I guess this means we can only change date to a maximum of one year after original ticketing (11/06/22) ?

Any way around this without cancel or new award rates?



having the same issue here – but i noticed as long as the new changed date is within 1 year of “TICKET ISSUE DATE”, it will be successful without any issue online. so that might be the problem – the ticket is valid 1 year from ISSUE DATE, and change of flight date will not change the ISSUE DATE. but SIA did a very poor job on explain that indeed, even in the FAQ page it says ticket validity is 12 months in their stopover section, so misleading into thinking that only applies to stopover.

Aaron K

Thanks for explaining.
I agree SIA did poor job of explaining in FAQ.
Thanks for explaining clearly.


I have a point to raise which everyone may have missed.

If you had booked initially for May 2023, and the ticket validity is for 1 year for that date, the system may be triggered to “re-price” the ticket as the new date is beyond the 1 year mark, if you get what I mean.

Same thing applies whether you changed the outbound or inbound flight, not sure if I am explaining well enough.

This is a possibility why the agents are telling you need to pay additional miles.

Aaron K

Good news Team!

SIA Team Lead was able to change flight date past the 1 year of original ticket issue date. Looking forward to A350 Business Class.

Thanks everyone for support.
Keep trying if first agent cannot do.


I redeemed a saver business award ticket from JFK to CHC for June 2023. I called in to add “stopover” in Singapore but was told that the stopover is not available. My new itinerary with stopover as follows: JFK-Sg via Frankfurt on 24/4/23 (there are saver business ticket available at the new redemption miles) Sg-CHC on 16/7/23, there are saver business ticket available on SQ website. Initially the redemption officer told me that she can’t offer the saver business class ticket on 24/4/23 to me because mine is under the old inventory (prior to devaluation). I must wait for someone… Read more »



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