Hilton Honors offering double elite nights for the rest of 2022


Hilton Honors is now offering 2x elite nights from 11 October to 31 December 2022, which stacks with its already-running 2x points offer.

Hilton’s latest global promotion (called Double Your Stay) launched back on 6 September, offering registered members 2X points on all stays plus 2,000 bonus points for weekday checkouts, valid till the end of 2022. 

To sweeten the deal further, Hilton has now launched a supplementary promotion that overlaps with the existing one: double elite nights.

Hilton Double Elite Nights Promo

Register Here

Under the Double Your Nights promotion, registered Hilton Honors members will earn 2X elite nights on all stays between 11 October and 31 December 2022. 

Do note the following:

  • Registration is required prior to the first eligible stay, but there’s no need to rebook any reservations made prior to registration
  • There is no cap on the maximum bonus elite nights you can earn
  • Award nights are eligible to earn double elite nights
  • Double elite nights are eligible for Rollover Nights and Milestone Bonuses
  • Any nights stayed during the promotion period are eligible, even if you check-in earlier than 11 October 2022 and check-out later than 31 December 2022

This is a very generous offer if you ask me, and should hopefully provide that last burst of fire you need to requalify for status.

Even if you already have enough nights, Hilton allows you to rollover any nights in excess of requalification to the following year. 

Hilton Double Your Stay Promo

Register Here

The Double Your Nights promotion runs concurrently with the Double Your Stay promotion, allowing you to stack double elite nights and 2X points (plus potentially more, if you check-out on a weekday).

As a reminder, under the Double Your Stay promotion, registered Hilton Honors members will earn:

  • 2X points on all stays (no minimum duration)
  • 2,000 bonus points for stays with check-outs on Monday to Friday

This is valid for stays between 6 September and 31 December 2022. Registered members checking in before 6 September 2022 will receive bonus points if their stay is completed on or after 6 September 2022, and prior to 31 December 2022. 

Do note the following:

  • Registration is required, and must be done prior to starting your first eligible stay (it’s fine if you booked your stays prior to registration)
  • There is no cap on the maximum bonus points you can earn
  • Bonus points will also be granted to award stays (you’ll earn nothing on the stay, but can earn on F&B and incidentals charged to the room, plus the flat bonus)
  • All bonus points will post within 6-8 weeks 

Here’s how many points members can expect to earn, depending on their Hilton tier.

Points per US$1
 Base*Promo (2X)EliteTotal
*Stays at Tru and Home2 properties earn 5 base points per US$1

1 Hilton point is worth about 0.5 US cents, so you’re looking at a rebate of 10% to 15%, depending on your status. 

The FAQs for this promotion can be found here, and T&Cs at the bottom of this page.


Hilton has launched a double elite nights promotion that covers all stays till the end of 2022. This runs concurrently with its double points promotion, making Hilton stays rather lucrative for year-end travel.

Registration is required for both offers, so take a moment to do so before you forget. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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