Marriott Bonvoy will offer soft landings for 2023 after all

Marriott Bonvoy members who failed to requalify for their existing tier will only be downgraded one tier come March 2023.

In December last year, it was reported that Marriott Bonvoy would end its unofficial policy of soft landings, where elite members who failed to requalify for their existing tier would be downgraded one tier at most. For example, a Platinum member who failed to meet the requalification threshold would be downgraded to Gold, even if he/she had no qualifying activity otherwise. 

However, it appears that Marriott has reversed course on this decision.

Marriott Bonvoy offering soft landings for 2023

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Marriott Bonvoy previously indicated that only Ambassador Elite members would be eligible for a soft landing, with members who failed to requalify dropped to Titanium Elite status.

But it now looks like Marriott Bonvoy will be offering soft landings for all members after all. Per an update to the help page:

What is Elite annual processing and when does it take place?

Each year, Marriott Bonvoy® works to ensure that all Members’ Elite status reflects all previous year’s qualifying activity.

In January 2023, all Members will have their 2022 loyalty activity evaluated as follows:

  • Members who achieved their existing Elite status again in 2022 will have their current status renewed through February 2024.
  • Members who did not re-achieve their existing Elite status in 2022 will be offered one tier below their current status through February 2024. These members will see their new status starting in March 2023 and can enjoy their existing status through February 2023.
  • Members who achieved a higher Elite level during 2022 already have a status expiration date of February 2024.

In short, members who failed to requalify for their existing status tier in 2022 will be dropped one tier lower for the 2023 membership year. As before, they can enjoy their existing status until 28 February 2023 (hotel chains typically don’t do downgrades on 1 January as a courtesy to those who may have stays that straddle the new year). 

For example, if I was a Marriott Bonvoy Platinum member but failed to stay enough nights in 2022, I will enjoy Platinum status till 28 February 2023. I will then drop to Marriott Bonvoy Gold, which I will hold until 28 February 2024. 

Of course, should I hit 50 nights before 28 February 2024 my account will be upgraded to Platinum immediately (give or take a few days), and I’ll enjoy that status until 28 February 2025. 

Marriott Bonvoy elite qualification

As a reminder, here’s the number of qualifying nights you’ll need to clock for elite status with Marriott Bonvoy. Both award and paid nights count towards earning status. 

TierQualifying Criteria
(Per Calendar Year)
Silver Elite10 qualifying nights 
Gold Elite25 qualifying nights
Platinum Elite50 qualifying nights
Titanium Elite75 qualifying nights
Ambassador Elite100 qualifying nights + US$23,000 spend

All elite night credits are counted in the year they are earned, so if you have a stay that spans 2022 and 2023, the nights in 2022 will be applied to 2022 qualification, and the nights in 2023 to 2023 qualification. 


Marriott Bonvoy members who failed to requalify for their existing tier in 2022 will receive a soft landing in 2023 after all. 

This doesn’t affect me, since I’ve shifted most of my stays to Hilton, but I imagine it’ll be a welcome surprise especially since it was previously believed that only Ambassador Elite members would be eligible. 

(HT: Calvin)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Do the downgrade status count for lifetime status as well?


wonder what made them u-turn on their earlier announcement

Josh T

Hi Aaron, could you share / write about what made you choose the Hilton loyalty program over Bonvoy?

Last edited 2 months ago by Josh T

Considering we really couldn’t travel until May this is welcome but still not good enough.


Does Hilton have soft landing?



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