KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes for February 2023 announced


Save 30% off Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class awards with KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes, for travel between 1-28 February 2023.

Spontaneous Escapes have been announced for February 2023, with 30% off redemptions for selected Singapore Airlines routes in Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class.

Spontaneous Escapes

You can now book these awards on a first-come-first-serve basis up till 31 January 2023.

Do note that Spontaneous Escapes awards may not appear on the Singapore Airlines mobile app (this issue seems to affect Android users more than iOS). If you’re encountering this issue, try using the desktop website instead.

Spontaneous Escapes: Ground Rules

❓  Spontaneous Escapes: The Basics
  • Tickets must be booked online; no bookings via phone are permitted
  • Tickets cannot be changed or cancelled. Be sure about your travel plans or buy a travel insurance policy that covers miles bookings
  • Travel must be completed within the Spontaneous Escapes promotion period to qualify. For example, if you fly on the last day of the month but land on the first day of the following month, no discount applies
  • Awards must be ticketed within the Spontaneous Escapes promotion period
  • Waitlisting is not permitted for Spontaneous Escapes awards
  • Blackout dates apply. If you’re not seeing discounts, this may be why
  • Discounts may apply in one direction only e.g. SIN-BKK may be on discount but BKK-SIN may not. Be sure to read the offers carefully

All Spontaneous Escape awards must be booked and ticketed by 31 January 2023 and are for travel between 1-28 February 2023 (blackout dates may apply).

Singapore Airlines has rejigged its booking interface to show Spontaneous Escapes awards under a special Promo category. This is the one you should select when making your booking.

Selecting a Spontaneous Escapes award

You might recall that prior to COVID, Spontaneous Escapes were a subset of Saver awards. This created a problem, namely that if you wanted to book a regular Saver award (because it comes with a cancellation option, unlike Spontaneous Escapes awards), you couldn’t actually do it!

Now that Spontaneous Escapes are a separate category unto themselves, you have the freedom to choose to pay regular Saver prices if you so wish (thereby enjoying additional flexibility).

Spontaneous Escapes awards are strictly non-cancellable and non-changeable (SIA’s free rebooking policy doesn’t apply here, and in any case ended on 31 July 2022). Singapore Airlines has made the following concession:

For (i) any flights cancelled by SIA, or (ii) if a SQ-operated flight was removed from a Participant’s booking due to Covid-19 and governmental regulatory changes, the miles redeemed in the unused portion of the ticket will be refunded into the relevant Participant’s KrisFlyer account with no additional fees charged.

However, requests to change any booking details, or to retain the ticket for future use will not be granted. Participants may submit their request via the Assistance Request form.

-Spontaneous Escapes T&Cs

The above applies to regulatory changes, not conditions as they exist at the time of booking. If you make a speculative booking to a country that hasn’t reopened, and it still hasn’t reopened by the time of travel, you won’t be entitled to a refund. In contrast, if you make a booking to a country that is currently open and it subsequently closes its borders, then you will be able to seek assistance.

Since no concession is made for travellers who cannot fly due to COVID-19, the onus is on you to purchase travel insurance that covers miles & points bookings.

Which travel insurance policies covers miles and points bookings?

My picks for this month

After a run of barren months, Spontaneous Escapes seems to have expanded just a little bit. 

Bali for just 5,950 miles in Economy Class is always a solid shout, especially when cash fares are disproportionately expensive. 

Hong Kong is featured again at 11,550/23,800 miles for Economy/Business, and with relaxed entry requirements could be worth a visit. Even better, you can find seats on the 2017 Business Class product if you select the A380 flight- a treat even on a short-haul journey!

Review: Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class (SIN-JFK)

Business Class awards to Darwin and Perth are a deal at 28,350 miles, while Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne are also worth considering at 47,950 miles– just note that all of these are for inbound travel to Singapore only; outbound is regular price. 

It’s interesting to note that Premium Economy awards on the non-stop USA flights (San Francisco, Newark, New York JFK) have made a return at 52,500/56,350 miles, though you’ll need to decide for yourself if you’re willing to stomach a Premium Economy seat on an ultra-long haul flight.

Full list of Spontaneous Escapes

Business & Economy Class

South East Asia

North Asia

West Asia & Africa




Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy awards are also available for Spontaneous Escapes, but honestly, I think you’re better off avoiding these. The comfort gap between Premium Economy and Business Class is wide (a recliner seat, no matter how good it is, will never beat a full flat bed), whereas the comfort gap between Economy and Premium Economy is marginal.

Therefore, I’d prefer to look for a destination offering 30% off Business Class awards. 

North Asia

West Asia & Africa



What if you have an existing award?

If you’ve already holding on to a confirmed award on a flight that is now under Spontaneous Escapes, you will need to:

  1. Book the Spontaneous Escapes rate
  2. Cancel the existing booking and pay the redeposit fee (US$75 for Saver, US$50 for Advantage)

I strongly recommend doing it in this order, in case the Spontaneous Escapes award space disappears in the meantime. It does mean you’ll need sufficient miles on hand, of course. 

Depending on your luck, miles may be recredited immediately to your account, but can take up to 4-6 weeks. If you need them urgently, the CSO can put in a request to expedite the process, but YMMV.


Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes for February 2023 are out, and while it’s still a relatively short list, I am seeing a few more noteworthy deals than previous months. Australia (provided you don’t mind the summer!) is a good deal, as is Hong Kong for those who miss their dim sum fix.

 Don’t forget to ticket your awards by 31 January 2023 to enjoy the discounts. 

What will you be booking for Spontaneous Escapes? 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Is it just me or are seats not showing? I can’t believe they might all be gone in less than 24 hours? BOM-SIN as an example is showing no seats except Advantage redemptions?



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