Citi Prestige limo rides can no longer be carried forward

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Citi Prestige limo rides must now be utilised in the calendar quarter they're earned, as Citibank ends its COVID-era "carry forward" policy.

Back in April 2020, as COVID shut borders and grounded travel, Citibank announced a concession for Citi Prestige Cardholders: airport limo rides could now be brought forward to the end of the year, instead of having to be consumed in the same calendar quarter they were earned. 

That turned out to be rather meaningless for the rest of 2020, as Singapore’s borders remained firmly shut, but at least allowed cardholders to make use of some of their accrued rides as Singapore reopened towards the end of 2021 (you couldn’t carry forward limo rides across years, sadly).

Unfortunately, this concession will no longer apply for 2023, as Citi reverts to its original policy requiring limo rides to be booked in the same calendar quarter they were earned. 

Citi Prestige limo rides can no longer be carried forward

No more carry forward for Citi Prestige limo rides

Up till recently, the Citi Prestige T&Cs contained the following clause:

Cardmembers can bring forward their unused qualifying entitlement(s) from each quarter and utilize their qualifying entitlement(s) within the year in which the qualifying entitlement is given.

-Old Citi Prestige T&Cs

The revised T&Cs have since removed this clause, as spotted by members of the Citi Prestige Telegram Group. Subsequent checks with the concierge have confirmed that limo rides earned in 2023 can no longer be carried forward.

Instead, the policy has reverted to the pre-pandemic norm, where limo rides must be booked in the same calendar quarter they were earned:

  • Q1: 1 January to 31 March
  • Q2: 1 April to 30 June
  • Q3: 1 July to 30 September
  • Q4: 1 October to 31 December

For example, should you clock at least S$12,000 of qualifying spend during the 1 January to 31 March period, you must book the limo rides by 31 March (the actual date of usage can be after that).

Recap: Booking limo rides with the Citi Prestige

To book a limo ride, contact the Citi Prestige concierge at 6337 2484 at least 48 hours before the desired pick-up time. You can book rides to or from Changi Airport.

At the time of booking, S$80+ will be charged to your card, which will be reimbursed the following calendar quarter should you meet the minimum spend requirement (late night surcharges and Sentosa surcharges are also reimbursed, but not waiting fees or child seat fees).

Because the whole system works on a reimbursement basis, there is no need to meet the minimum spend before you book a ride.

For example, you could book one limo ride on 13 January 2023 and another limo ride on 21 January 2023, and provided you spend S$12,000 by 31 March 2023, you’ll get reimbursed within the next calendar quarter. 

In order to be reimbursed, cardholders must spend at least S$12,000 on accumulated retail transactions during a calendar quarter. This excludes the following:

  • any Equal Payment Plan purchases
  • any refund/rebate, disputed transaction, unauthorised or fraudulent transactions
  • Quick Cash transactions
  • monthly instalments plans, cash advance
  • quasi cash transactions
  • balance transfers
  • annual card membership fees
  • interest, goods and services taxes, late payment fees and any other form of service / miscellaneous fees

Supplementary cardholder spending will pool with principal cardholder spending in determining whether the minimum spend has been met. 

The T&Cs are silent as to whether insurance premiums, government transactions, charitable donations and the usual exclusion categories are counted. Frankly, there’s no way of knowing for sure, so do so at your own risk. For avoidance of doubt, Citi PayAll transactions do count towards the minimum spend (it’s explicitly stated in the T&Cs).

Other key points to note:

  • For departures to the airport, a 15-minute grace period is provided
  • For airport arrival pickups, a 60-minute grace period is provided
  • Any cancellation <24 hours to pick-up, or no show, will incur a 100% cancellation fee
  • Any amendment <24 hours to pick-up will incur a S$10 fee
  • Baby or child seats are chargeable at S$27

A maximum of eight rides can be enjoyed each calendar year. 

How does the limo benefit compare?

For a detailed look at how the Citi Prestige’s limo benefit stacks up to the competition, be sure to have a read of my recently-updated credit card limo guide for 2023.

2023 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Airport Limo Rides


Citi Prestige cardholders will no longer be able to carry forward limo rides in 2023, and must use them in the same calendar quarter they were earned. I was hoping that the additional flexibility offered during COVID would become a permanent thing, but it looks like Citibank has other ideas.

Be sure to track and use your benefits accordingly!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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It is interesting to see a confirmation that it is based on when the booking is made, not when the ride occurs. So that means, if I have $12k spending in Q1 2023, in the second half of March I could make 2 bookings for rides in April, and I will be reimbused based on my Q1 spending. That point was never clear (to me). So is good to know from the above.


Can anyone shed light on what types of vehicles are used for these limo transfers? Thanks


Usually Merc E Class. Which you can get on a Grab PremiumGrabExec anw so its kind of pointless now imo. If they make limos Bentley/RR then we are talking


Lol I wish the concierge had told me back in December there was a 7/9 seater option, I would have happily paid the extra $10. Instead, to get my family of 5 to the airport I needed to book both my quarterly limo rides as they were adamant it was a 4 person maximum per car.
Maybe the 7/9 seater option is new?


I just called to check . They say I can’t choose the vehicle or 7/9 seaters. And regardless of vehicle, it is still a 4 person limit


Np, thanks for double checking !


Thanks for this, I just made the booking for March – April 🙂

They do not have the 7/9 seater option, I checked and they only can sit 4 pax even though is a large MPV. I believe perhaps too many people, they will have issue with the luggages not being to able to fit.


City Pay All without admin fee option count toward eligible spend ?


Another nerf to report: the complimentary fourth night can only be booked on hotel official website with rate that CHARGE THE TOTAL AMOUNT AT BOOKING (no more flexible rate or anything like that), or if the hotel is available through Citi’s own portal (which presumably does not have a wide coverage; no more OTA like Expedia etc).

This basically kills the largest reason for keeping this card unfortunately.



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