Kris+ check-in bonus cut to just 20 cents

Kris+ has cut the reward for weekly check-ins from 75 KrisPay miles to 30 KrisPay miles- worth just 20 cents!

In February 2022, Kris+ launched a check-in feature, which is basically a little incentive for users to visit the app on a regular basis.

Kris+ members who checked in three times a week would earn 150 KrisPay miles, the equivalent of S$1. That reward was eventually cut to 75 KrisPay miles (S$0.50) in November 2022, and now there’s been a further cut to just 30 KrisPay miles (S$0.20). 

S$5 for new Kris+ Users
Get S$5 (in the form of 750 KrisPay miles) when you sign-up with code W644363 and make your first transaction

One might argue it’s still better than nothing, but there surely has to come when the time taken to check-in is more valuable than the reward itself!

Kris+ cuts check-in reward miles

Kris+ users who visit the Challenges section of the app and check-in three times a week (a week runs from Monday 12 a.m till Sunday 11.59 p.m) will earn free KrisPay miles. 

The reward has now been cut from 75 KrisPay miles to 30 KrisPay miles per week. Only you can decide whether that’s worth the time to earn, but if this task was previously worth 5 seconds of your life, it’s now worth only 2.

A few points to note: 

  • Check-ins can be done any day of the week and need not be consecutive
  • You’ll need to wait 24 hours between check-ins
  • KrisPay miles are credited to your account instantly, and must be spent through the Kris+ app
  • KrisPay miles earned via check-in cannot be transferred to a KrisFlyer account. 
  • KrisPay miles have a six-month validity

While it’s hard to argue against free miles, the Kris+ check-in feature is arguably less useful because KrisPay miles earned this way cannot be transferred to KrisFlyer, and KrisFlyer has a fixed expiry policy (i.e. you can’t use check-in miles to extend the life of your entire balance).

Back in the Mileslife days, its check-in feature offered a free way to extend the validity of your entire balance with activity-based expiry programmes like British Airways Executive Club and Avianca LifeMiles. 


Kris+ has cut the reward for weekly check-ins from 75 to 30 KrisPay miles, worth just S$0.20.  Is that still worth your time? That’s a question only you can answer. If you’re a regular user of the Kris+ app, then two more taps probably won’t cost you much. But if you were visiting the Kris+ app with the exclusive purpose of checking in, then this might be a tipping point for you.

Despite the check-in nerf, the Kris+ app is still incredibly useful for miles collectors, with more than 160 merchants offering an earn rate of 9 mpd (stackable with up to 6 mpd from credit cards). Be sure to check out the best cards to use with Kris+ in the post below.

What’s the best card to use for Kris+?

(HT: Ryan Quek)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Kris+ also slashes earn rate for taxi rides to just 0.33 mpd.
Do take note of this as well.

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