Should you redeem KrisFlyer miles for Scoot?

KrisFlyer members can redeem their miles on Scoot, but with a relatively poor value of 0.95 cents apiece, hopefully you won't have to!

Back in 2015, KrisFlyer added the option for members to redeem miles on Scoot and Tigerair (remember them?) However, since these low cost carriers had a very different model from Singapore Airlines, redemptions were not for free flights per se, but vouchers.

Fast forward to today, and while Tigerair is gone, the option to redeem miles on Scoot is very much alive.

Some improvements have been made to the system in the years since, such as the elimination of fixed-denomination vouchers in favour of a more flexible sliding scale system. However, given the poor value on offer, it’s something you’re better off avoiding altogether!

Redeeming miles on Scoot

KrisFlyer members can choose to use miles to pay for Scoot fares, taxes, and add-ons (excluding travel insurance, infant fares and card processing fees).

Here’s an example of a round-trip flight from Singapore to Melbourne, with a total cost of S$524.22. 

On the payment screen, you’re presented with the option to redeem KrisFlyer miles. Notice how the minimum amount of 1,050 miles is already selected, which reduces the remaining payable amount by S$10. 

1,050 miles S$10

Therefore, the rate on offer is 0.95 cents per mile, and paying for the entire flight with miles would cost you 55,125 miles. 

✈️ Same rate for Singapore Airlines
Incidentally, you’ll receive the same rate of 1,050 miles = S$10 if you used KrisFlyer miles to offset the cost of a Singapore Airlines flight. That’s not a great idea either!

KrisFlyer miles can only be used to pay for the fares of the member and his/her redemption group nominees. You can manage your redemption group nominees on the Singapore Airlines website. If you enter the name of a passenger who isn’t you, or your redemption group nominee, the option to pay with KrisFlyer miles will not be available. 

As a reminder, Scoot flights are generally non-refundable, so if you can’t fly, you forfeit your miles. In the limited circumstances where a refund is possible, your refund will be applied to your credit or debit card, up to the amount paid using the card. KrisFlyer miles will also be refunded, unless they have expired.

T&Cs for miles and cash refunds

• Except where required by law or government regulation, or where stated in these Conditions, no refunds will be given for unused, or partly used, fares, ancillary products, associated fees, charges, surcharges and taxes.
• Should you not travel on your Booking, the fare and associated fees and charges will be forfeited without refund.
• Should you be approved of a refund, you’ll be refunded the total amount you’ve paid by credit card, excluding the relevant administrative fees. Your refund will be applied to your credit/debit card, up to the amount that you had paid using the card. Any remaining amount will be refunded in KrisFlyer miles. However, expired KrisFlyer miles can’t be refunded.

Should you do it?

Redeeming expiring miles for Scoot flights is better than letting them go to waste!

The 0.95 cents per mile offered for Scoot redemptions is relatively poor value compared to a regular award flight, where I aim to get at least 2-3 cents per mile of value. 

Under normal circumstances, my advice would be to conserve your hard-earned miles for regular awards, stretching them through Spontaneous Escapes awards where possible.

However, Singapore Airlines has ended its COVID-era KrisFlyer miles extensions, and miles now expire 36 months after accrual. If you have KrisFlyer miles that are due to expire, then getting poor value is still better than no value at all. 

Assuming you’re not able to redeem a Singapore Airlines or partner flight, then mixing miles and cash for Scoot flights (or Singapore Airlines, for that matter) represents better value compared to the rest of the on-ground redemption options.

❓ Options for Spending KrisFlyer Miles
Redemption Option Value per mile
✈️ Award flights Up to 5 cents
✈️ Mix Cash and Miles for Scoot or SIA flights 0.95 cents
🚘 KrisFlyer vRooms 0.8 cents
🛍️ KrisShop 0.8 cents
🏨 Shangri-La Circle conversion 0.74 cents
🏬 CapitaStar conversion 0.7 cents
🎡 Pelago 0.67 cents
📱 Kris+ 0.67 cents
🛒 LinkPoints conversion 0.65 cents
🏨 Marriott Bonvoy conversion 0.5 cents
Esso Smiles conversion 0.33 to 0.67 cents

In these circumstances, you would ideally burn only the number of miles which are expiring, and nothing more. The slider bar will allow you to mix any combination of miles and cash, in S$1 intervals. 

For more ideas of what to do with expiring miles, refer to my detailed guide below.

What to do with expiring KrisFlyer miles

Of course, there could be scenarios where Scoot is offering very cheap fares, and Singapore Airlines does not have Saver awards available. In those cases, you might be able to make a case for Scoot redemptions, to the extent you don’t mind the whole low cost model of having to pay for luggage, meals and inflight entertainment (FYI: Scoot doesn’t have bassinets either!)

Earning miles on Scoot

Even though you shouldn’t be redeeming miles on Scoot, there’s nothing wrong with earning them!

In the past, passengers needed to purchase Scoot’s PlusPerks add-on in order to earn miles on their flight. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Ever since 2018, KrisFlyer members earn a fixed rate of 1 KrisFlyer mile per S$1 spent on:

  • Base fare (excluding taxes and service fees)
  • Add-ons like baggage, meals, and seat selection fees (excluding e-Visa and travel insurance)

Solitaire PPS, PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and KrisFlyer Elite Silver members will enjoy a 25% tier bonus, i.e. 1.25 KrisFlyer miles per S$1 spent. 

For flights partially paid with KrisFlyer miles, only the cash portion of the fare is eligible for miles accrual. 

If you are travelling on a mixed itinerary containing both Scoot and Singapore Airlines, miles are earned based on the distance flown and the booking class. 

Cabin Class Fare Codes Accrual
ScootPlus C, D, I, J, U, Z 25%
Economy A, F, P, R, S, Y 20%
B, H, M, W 15%
N, O, X 10%


While KrisFlyer members can redeem their miles on Scoot, you’d be well-advised to see this as a last resort. Your miles are best saved for award flights on Singapore Airlines or its full-service partners, preferably in Business Class or higher.

That said, if your miles are expiring, however, and award space proves elusive, then maybe a Scoot redemption might make sense. But ideally, you’ll be regularly burning your miles in a way that expiry doesn’t really enter the picture.

Any other scenarios where burning miles on Scoot makes sense?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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