Rumour: KrisFlyer Elite Silver getting additional baggage allowance

KrisFlyer Elite Silvers could soon enjoy an extra 10kg baggage allowance on Singapore Airlines flights from June 2024 onwards.

It’s no big secret that KrisFlyer Elite Silver is rather underpowered when it comes to benefits.

While other airlines offer their entry-level elites priority boarding (United Premier Silver) or even lounge access (Cathay Silver), KrisFlyer Elite Silvers get a 25% bonus on mileage accrual, complimentary standard seat selection, and…that’s about it, really. 

However, multiple little birds have told me that Singapore Airlines is set to change this from June 2024, by adding a new baggage allowance benefit for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members.

KrisFlyer Elite Silver to get additional baggage benefit?

If the rumours are to be believed, KrisFlyer Elite Silver members will enjoy an additional baggage benefit when flying with flying on Singapore Airlines from June 2024. 

For countries where the weight concept is used (everywhere except Canada and the USA), the extra allowance will be 10kg.

🧳 Weight Concept
(Flights to/from all countries except Canada/USA)
  Regular Allowance KrisFlyer Elite Silver
Suites & First Class 50kg 60kg
Business Class 40kg 50kg
Premium Economy Class 35kg 45kg
Economy Class    
Flexi 30kg 40kg
Standard 30kg 40kg
Value/Lite 25kg 35kg

For countries where the piece concept is used (Canada and USA), the extra allowance will be one bag, which can weigh up to 32kg in First and Business or 23kg otherwise. 

🧳 Piece Concept
(Flights to/from Canada/USA)
  Allowance KrisFlyer Elite Silver
Suites & First Class 2x 32kg 3x 32kg
Business Class 2x 32kg 3x 32kg
Premium Economy Class 2x 23kg 3x 23kg
Economy Class (all fare types) 2x 23kg 3x 23kg

While this benefit will certainly not apply on Star Alliance partners (since extra baggage allowance is a perk reserved for Star Gold), what’s less clear is whether this benefit will be extended to KrisFlyer Elite Silver members travelling on Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia or Vistara.

What about priority baggage handling?

Priority luggage handling is currently reserved for PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite Golds only

I don’t have any information as to whether priority baggage handling for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members is also in the pipeline, but that’d certainly be nice too.

From what I understand, the hierarchy of baggage handling now is:

  1. First, Suites and Solitaire PPS Club
  2. Business, PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite Gold
  3. Premium Economy
  4. Economy

It seems to me that KrisFlyer Elite Silver could slot in nicely alongside Premium Economy, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that. 

Overview: KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits

Here’s a reminder of the current benefits for KrisFlyer Elite Silver members, with KrisFlyer Elite Gold included in the table by way of comparison.

✈️ Overview: KrisFlyer Elite Silver & Gold
  KrisFlyer Elite Silver KrisFlyer Elite Gold
Elite Miles Req.
(in 12-mth period)
25,000 50,000
Mileage Bonus 25% 25%
Priority Waitlist
Free Seat Selection

(Forward and Standard)
Birthday Bonus
(1,500 miles)

(1,500 miles)
Discounted Service Fees
Extra Baggage  
Priority Check-in  
Priority Baggage   
Priority Boarding  
Lounge Access  
Waived Service Fees  
Shangri-La Jade Fast Track  
Heathrow Express Upgrade  

The main perks of note are a 25% mileage accrual bonus, free Standard seat selection, and some semblance of priority when it comes to waitlisting for flights. There’s also a handful of perks when flying on Scoot, most notably priority check-in and boarding, and free standard seat selection. 

For a full rundown of the perks of KrisFlyer Elite Silver, refer to the article below.

Complete Guide: KrisFlyer Elite Silver benefits

Earn Elite miles on the ground


While the possibility of an extra luggage allowance shouldn’t really be a reason to rush out and qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Silver, it’s worth remembering that from 5 March to 4 June 2024, PPS Club and KrisFlyer members can earn PPS Value and Elite miles respectively for spending made at:

  • Kris+ (both in Singapore and Australia)
  • KrisShop
  • Pelago

Earn rates for PPS Club and KrisFlyer members are as follows:

  PPS Club KrisFlyer
Earn Rate 1 PPS Value per S$3 spent* 1 Elite mile per S$1 spent**
Cap 2,500 PPS Value 5,000 Elite miles
*Or 1 PPS Value per A$3 spent via Kris+ in Australia
**Or 1 Elite mile per A$1 spent via Kris+ in Australia

PPS Club members will earn 1 PPS Value per S$3 spent, with an overall cap of 2,500 PPS Value, while KrisFlyer members will earn 1 Elite mile per S$1 spent, with an overall cap of 5,000 Elite miles. Caps apply for the entire campaign period. 

Status credits earned via Kris+ will post instantly (unless you visit Pelago via Kris+, in which case they’ll be credited within 14 days after 4 June 2024).

Refer to the article below for the full details.

Details: Earn PPS Value or KrisFlyer Elite miles without flying


KrisFlyer Elite Silver members will supposedly enjoy an additional baggage allowance from June 2024, which could be 10kg or an extra piece depending on where they’re flying to.

While this won’t be a life-changing benefit, KrisFlyer Elite Silver needs all the help it can get. Singapore Airlines’ entry-level elite tier offers only the most threadbare of benefits, and isn’t something to feel particularly motivated to work towards (unless it’s a pitstop on a journey towards Elite Gold). 

We should have more details about this enhancement in the week to come, so stay tuned.

Any other benefits you think can be realistically added to KrisFlyer Elite Silver?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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PPS Club is in between First/Solitaire and Business/KF Gold. If the check-in agents are well-trained (encountered some who are not at various stations), PPS Club members would get a First Class tag on their baggage since the Business Class tags are already used for non-elite J passengers and premium economy. Solitaire PPS then gets the First Class tag with the Solitaire tag for further differentiation.