GHA DISCOVERY selling D$ with up to 15% discount

From now till 31 August 2024, buy GHA DISCOVERY$ with a discount of 10-15%, depending on tier

GHA DISCOVERY has, for the first time ever (at least that I can recall), launched a sale on its DISCOVERY$ (D$) loyalty currency. 

Members can now buy D$ at a 10-15% discount, depending on tier. You can basically think of this like buying a discounted gift card for future GHA stays, and it’s well worth considering, especially if you’re eligible for the upper range of the discount.

Buy GHA DISCOVERY D$ at up to 15% off


From 2 July to 31 August 2024, GHA DISCOVERY members can purchase D$ with a discount ranging from 10-15%, depending on tier.

Tier Discount Limit
(per purchase)
(per calendar year)
Titanium 15% D$500 D$1,500
Platinum 14% D$400 D$1,200
Gold 12% D$300 D$900
Silver 10% D$200 D$600

All purchases must be in blocks of D$10. You can buy anywhere from D$200 to D$500 in a single transaction, and D$600 to D$1,500 per calendar year.

Purchased D$ will be awarded within two business days, and are valid for 24 months from the date of issuance.

D$1= US$1 at GHA properties worldwide, so this is basically locking in a future discount of 10-15%, depending on tier. You can further stack this discount with whatever discounted rates the hotel is currently offering, or use it on spa treatments or F&B during your stay. 

The T&Cs for this promotion can be found here.

How do you earn or redeem D$?

D$ can be earned or redeemed on the following expenses:

✅ Eligible Spend to Earn/Redeem D$

Room and add-ons:

  • Room charge/qualified room rate
  • Room upsell
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out
  • Package
  • Crib/baby cot
  • Extra bed
  • Day use
  • Apartments/ Residences up to 30 days
  • Internet
  • Telecom
  • In-room media

Food and Beverage at eligible outlets:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars, pool bars
  • Lobby cafes
  • Coffee bars
  • Room service
  • Minibar

Other non-room spend at eligible outlets:

  • Spa
  • Golf & Sports
  • Experiences

Only stays booked through the GHA website or official hotel websites/channels will be eligible to earn D$. 

A few pointers about redeeming D$:

  • A minimum of D$10 must be spent in a single transaction
  • It’s only possible to use D$ during a stay, at the front desk of a hotel. You cannot redeem D$ online, nor can you spend them on F&B or spa treatments when not an in-house guest. GHA says they are working to add such functionality, but there is no timeline yet as to when it’ll be available
  • It is possible to use D$ on prepaid stays however, insofar as the hotel doesn’t actually charge your card at the time of booking (you’d be surprised, many “prepaid stays” aren’t actually charged until check-in). My advice would be to contact the hotel beforehand, let them know you want to book a prepaid rate with D$, and ask them how to proceed

What card should I use to purchase GHA DISCOVERY D$?

GHA D$ purchases will not code as hotel transactions. Instead, they are processed by in USD by under MCC 7399 Business Services Not Elsewhere Classified.

Here’s the best cards to maximize the miles earned on your purchase:

Card Earn Rate Remarks
Citi Rewards Card
4 mpd Cap of S$1K per s. month 
UOB Visa Signature
4 mpd Min S$1K, max S$2K FCY spend per s. month
Maybank Visa Infinite
3.2 mpd
(till 31 Aug 24)
No cap
SCB Visa Infinite
3 mpd Min S$2K per s. month
HSBC TravelOne Card
2.4 mpd No cap
2.4 mpd No cap 
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Month

Remember, you can always pair the Citi Rewards Card with the Amaze Card to earn 4 mpd on purchases, while enjoying competitive exchange rates.

You should not be using the DBS Woman’s World Card for purchases, as this MCC is not eligible for bonus points. 


Save on a future Capella stay! | Photo: Capella Hanoi

From now till 31 August 2024, GHA DISCOVERY is selling D$ at a discount of 10-15%. There’s an overall purchase limit of up to D$1,500, but that should take a nice bite out of an upcoming hotel stay.

Will you be buying D$ at a discount?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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My personal experience is that the D$ conversion rate could be mediocre when you pay at the front desk when the billing currency is not USD. So that further discount the value of D$. 15% off isn’t gonna make the cut.


Almost same as spot as well when I redeemed it in Singapore just last month.

See M.

Same experience on my side, very good rate!

King C

I got close to spot rates as well for properties in China, Thailand and Malaysia during stays in May and June. Inconvenient having to be a hotel guest to redeem D$ though.