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2022 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Education or Tuition Expenses

The ground to earn credit card miles on education and tuition bills is rapidly shrinking. Here's what options remain.

2022 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Insurance Premiums

It gets harder and harder every year to earn credit card rewards on insurance premiums. Here's the handful of options remaining.

2022 Edition: Best Credit Cards for SimplyGo/Public Transport

As Singapore shifts from WFH to WFO, don't miss out on miles from your bus & train rides. Here's what credit cards to use.

2022 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Airport Limo Rides

Which credit cards offer free airport limo rides, how much must you spend to earn them, and what does the fine print say?

The MileLion’s 2022 Credit Card Strategy

How will you optimise your miles collection in 2022? Here's my strategy.

Which banks pool credit card points?

Pooled points mean lower conversion fees and simpler card cancellations. Which banks do, and which banks don't?

Which credit cards earn non-expiring points?

Which credit cards offer non-expiring rewards points (and is it really that big a deal)?

Which credit cards don’t charge miles conversion fees?

No one likes paying miles conversion fees. So which credit cards let you avoid them?


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