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A first-timer’s guide to Singapore Airlines Business Class

Excited about your first-ever Singapore Airlines Business Class experience? Here's what to look forward to, and how to make the most of it.

2023 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Supermarkets

Earn up to 6 mpd or 18% rebates on your monthly groceries bill when you use the right cards at supermarkets.

Which banks pool credit card points?

If you use more than one card from a given bank, credit card points pooling makes life so much easier. Which banks offer it, and which don't?

2023 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Charitable Donations

Giving is its own reward? Well...yes, but all the better if you can earn some miles in the process! Here's the cards which still reward donations.

Which credit cards offer free miles conversions?

No one likes paying points conversion fees, but some credit cards let you avoid them.

2023 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Public Transport (SimplyGo)

Bus/MRT rides may not be a major expense item, but every little bit helps. What's the best credit card for earning miles on public transport?

2023 Edition: Best Credit Cards for Education or Tuition Expenses

Learning is its own reward? Nonsense! It's all about miles. Here's the best cards for earning miles on education and tuition fees.

How to check credit card points breakdowns

Regularly checking your points balance is good miles game hygiene. Which banks make it easy to track points, and which don't?


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