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Mid-Year Update: The Milelion’s 2020 Credit Card Strategy

As we enter the second half of 2020, here's the credit cards I'm using to maximize my miles.

Milelion Picks: Best Economy Hotel Staycation Deals

Economy doesn't mean sleazy- here's my pick of the best boutique hotel staycation deals that won't break the bank.

Milelion Picks: Best Mid-Tier Hotel Staycation Deals

Looking for a quality staycation but don't want to splurge? Here's my pick of the best mid-tier hotel deals.

What’s the best credit card to use for SimplyGo and public transport?

Don't leave miles on the table when you ride the bus or train. Here's the credit cards offering rewards on public transportation.

What’s the best credit card for paying insurance premiums?

Credit card rewards on insurance premiums may soon become a thing of the past. Here's the few banks which are still holding out.

What’s the best credit card for hospital or medical bills?

Earning points for hospital and medical bills often gives miles chasers more anxiety than the treatment itself! Here's which cards to use.

KrisFlyer now lets you add stopovers of any duration to award tickets online

Could we be booking $100 stopover tricks entirely online soon? It's one step closer now, after the latest website enhancement.

What’s the best credit card to use for charitable donations?

Giving can be rewarding too. Earn more miles when you give with the right cards, on the right platforms.


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