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The Standard Chartered X Card: An unexpected Journey

Waitlists, 100,000 bonus miles, and "strictly no fee waivers": My tribute to the Standard Chartered X Card (2019-2023).

Explained: Standard Chartered’s two-tiered rewards system

How much is a 360° Rewards point worth? It depends on what Standard Chartered cards you have.

Did the SC X Card just become Singapore’s best general spending card?

The SC X Card now offers a first year fee waiver, which could make it one of the best general spending cards out there. Really.

Review: Standard Chartered X Card

With a hefty annual fee and close to zero benefits, the Standard Chartered X Card could be the most expensive paperweight you ever buy.

2022 Edition: Keep or cancel the Standard Chartered X Card?

Will Standard Chartered waive the X Card's annual fee for a third consecutive year? Do they have much of a choice?

Surprise (again): Standard Chartered X Card waives 3rd year annual fee

Standard Chartered has decided to waive the X Card's S$695.50 annual fee for a second year running. But where are those product enhancements?

2021 Edition: Keep or cancel the Standard Chartered X Card?

It's that time of year again for those who got their Standard Chartered X Card during the launch bonanza: keep it or trash it?