Last call for the UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX dining card!


The UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX is the best card available for dining right now at 4 miles per $1. Yes, it’s AMEX, but like I’ve said before, the whole reason they need to give better rewards on AMEX cards is to compensate for their lower acceptance.

This card currently cannot be applied for online, and a call to UOB customer service confirmed that they are in the process of “demarketing the card”, whatever that means. However, if you’ve missed the boat there is still one more opportunity to get on. Apparently, UOB has not updated their back-end applications for SMS applications. Meaning that you can apply via SMS following the method below-

SMS spacespace to 77862
For example: SMS Yespp 7890 S1234567H to 77862.

To give a bit more clarity, “7890” here is the last 4 digits of your existing UOB card (This option will only be available to people who have an existing UOB card and not new applicants). “Yespp” means you want to apply for the Preferred Platinum Account. And yes, 77862 is the official UOB SMS number, you can verify that online.

One poster has reported successfully getting his UOB Preferred Platinum card via this method (thanks Lionel!), so if nothing else it is definitely worth a try.

Let me know if this works for you guys

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125 thoughts on “Last call for the UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX dining card!”

  1. Since I just got my UOB Prvi AMEX last night and activated it this morning, I asked the agent if they still had this card. He also said they’re demarketing the card.

    I tried to apply via this method today – so let’s see if it does work!

  2. Thanks, have applied and will update with outcome.

    Have also applied to PriviMiles AMEX but note that promotion has changed from your original post to:
    – 3 miles on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir & KrisShop
    – 2.4 miles for your overseas spend
    – 1.4 miles for your local spend
    – 20,000 loyalty miles every year
    Plus a sign up bonus:
    8,000 miles* for new UOB Cardmembers
    5,000 miles* for existing UOB Cardmembers

    Have you or others got a new preferred general spend card?

    1. Hi Elroy,

      I’ve been using PRVIMILES AMEX for a while now (about 3 or 4 years) and it’s a great card, but I’ve since changed to the MasterCard version as it’s accepted at many more places with the same rewards. The Visa is good as well but MasterCard World seems to have a slight edge (SPG gold, accepted with Comfort taxis).

      The only difference is that if you can hit >$50K in a year, the AMEX card gives 20K bonus miles while the MasterCard card has nothing. I used to be able to hit it with my work expenses so it was great then, but not now :(.

      Hope this helps!

      1. spot on! the main difference is the 20k bonus miles. have to give people something in order to entice them to use amex…although if over the year you find $14,000+ worth of merchants who won’t take amex, you’d be better off with the MC version

    2. yeah I think I know which article you’re talking about. need to go back and change it. the problem with writing about this stuff is it gets outdated quickly. my general spend card is still prvi miles though. i’ve been meaning to get the MC version for wider acceptance…

    3. Is the sign up bonus consider good Compared to their last few promotions, if any? I have yet to acquire this card, wonder if this is the right time …

      1. That sign up bonus is not really that fantastic, 1500 dollar can easily mess up your planned spending. Would recommend if you have enough cash flow, or is capable to earn back close to the amount via other means.

        1. Just saw the required $1500 spend. I might as well get the Amex rewards card first to get more miles 🙂 thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Lionel! So happy for you that you’re able to get the card through this method! Just wanted to check, how long did it take from the SMS till the card reached you? Appreciate the help!

  3. I had applied on 24 Dec, and gotten it on 4 Jan. Likely im not going to use it though, im moving to HSBC Advance CC for local dining and online bills; I had work out with my parents for them to pay me cash for their bills; so I will not create orphan miles. This card is good if your company sent you for many short term overseas trip, where you can’t accumlate 1k with UOB visa siganture. Can be useful if you also frequently eat in town.

  4. Understand that this card is not recommended to use at hotel dining outlet. Is there any known hotel restaurant exception to this ? Or if we swipe at the hotel restaurant, has there been successful case to call up uob to credit the spending at 4 miles per $?

    1. nope. the whole issue arises from the MCC. hotel restaurants will be billed as a hotel MCC, not as a dining MCC. I suppose you could call up UOB and plead ignorance and if you’re a big spender with them they may think it worth their while to give you a 1 time exception (at expense to themselves), but i wouldn’t count on it.

  5. On a different note, it seems that the Citi Clear Platinum offers 2 miles per $1 spend on local dining. Other than the UOB Amex card, this seems to be the next best alternative ?

    1. Worth noting that HSBC revolution also give 2 miles per $ on local spend, and also can be use to pay for online bills (mainly utilities) at e-axs. May worth better than clear plat if you can consolidate your parents bills and yours and pay it together every month to hit the minimum transfer limit. HSBC Advance CC also give 4 miles per $ on local, dining online and entertainment, you will need an advance account with them. The main gripe with this two cards is that DBS Woman do not award points for online billing. You may want to look at your spending pattern and see which is the best for you.

      1. Aaron,

        The exact response i received from UOB for the Amex application is “Sorry this service is currently unavailable”

        I’ve tried it a few times now.


        1. I just tried the option today. Received the reply as “Your UOB Preferred Platinum Card Account will be sent to you within 10 working days, subject to approval.”

          Not knowing why your message is different. Could it be your message is in a different layout?

  6. tried applying for the UOB PP Amex a few days ago via the SMS method. Received a response saying, “Your UOB Preferred Platinum Card Account will be sent to you within 10 working days, subject to approval.”

    Fingers crossed let’s hope this works

  7. me too. just did the sms application. fingers crossed. will keep everyone updated.

    (that said. note to self: whats taking you so long?!?!)

    1. Just checked via ebanking and I see the UOB PP Amex under one of my credit cards. Haven’t received it yet but i guess it’s approved!

  8. UOB PP Amex & MC variant reflected on my accounts after trying the sms method above. Visa variant was already applied previously. Sms sent on 12 Feb, hopefully the cards will reach my letterbox soon!

      1. Yup. Received the card yesterday.

        Really wonder how it works. Called a few months back and CSO said no longer applicable for application. But sms actually get you the cards.

  9. I tried it on 27-Feb and got the sms that the card will be send in 10 days subjected to approval. I will update again if the application is indeed successful.

  10. Thank you for your application. Your UOB Preferred Platinum Card Account will be sent to you within 10 working days, subject to approval.

      1. have never seen a cc number starting with 0. but anyway might not be prudent to display this here. have edited to remove

  11. What is the difference between UOB PP VISA and UOB PP MC and AMEX?

    Wouldn’t the single card VISA be more appealing? Am i missing something?

    1. Definitely missing out! PPV is for online and paywave.. PPA is for restaurant (probably best out there for dining). PPM is useless

      PPV has several restrictive online transaction that doesn’t count for the bonus UNI$. DBS WW would be the better choice for online.

  12. Got my sms confirmation for the PP back in early March. No sign of the cards. Gonna open a HSBC Advance account and apply for the advance plat visa.

  13. Hi all, I applied for PPA on 5 April 16. I just called CSO – he said it was not possible for anyone to obtain this card since it has been demarketed. Also, I don’t see any signs of this card in my UOB online account. Verdict: DEAD….

    1. By calling the CSO the answer you get definitely demarketed. That is the instruction they received to tell people who call up.. I also received the same reply months back but i get my card.
      It could be that your sms format is incorrect or you don’t fulfil the prerequisite

  14. I applied for this (via SMS) together with PPV on 3 Apr. The PPV shows in my internet banking since 10 Apr, but there is no sign of the PPA todate. Does not look good?

  15. Hi,

    May I know whether the Preferred Platinum Mastercard has the same benefits as the PP Visa or Amex? Or is it totally useless?

    1. Totally useless. Just that it comes together with the amex variant hence people have it. But stashed to the drawer.

  16. Hi Aaron

    Hypothetical question for you. Suppose UOB does not want to waive he annual fees for the preferred Amex. Would you
    1) suck it up and fork over the annual fee
    2) cancel the card and possibly bid it farewell as they have discontinued it

    1. hmmm. they did charge me the annual fee fairly recently (after the card got demarketed) and I managed to get a waiver. if they didn’t waive it i must admit i might pay the annual fee given how much I use it. or I might just switch over to the hsbc advance which i’ve been meaning to apply for this week…

      1. Go go for the HSBC Advance. I went to apply for mine last weekend and am waiting for it to arrive. Admittedly their marketing team is rather slow to respond to requests left on their website so I had to make my way down to the branch to physically open it.

        1. their marketing team is completely useless. not a single call/sms/email whatever since i contacted them 2 weeks ago

    1. your guess is as good as mine, really. i’m still undecided whether they look at your total spend on all uob cards (rationale: if this guy is a big spender with our bank let’s not piss him off even though he only spent $100 on this other card) or on the card you’re trying to get the fee waived in particular. i really think CSOs have a lot of latitude here to use discretion.

  17. If u make a spend at restaurants coded as hotel MCC, anyone with experience calling uob hotline and getting adjustment?

    1. i think the chances of them doing that are slim to bupkis. especially since in the T&C they’ve emphasized that hotel dining doesn’t count

  18. Is this card already phased out?

    Can I still apply for this card to date?

    I applied the UOB PPV for the 4mpd on PayWave particularly, since I’m more to fast-food chains. I guess if restaurants have PayWave, this card still works.

    I also have the Citi Clear Platinum. Been holding for 5 years. And HSBC Revo Pending Approval.

    So again, so I actually find it beneficial to apply this as well for dining?

    1. Dun think it works . Cso called n said card no longer avail. Applied second time n receive same response a week later. Guess they monitoring

  19. 15Nov – applied for card via SMS

    20Nov – received call saying discontinued, but continued to push them citing other people who have received the card recently, CSO agreed to apply for me.

    8Dec – received card in mailbox

    still works! goodluck guys!

  20. 15 Dec | Apply via SMS, received reply application successful, will be mailing in 10 working days. Let’s hope this still works.

    Btw, does this apply for both MC and AMEX? or just the AMEX only?

    1. now there’s a hopeful man! I wish you all the best but i would be seriously surprised if this still works (one poster a week or so ago reported a successful application though…)

      you will get both MC and AMEX if it works. but the MC is as good as a paperweight.

        1. no way. that is awesome. if you’re able to provide me with some photographic (obviously redacted) proof I can upload something here and silence the naysayers who insist it’s dead.

  21. Hey does anyone know if the UOB PP Amex 4 miles per dollar work for foreign currencies too or like if it has any spending cap per year / month?

  22. just wondering how uni$s are credited for the PP Amex. THe CSO told me it’s 2x immediately and 8x on the statement. Sound strange.

  23. I’ve tried to apply on 25th May 2017. SMS was sent to me but up till now.. no cards have been received or any changes on my iBanking page.

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