Third night free with the Visa Signature Hotel Collection

Remember that awesome (short-lived) one-for-one deal that was running last year? If you’d missed it, here’s your chance to get acquainted with its lesser cousin, which offers a potential 33% discount in place of last year’s 50%.

In this new promotion, you’ll get the third night free at Conrad, Waldorf Astoria and Curio hotels if you book by 30 Sep 2017 and stay before 31 Oct 2017. However, this promotion targets weekends and is valid only for stays beginning on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

If you’re staying for longer, there’s nothing stopping you from booking three nights on the Visa Signature platform and adding separate consecutive bookings elsewhere (e.g. if you can find a cheaper rate, or with a points redemption). It’s also possible to chain this promo if you have multiple guests in the room, e.g. booking a total of 6n under two different guests’ accounts/cards/names – Hilton points earned will be deposited into separate accounts if so, though it’s now possible to transfer Hilton points for free between accounts anyway. Hotels are usually able to combine the bookings and make it a seamless experience for you; you can also email the property ahead to request for this, though in my experience it’s not been necessary to do so.

Booking process

To make use of this deal, you’ll need to make use of the Visa Signature Luxury Hotels booking platform that Aaron’s previously written about.  You get extra benefits such as…

  • Automatic room upgrade when available
  • Complimentary in-room wifi
  • Complimentary continental breakfast daily
  • USD$25 F&B credit
  • 3PM check-out when available
  • “VIP” guest status

Most of these are stuff you’ll already enjoy if you are a Hilton Gold/Diamond member, though the extra US$25 credit is still an added bonus.

I wasn’t able to make use my Visa Infinite card on the system last year for some reason, but local Visa Signature cards seem to work (I used a DBS Altitude Visa).

The reservation email lists the total price of the booking, but upon check out they will discount the third night from your final bill. Based on what I experienced with the previous promo, that discounted sum is charged to Visa and you still get points accrued from the complimentary night, which is especially great if you’re staying at an expensive property like Conrad Koh Samui.

Silkair promo synergy

The current 50% redemption promo for Silkair flights is valid for travel between 1 July and 31 October 2017 (book by 11 July), so there’s a nice possible overlap if you’re able to align reservations for:

  • Bali
  • Koh Samui
  • Xiamen
  • Maldives

Conrad property reviews

There are many eligible properties on the list, but for your reference here’re some that we’ve visited:

Low risk – book first?

The bookings are generally cancellable until the day before the stay , and charges are only made upon check out, so if you’re worried that they might pull the promotion early again this year, there’s nothing stopping you from making multiple reservations first and cancelling those you won’t be utilising. Do read specific terms for your targeted specific before pulling the trigger, though.

Check out the full details of the promotion here!

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15 thoughts on “Third night free with the Visa Signature Hotel Collection”

    1. Despite their statement about US-based cards, I’ve had no trouble using my SG-based card (as stated, I used a DBS card).

  1. Back to back stays now allowed as per T&C and anyway only valid for weekend stays so promotion cannot be stacked for extended stays.

    1. Yup, you don’t get multiple discounts (unless perhaps booked under a different name). What I meant is that if you want to book a 4n stay, for instance, and are able to book the 1n elsewhere at a cheaper rate, it’s possible to do so.

      Will edit the wording to make it clearer. Thanks!

      1. I’d initially thought so as well, but realised later (after comparing with Hilton website rates) that it was simply the hotel’s service charge. I don’t know why they don’t list it along with the taxes – would make things a lot clearer!

        (For this particular example I think the price difference is because I’d searched for just 1pax – if you add a second person the total price should be the same.)

          1. Nope, because you have to book via the site and secure using Visa card, so there’s zero chance of getting of getting the Citi concierge to book via the platform for you! =P

            You could chain bookings instead though, so 3n Visa + 4n Prestige -> effectively 28% discount? Could even chain with another 3n Visa after that, probably – assuming you’re actually staying that many nights.

  2. Understood that SG card can be booked online.
    However, has anyone tried paying it? Instead of using US-issued card based on previous promo?

    1. Yes, no issue; I’ve used it three times over the past year.

      Payment is handled by the hotel as usual – you just present them a credit card. In my experience they don’t really care what card you use to settle the bill 😉 although since Visa settles the complimentary night, I’ll stick with using a Visa card to do so.

        1. Short answer: just 2 nights.

          Longer answer: Check out the last paragraph of the “Booking process” section. 😉

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