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FYI: UOB Paywave transactions don’t actually need to be <$100

Restrictions started being lifted back in May 2016.

If you’re one of the lucky few people who has a UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (they’ve officially stopped taking applications but you can still apply through the SMS method…could this be the new PPA?), you might be interested in knowing that contrary to popular belief, there isn’t any transaction size restriction apart from your credit limit.

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When Paywave was first launched in Singapore, there was a transaction limit of S$100. However, in May 2016 UOB issued a press release saying that the S$100 limit would be fully removed from all terminals by “the end of next year”. In other words, if all has gone according to plan then by December this year there won’t be any more restrictions. In fact, based on the rate of progress it should now be the exception rather than the rule that you find a terminal that still has the old restriction.

I’m going to fess up and say I was totally clueless about this development, discovering it by accident when I tapped a $130 payment successfully at a Wine Connection store a few days back. Similarly, at a physiotherapy session (rugged man that I am) today I was able to pay the $140 fees with Paywave.

Remember that the UOB PPV earns 10X points (4 mpd) on Paywave transactions (unless the merchant also issues SMART$, in which case you’ll earn SMART$ and nothing else) subject to a cap of $1,000 each month. The cap is a pity, because Paywave has become so ubiquitous that the PPV could even become a general spending card.

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Oh good. That means I no longer need to see the cashier’s eyes roll when I ask them to break up my $x00 dollar shopping into x number of receipts / transactions under $100 each… 😛

Yeah I bought my Apple Watch + Apple Care for $600+ using this PPV Paywave too.

This makes the homework for using the card more and more important. Imagine anguish when you find out the LED TV you bought at $1,000 end up giving you SMART$. Not so SMART after all…

Wow, Wine Connection, the connoisseur that you are. 😛

I was buying 130 worth of corkscrews to kill people with. Yknow, the type who leave wise ass comments

I advise crafting your own hooch in the bathtub or toiler for a better and cheaper product.

Hey guys, a couple of points that I noted: 1. I believe the new limit for paywave transactions is $200 (NTUC cashier told me and I tried successfully). 2. Prior to that, I believe you could still use paywave if the balance was more than $100 – although in some circumstances, the cashier would require you to sign the credit card slip – no different to magnetic strip/chip transactions. Note that 1(a)(ix) of the terms and conditions of the UOB PPV states that paywave transactions EXCLUDE instances where you need to sign the credit card slip. So, not all paywave… Read more »

I’ve paywaved $1k and above at ntuc and gotten the points. Had to sign on the terminal.

Imagine paywaving for an amount more than $100 not knowing it’s an old terminal! Can someone confirm whether they got bonus points on transactions more than $100 made without signing?

I just tried applying for it through internet banking. Will update on success!

Is this the SMS method? Doesn’t work. Gets a reply saying invalid keyword. “SMS Yespp 7890 S1234567H”

Just received this:

UOB is pleased to inform that your Preferred Platinum Visa application(s) is/are successful. Call 1800 2222 121 for other queries.

Presumably this should also apply to UOB Visa Signature (provided the minimum monthly 1k spend threshold is met)?

I thought that press release applied to UOB’s own terminals. But anyway, tapped away on $200 of NTUC gift vouchers last week 🙂

Does this mean any amount which you paywave will now earn 4 miles per dollar up to the $1000 cap as Long as non smart$ merchant?
Or will simply being required to sign the slip void the 4 miles per dollar bonus?

My biggest paywave amount of $2.3k got me the 4mpd, so not sure how to answer your question on the cap.

Got some blank stares from the cashier but shruggg.

Key word people: Contactless

There is a cap of $1000 per month… ur 2.3k txn was before the new t&c?…


“The total UNI$ awarded to each Cardmember from qualifying spend on Selected Online Transactions and Contactless Transactions is capped at UNI$2,000 for each calendar month. After which, 1X UNI$ will be awarded for every S$5 spend.
I. E. Paywave transactions and online transactions amounting to 1k a month eligible for 4mpd. After that… 0. 4mpd.

Unless of course there’s a coding bug on UOB side which allows unlimited 4mpd 😎

Contactless* not paywave lel. Typo

Didn’t notice the revised condition that caps the spend to $1k per month. The actual UOB PPV T&C pdf document still says the cap is “UNI$24,000 for each calendar year”.

A little dodgy there UOB.

Yeah that was before July. Now I don’t cross 1k haha.

Mine was 5k at one of the mega electronics store.

” However, in May 2016 UOB issued a press release saying that the S$100 limit would be fully removed from all terminals by “the end of next year”. ” It’s almost end of the year, however, there are still restriction from certain terminals to S$100. My data point or rather my previous shopping experience showed : 1. UNIQLO (@ 313) on 10 Nov ’17, $290 – surprisingly, a big brand such as Uniqlo still have this limitation. 2. Bookstore at primary school on 11 Nov ’17, $212. I can still understand that a smaller stores have not updated their paywave… Read more »