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Mileslife offering 520 mile bonus for NDP

To mark Singapore’s 52nd Birthday, Mileslife is offering a 520 mile bonus on your dining spend with a minimum spend of $52. This is in addition to the base miles you earn plus miles from the ongoing booster (a booster is a challenge to complete a certain series of tasks by a certain date- here’s the current one below)

No registration is required and the last day of the promotion is (of course) 9 August, so be sure to act fast if you want to get in on this.

I’m glad to see that Mileslife is progressively expanding the number of restaurants they partner with. The latest count is 60 if I’m not wrong, so here’s hoping that continues to expand.

If you’ve not already signed up for Mileslife, you can do so here and get a 1,000 mile bonus with your first spend of $39 (I earn a referral bonus too).

EDIT: Have been informed that you now need to spend a minimum of $49 to earn the first spend bonus. This applies to those who sign up post 1 Aug. If you signed up before 1 Aug, your threshold is still $39.

PSA: Last day to register for Mileslife 1.5K sign up bonus is 9th July

As part of its launch festivities, Mileslife has been offering a sign up bonus of 1,500 miles (up from 1,000 normally) when you use this special link (I earn a referral bonus too) and make your first purchase of S$39 or more within 30 days.

I’ve been informed that after 9th July, the early bird bonus will be discontinued and back to the regular 1,000 miles. Therefore, if you for whatever reason have not pulled the trigger, you should at least sign up before 9th July to give yourself 30 days to decide whether you want to use the app or not.

To summarize:

  • Sign up on 9th July or before- 30 days to spend S$39 and earn 1,500 miles bonus
  • Sign up on 10th July or after- 30 days to spend S$39 and earn 1,000 miles bonus

Once you sign up for Mileslife through this link, you have 30 days to do your first S$39 spend to earn 1,500 miles, on top of whatever you’d earn.

Remember, you use the code ML621 to earn 500 bonus miles on your next Mileslife transaction. This does not stack with the 1,500 welcome miles, so you’ll have to do a 2nd transaction for it to register. This code must be entered by 9th July but can be used within 1 month of entering.

The current Mileslife 4X bonus will end on 9th July, but there’s another sale in the pipeline so stay tuned for that.

DBS updates Woman’s card T&C to exclude Mileslife from 10X

Well, that was fast. DBS has updated the T&C of its Woman’s card to state explicitly that payments made to Mileslife will not qualify for 10X points earning.

In some ways, this is a moot point because the Mileslife MCC is currently coded as professional services, which were always excluded under point i) of the Woman’s card T&C anyway. In fact, I’ve been saying from the start that you should not expect 10X spending bonuses on Mileslife, at least not just yet.

But I know from my discussions with the Mileslife team that they were working to get their MCC changed to a different category in order to enable users to leverage 10X card bonuses, so this definitely throws a spanner into the works.

I find this decision by DBS curious for 2 reasons. First, this has to be a new record in terms of time taken to change their T&C. iPayMy and Cardup were on the market for almost a year before DBS modified its T&C. Mileslife, on the other hand, has been around for just one month. So for DBS to take a pre-emptive move so quickly to shut it down, when Mileslife isn’t currently earning 10X with the woman’s card anyway, is certainly an aggressive step.

Second, it’s strange because of my whole discretionary spending argument, that I laid out here. It is not logically consistent to lump Mileslife together with iPayMy and Cardup, when iPayMy and Cardup are explicitly designed to facilitate non-discretionary spending on things like rent and insurance payments, whereas Mileslife is in the decidedly discretionary area of dining and lifestyle spend.

The recent changes by DBS to restrict your opportunities to earn bonus points on the Woman’s card are definitely concerning, and may point to an overall revamp of DBS’s strategy in light of the demise of the HSBC Advance.¬†DBS has traditionally been very generous in its interpretation of what counts as online spend, but with one less competitor on the market there may be less of a need to compete in this space. The Citibank Rewards and UOB PPV both have a hefty list of exclusion categories, and the Titanium Rewards card is yet to gain significant traction.

I remain hopeful that there will be 10X opportunities with other banks, because those stacked with the ongoing Mileslife promotions make the proposition extremely attractive for dining out.