Mileslife Cyber Monday offer: 4X miles, capped at 1,000 per transaction

150,000 bonus miles up for grabs on Cyber Monday.

Mileslife is an app that lets you earn airline miles with 16 different frequent flyer programs on your dining, activity, lifestyle, travel, and retail spend. When you pay with Mileslife, you earn miles from both the app and your credit card.

Use the promo code Milelion to earn 1,000 bonus miles on your first spend of $49 or more

Over the weekend, Mileslife has been running a 4X miles offer on everything except gift cards. This is capped at 1,000 miles per transaction, so it probably makes more sense for dining or activity purchases than big ticket hotel bookings.


Mileslife has extend the promotion for Cyber Monday, and this time round the total miles pool is 150,000 miles. As was the case with Black Friday, everyone who makes a transaction draws from the centralized pool. The promotion ends at midnight tonight or when the miles pool is exhausted, whichever comes first.

This promotion cannot be stacked with existing credit card promotions, so you won’t be able to combine this and the ongoing OCBC Titanium Rewards 6 mpd bonus.


The same ROE applies for Cyber Monday as it did Black Friday- the 1,000 mile per transaction cap makes this a better promotion for people who are looking to dine, buy activities or make smaller retail purchases that won’t trigger the cap.


Mileslife can be a great tool to acquire miles in an Alternative Frequent Flyer Program, and during last week’s workshop we covered some uses you can do with those miles. Remember that you can now earn LifeMiles through Mileslife, so you might want to combine this promotion with the ongoing LifeMiles sale (registration for which ends at 2pm today).

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Wasn’t able to find mileslife in the CC spreadsheet for Citibank Rewards, can anyone confirm it earns 10x rewards on mileslife?


I have to say… even if it is partly my own fault for not reading the Ts & Cs (again) before pulling the trigger.. but given that Mileslife has so far always been pitching (amongst other things) the greatness of “stacking”… the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo has left a bit of a bitter aftertaste for me… I thought I was getting 8mpd (4X regular 2mpd) + 6mpd from OCBC Titanium Rewards card… but because of this teeny tiny little thing called small print, I will get 8mpd + 0.4mpd (I have already maxed my 2x $12k p.a. For… Read more »