Epic Mileslife 4X dining promotion- up to 12 mpd until 9 July

Mileslife launched in Singapore a few weeks ago, giving you the opportunity to earn bonus miles on dining and other lifestyle spending.

They launched with a series of promotions, including 100 miles for linking an FFP to your Mileslife account, 1,500 miles for signing up through this link and spending S$39 within 30 days, and a 3X bonus on dining for miles, meaning that if a restaurant was ordinarily offering 3 mpd, you’d earn 9 mpd until 20 June.

Well, 20 June has come and gone, but here are two new offers:

(1) From 21 June to 9 July, you can enjoy 4X the miles when you dine at Mileslife merchants and pay using the Mileslife app. So if the regular miles earning rate is 3 mpd, you’ll get 12 mpd. 

(2) There’s a new promo code that applies to both existing and new users. Anyone who enters ML621 on the Mileslife app will get 500 bonus miles with their next purchase. This code is valid till 9 July, and you must spend within one month of entering the code.

You might like to know that Mileslife is launching travel package bookings on its app with 4X miles till 9 July. I’ve not looked at any of the deals in great detail, but it’s worth checking out if you’ve decided to use an OTA for your stay. As always, you should compare prices with other OTAs and ensure that you’re paying about the same price, and if not, that the bonus miles are worth the additional money.

Final point: Mileslife is a new platform and there will be teething problems. You’re going to meet staff who haven’t heard of the app, and there may or may not be wonky transactions that don’t post properly.  If that happens, I’d encourage you to reach out to the Mileslife team at customercare@mileslife.com as they’ve been quite good at resolving problems and getting miles retrocredited.

Also, remember that Mileslife currently codes as a professional services purchase, so it will not earn 10X points with the DBS Woman’s World card. They’re working on getting a new MCC that will let you maximize your 10X online spending bonus, and I’ll update you when that happens.

You can use this link to download Mileslife, if you haven’t already done so.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Aaron Chan

Hi! Please advise on how promo codes can be entered on the Mileslife app. Thanks.




good stuff! I have used Mileslife payment before 20 June on 3 different dining merchants and so far have not encountered problems. now 4x is fantastic.


UNable to sign up/ login..

I have input the singapore number and request the code, but pop up shows insufficient balance/ no code is sent to me.

Please advise .. thanks


Try again?


I used the app at crystal jade suntec on 3rd june. As of now,Miles are still not credited to my kf account. Can anyone advise why?


Please contact Customercare at Mileslife.com, most likely its FFP number and number mismatch somewhere and got rejected.


Hey since mileslife bills as a professional services purchase does this mean the best card we can possibly use now to maximise are the usual general spend 1.4 / 1.3 cards?


Hi, Tankh

for now, yes, just for now, will not last long, will change to online very very soon, within next month.


So the UOB PP Visa should be a good candidate too i hope!


Hi Troy,

I’m trying to add the Bank of China credit card (issued in Singapore) to my account but the app doesn’t allow me to add it. It gave an error saying 风险订单. I’ve sent you an email. Please assist.


Well, this is a tricky one, can you use Chinese version with other payment method or credit card issued by outside of china or wait for a month or so. Sorry, this is something beyond our control.


Troy, I’m using a Bank of China credit card that is issued in Singapore. I’m from Singapore. Why can’t I add this card? It doesn’t make sense. What do you mean by using Chinese version with other payment method?


we are working on it to get it solved, but for now, it is now allowed


Hi Troy

What will be the new MCC code for Mileslife after the change?


suppose be 7278


Thanks! Will u be posting here the official date the MCC code will change?


It is news for mileslife to become 7278, hahhahaha


Not sure if changing the MCC will help as DBS Women World Card T&Cs has specifically stated that payments to MilesLife will not qualify for the additional 9x.


Will be trying my virgin transaction using miles life this weekend. Hope no hiccups with the merchant not knowing it.


let us pray. Hah


Yes….. the magic number is 7278…. MCC heaven… please post here when changed ?


So far, i went to 1 restaurant and was advised that as i have ordered set/promotional items, i will not be able to pay using mileslife.

I will be trying another next week and gotten the assurance from them via email that I will be able to pay with mileslife, but how would I know if I will be able to earn miles through it?


Dear R

Which place did you, you can use mileslife even there is set menu, just need to enter the exclusion amount when you pay.


Thanks Troy. I have left a feedback through the app as well to clarify about miles earning so will respond through the proper channel. I guess it takes time for both sides to get used.

Hopefully, I will be able to reap the benefits in no time.


did not get you feedback either. So far, the teething problem is gone , many people used without any problem


yes agree. i tried one today and manage to pay using the app, hopefully receiving miles pretty soon. thanks aaron for recommending and troy for coming up with this wonderful app. (:

i actually provided the feedback through the app, and also through email cs@mileslife.com (this is provided by the app but I realised I got a failure notification)


It is Customerservice at mileslife.com


Sent to customercare at Mileslife


It does say that “Promotional items and set menus are not eligible for miles earning.” for most of the restaurants.


I guess the staff in that outlet is not aware of the exclusion portion, and thus assume that promotional items and set menus cannot be paid for using mileslife app.


Have tried it 4 times so far. No issue! Smooth! 🙂


there’s also a referral bonus to be earned if sign up through referral code. Use mine if you wanna sign up! ETHANLISM. Thank you!


Just tried at CJ Paragon, smooth transaction!

Thanks Aaron for the recommendations…


Went to crystal jade at centerpoint on last sunday, there was a promotion that gave 20% off when you placed order before 12noon. When making payment, the cashier said i cant use mileslife else i wont get the 20% discount. So, had to pay using cc insteads of mileslife. Seem like still some restrictions set by the rest.


Every restaurant puts it upfront that promotional items, beverage and set menus are not eligible for miles earning and mileslifes cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and loyalty programs. Everything in black and white.


Beverage is ok, only big promo or set can not


It appears Mileslife is treated as a foreign merchant billing in sgd, and hence resulting in an additional foreign currency charge by the bank? Any chance this will change soon together with the MCC code?


Which card is currently best for Mileslife? UOB Privi?


I tried to enter ML621 in Account – Promo but a message said “limit to one coupon per person”. I have yet to use the first 1500 transaction. Given that the deadline for both is 9th July, does I mean I must spend by today and enter ML621 after that?


Oh nvm – just refreshed the app and it now shows.


I cant find the “voucher” option under account. Can someone help? There’s only “Orders”, “payment”, “refferal bonus”, “likes”, “help”, “settings”


“Account” –> “Promo” –> “Available” Tab –> “Enter Promotion Code” –> “Apply”, then close and restart the app.