SQ’s new A380 cabin products not coming until 2018?

Waiting for Godot.

So much for playing A380 roulette. As per AusBT, Singapore Airline’s launch of its new A380 cabin products may be delayed until the start of next year.

With every day that passes I’ve grown more and more skeptical that we’d see a product launch this year. At first I thought they’d announce the products in the run up to NDP to capitalize on the nationalistic fervor, Then I thought they’d at least launch it by the end of 2017 as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations. But the fact is, we’ve heard absolutely nothing up to now. Apart from some vague confirmation that the new A380s will launch on the SIN-SYD route, it’s been radio silence on all fronts. We only have one photo of the new A380, and that’s an exterior shot on its ferry flight from Toulouse to Hamburg back in March 2017.

BP_11_New SQ Suites Class_Image 1

I’m currently holding three confirmed Suites award tickets that I booked speculatively a few months ago-

  • SQ221, 1 Dec SIN-SYD
  • SQ231, 2 Dec SIN-SYD
  • SQ308, 2 Dec SIN-LHR (booked when I was trying to hedge between LHR and SYD as launch locations)

The more I think about it, the more I feel time is running out for a product launch this year. All major media outlets (The Milelion notwithstanding) will presumably be invited to the media event, and they haven’t announced anything yet in the way of dates. I’m assuming that one month’s notice is the general standard in the aviation industry for media invites. Based on what’s happened in the past, here’s the gap between product announcement and first flight

So  let’s take the average of 2.5 months minimum for that. This gives us 3.5 months of buffer, meaning that we’re looking at best at a around Christmas/after Christmas launch. At best.

If we haven’t heard anything by the end of the month, I’ll begin moving some of these bookings to Feb/March of next year. If you, like me, hold speculative bookings, you might want to consider your options too.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Very speculative indeed. Good luck!

Aaron Chan

Feb might be too early. SIA is projecting it for the end of the current FY, with Sydney followed London. It is safer to aim for end-March onwards:


All the best!


I am so sad. I had a confirmed booking on Suite Class in Dec to SYD and was hoping to try the new product. My family holiday plans are firm, so much for any roulette games


No way would SQ unveil new products on national day. – they’d be fighting for media space and public attention on arguably the biggest news day of the Singaporean year. SQ will want maximum exposure, which means you avoid any big event like this. I still expect a launch of product for all four classes by year’s end, and we’ve heard November, ahead of any actual delivery flight. We also need to be mindful of EK’s launch at the Dubai Air Show on Nov 12, so I’d bet SQ will not launch a few days either side of that in… Read more »



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