Lifemiles increases Black Friday sale to 150%, buy miles at 1.32 US cents each

Register between 23 and 26 November, buy between 24 and 27 November.

A few days ago I reported that Lifemiles was offering a sale of 145% for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, one of the biggest sales we’d seen in recent memory. This brought the price of miles down to 1.347 US cents each.

I hope you didn’t pull the trigger too quickly, because it’s now possible to buy Lifemiles at a 150% bonus, or 1.32 US cents each. You might have heard of Ben over at OMAAT, one of the biggest names in the game. This promotion is offered for readers of OMAAT, but really, anyone can take advantage of it.

All you need to do is go to this page and register your Lifemiles account. You must register between 23 and 26 November, and buy miles between 24 and 27 November.

Once on the page, simply enter your Lifemiles membership number.

And you’re all set. Wait 24 hours after registering and return to your buy miles page. You’ll see a 150% bonus reflected in your account.

Remember there is no minimum purchase amount to take advantage of this promotion, so it’s great for topping up an account. I don’t think we’ll see a sale like this again for a while, and although I don’t encourage people to buy and hold miles speculatively, it might be time to start planning your vacation for next year.

As mentioned by people on the comments- you should look to stack this with the ongoing DBS Christmas promotion (and whatever other Christmas promotions are currently ongoing).

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Does UOB preferred visa platinum card give 4mpd for Lifemiles purchase?


Nope. Aaron explained to someone else in another post that Lifemiles are coded as airline spend and uob ppv only gives bonuses for specific categories of online spending.


I don supposed miles from Lifemiles can stack with my current krisflyer miles?


you can, print in a3 and take to changi terminal 8 and line up to deposit at sq


does that mean I should wait 24 hours after subscription to commence my purchase?

or I can purchase now, and the additional 5% will come in 24 hours later?


Aaron are you planning to buy?

Aaron Wong

Just enough to top off my account to the 78k Mark for a Ow j to usa


How much are you buying. What will be your redemption plan?


he’s going to the moon.

Aaron Wong

Protip: moon is 238,900 miles from earth. Quite achievable.


And it’ll cost you <$10k!

Aaron Wong

Welllll this of course assumes that nasa lets you redeem miles at a 1:1 ratio of redemption to distance covered.


It’d be a travesty of nature to _not_ let _The Milelion_ do so. Seconded? Haha


Aaron can share how much are you buying


a gazillion miles


Hi Aaron (or anyone who knows), would the UOB Signature Visa earn 4mpd if I buy >USD$1k worth of Lifemiles? Thanks!


Yes it would! I have used it before.


Thank you!


How do I transfer lifemiles purchased online to my Krisflyer account?


print them out and take it to changi airport terminal 6 and line up at check in


make sure its in full colour and on A2 paper, they are really strict


With member friends like this who needs enemies?


Hi, anyone tried to login life miles from 1am today 27/11 and got any error saying the login is incorrect when the correct information was entered? we tried for a couple of accounts and both had same issue

Aaron Wong

I’m having the same issue too.


Same here as well…cant reset pw too


ok thanks both, will try again tmr. hopefully i’ll be able to login and buy the miles


i can’t log in or reset my password either

why is everyone in singapore buying lifemiles at 1:52am?


dont you have to work tomorrow lol?


oh wait you’re like the rock dwayne johnson, you are up at 2am to start lifting

Aaron Wong

Definitely that. Also in doha now. But definitely that


So after buying ~78k (~33k pre-bonus) lifemiles to redeem EVA air business YYZ-TPE-SIN for my North American trip 2 days ago…I just couldn’t resist and took the plunge again. Bought another ~100k (~40k pre-bonus) lifemiles to redeem HND-FRA on ANA first and FRA-LHR on Lufthansa business…which allows me to finally try out the much talked about ANA square suites. Also redeemed SIN-HND business for 43k KF miles to position myself in Tokyo. Total cost: US$1056 (lifemile purchase) + US$1452 (lifemile purchase) + US$67.36 (YYZ-TPE-SIN ticket taxes + redemption fee) + US$84.58 (HND-FRA-LHR ticket taxes + redemption fee) for a total… Read more »

Aaron Wong

Sounds like an amazing trip. Tell me how you find Ana first, I think it’s right up there with SQ. In fact I think the food is better than SQ, but that’s just a product of the Japanese being so far ahead of everyone else culinary wise


Yes – from what I gather the catering and service on ANA first is top class, but I have to say that having seen what those ANA suites look like on photos…not the biggest fan as of yet. ANA FIRST Y U BLOCK WINDOW Y. Regardless, seriously hyped for the trip (although it’s ~10 months away; don’t usually plan vacations this far out…but thanks lifemiles). Going scuba diving in Malta while travelling there in style – not many vacations can top that. Now I have to start thinking about the return leg Europe-SIN……..any ideas? haha. will look at the lifemile… Read more »


Cash premium fares ex europe to sin can be considerably cheaper than the other way round. I once priced a turkish airlines flight europe-sin-europe at 2400 biz. The other way round on the exact same dates was 3800. You could use the return leg to start off your next holiday…,


Were these all just one way trips?



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