Krisflyer Spontaneous Escapes back for November, 30% off selected economy and business class awards

30% off awards on selected routes in business and economy till 30 November for travel between 1-31 December 2017.

I didn’t get an email about this promotion (which is weird because I’m signed up for alerts) but Jeriel has just pointed out to me that the Krisflyer spontaneous escapes list has been updated for November. Krisflyer has recently started offering discounted business saver award tickets in addition to the usual sales on premium economy/economy awards.KF Escapes

Click here to view the deals for November

Travel needs to be booked by 30 November 2017 and consumed between 1-31 December 2017.

Here’s what’s on offer for Economy class:

FromFlight numberMiles required for Economy ClassBlackout Period
South East Asia
Singapore to BandungMI192, MI1945,25014 — 31 December 2017
Bandung to SingaporeMI191, MI1935,25014 — 31 December 2017
Singapore to DenpasarMI1765,25015 — 30 December 2017
Denpasar to SingaporeMI1755,25015 — 30 December 2017
Singapore to LombokMI124, MI1285,25015 — 30 December 2017
Lombok to SingaporeMI123, MI1275,25015 — 30 December 2017
Singapore to ManadoMI2745,250
Manado to SingaporeMI2735,250
Singapore to PekanbaruMI254, MI2585,250
Pekanbaru to SingaporeMI253, MI2575,250
Singapore to Da NangMI632, MI6368,75020 — 31 December 2017
Da Nang to SingaporeMI6318,75020 — 31 December 2017
Singapore to MandalayMI5228,750
Mandalay to SingaporeMI5338,750
Singapore to YangonMI5128,750
Yangon to SingaporeMI5118,750
North Asia
Singapore to ChengduMI936, MI93810,500
Chengdu to SingaporeMI935, MI93710,500
Singapore to WuhanMI986, MI98810,500
Wuhan to SingaporeMI985, MI98710,500

And for Business Clsas

FromFlight numberMiles required for Business ClassBlackout Period
South East Asia
Singapore to Ho Chi MinhSQ178, SQ184,
Ho Chi Minh to SingaporeSQ177, SQ183,
Singapore to ManilaSQ910, SQ912,
SQ916, SQ918
Manila to SingaporeSQ915, SQ917,
SQ919, SQ921
Singapore to YangonSQ99814,000
Yangon to SingaporeSQ99714,000
South Asia
Singapore to DhakaSQ446, SQ44824,500
Dhaka to SingaporeSQ447, SQ44924,500
Singapore to DusseldorfSQ33859,50014 — 21 December 2017
Dusseldorf to SingaporeSQ33759,50014 — 21 December 2017

It’s certainly not as exciting as last month’s list, given that Dusseldorf is the only long haul premium cabin destination to go on sale. Dusseldorf was also on sale last month, leading me to wonder how poor the loads are on that route.

Nonetheless, I’d encourage you to make the best of this. Dusseldorf may not be your dream holiday destination, but you should consider the possibility of redeeming a business award flight here and then buying a cheap ticket to your final European destination. Dusseldorf has direct flights to all the major European cities and is within 2 hours of everywhere that’s worth going.

I was about to say that economy tickets to Bali might be worth a gander until I noticed that the black out dates cover half the month including the post Christmas period. Ah well. I think it’s a bit silly to do a promotion and have 50% of the dates unavailable off the bat but it is what it is.

Remember that in order to enjoy this promotion you will need to ticket your awards before 30 November. That means that if you’re waitlisted and the waitlist clears after 30 November, you will not be able to enjoy this promotion notwithstanding the fact you got on the waitlist during the promotional period.

Also remember that tickets redeemed under this promotion cannot be cancelled or changed.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Asian Miler

The catch on the waitlists and the black-out dates are such a disappointment. Surely they could provide better availability? But alas the season is what it is…



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