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Hi Aaron, great read as always. Instead of 11 blocks of 25,000. Why don’t you just do 77 blocks of 3,500 right now? Which clears 269,500 of your SCB points


Ohhh Missed that non visa part!

Jerry Ho

WooHoo……Christmas do come early!!!

Thanks Aaron for the update, the 100k never look so sweet this morning.



I applied in July and believe I fulfilled all the TCs. No additional miles have been credited to my account. Anyone else still waiting who has met the requirements?


i got my bonus points, but my partner still hasnt got his yet (fulfilled TCs)


I’m still waiting too! Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

Sam G

Me too! We need a support group haha

Sam G

@Aaron if you’ve got any contacts to confirm that they *haven’t* yet credited everyone that is eligible that would allow me to rest easier this week !!

Sam G

I will try 🙂


I got my points today. Looks like they ARE doing this in batches. No SMS yet.


Same here—points in but yet to receive SMS.


If only you could login to the site to check, maybe because so many people trying they have brought down thier online offerings 🙂


Hi Aaron, I added 11 blocks of 25,000 into my SCB Rewards Shopping Cart and the system indicated I am short of 2,511 points (my balance is 272K+) and offered me a “Top Up More Points” option to pay $20.09 for that additional 2,511 points! The 2511 points equates to about 1000 miles and having to pay just $20 for that means SCB is valuing the 1000 miles (or 2500 points) at about 2 cents per mile (which is decent). Maybe you want to do another article to calculate if it makes sense for your readers who are short to… Read more »


Thanks Aaron, I am waiting for your article to confirm if it is worthwhile to make that spend or I have to spend another $2.1K to earn that 2511 points 😉

Raymond Wee

SCB has always offered this option which allows for “cashing out” of otherwise orphan miles – I had used it twice when I closed my SCB VI (I closed it twice). And at 2 cents a mile, the valuation is still reasonable in my opinion.

Sam G

I see it also. 2c per mile. Most I could get it to offer is 167876 miles @ S$ 3357.53


How this work? You could buy another 167k miles when redeeming and scb charges the 3k to your card?


I think this 99 lots restriction is just a farce and SCB card members should call in to complain and ask for a waiver. I just called the call centre and gave them a piece of my mind as I have exceeded 275000 points and was told to accumlate another 20000+ points (to hit 300000) so that i wont be charged twice. Asked them why I have to go for 300000 points when I should be able to just go for xxx000 + 2500 (which is the next redeemable lot and pay only one-time fee). Didn’t help that my priority… Read more »

Mile Chaser

Thanks, Aaron, points in the account now. (spent 6k in the first week of the card launch via digital card). now contemplating if I should spend approximately 1450 more to get to 275000 points…


Hi i’m actually pretty confused. I spent a ton of money, and I got the msg today saying oh you’ve got your 100,000 air miles in the form of 250,000 reward points. But i go on my account and I’ve got 310,704 points (spent too much money), but the corresponding chart is that you need 350,000 points to get 101,750 air miles? I’d be very very grateful for any enlightenment.


Omg I read the comments below – the X card is considered a visa infinite card? Boy am i dumb. Thank you for this blog!!!

Esther Lim

Received the sweet sweet text from SCB today. Best Xmas gift ever

Cappy Hamper

I’ve had one transaction reversed last week when Hilton insisted on verifying the physical card which of course, was already languishing in my drawer back home. I was forced to use another credit card to pay for my booking. The reversal hasn’t shown up yet, but the points have been deposited. I *think* I’m still within the $6k threshold after the reversal but I’m not taking chances. I’ll exchange the points asap. Anyway, a learning point here. If you have outstanding hotel bookings down the road (I have a few more), remember to carry the card with you on your… Read more »


Received this sms at 4pm today:

We are pleased to confirm that you have qualified for the X Card Sign Up Gift of 70,000 Air Miles. This will be credited as 175,000 Rewards Points to your X Card account on 26 November 2019. The total of 100,000 Air Miles (250,000 Rewards Points) awarded for the X Card Upfront Gift and Sign Up Gift is now complete. We look forward to your continued support.


Finally got my points 2 days back. I was getting worried but looks like there was nothing to worry about.


Is there anyone else who’s still waiting for the sign up bonus? I still haven’t gotten mine.

Goh Wei Woon

Hi Aaron. I tried to transfer my points to Krisflyer but the option is not there. I can see other airline partners but not SIA.


Have to log into SCB banking on your desktop and not the SC mobile app. There was a recent Milelion article dated 17 Dec 2019 on this

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