Singapore Airlines further extends KrisFlyer miles validity

Singapore Airlines will extend KrisFlyer miles expiring between September and December 2020 by a further 6 months, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Update: KrisFlyer miles have been further extended.

In light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore Airlines has announced that it will be further extending the validity of KrisFlyer miles

The airline had already undertaken to extend the validity of KrisFlyer miles expiring between April and August 2020 by six months. It’s now expanded this policy to cover KrisFlyer miles expiring between September and December 2020. 

Here’s how it works. 

KrisFlyer miles expiring between September and December 2020 are extended by 6 months

KrisFlyer members received an eDM today from Singapore Airlines announcing that it would extend the validity of KrisFlyer miles expiring between September and December 2020 by a further six months. 

krisflyer miles extension

Miles will be extended as follows:

Original ExpiryExtended Validity
April 2020October 2020 April 2021
May 2020 November 2020 May 2021
June 2020December 2020 June 2021
July 2020January 2021
August 2020February 2021
September 2020March 2021
October 2020April 2021
November 2020May 2021
December 2020June 2021
Previously Extended in April

Do note that if your miles were originally due to expire in April/May/June 2020, you’d already have received a six-month extension back in April to October/November/December 2020. You’ll now get a further six-month extension on top of that. 

This extension also covers miles which members have previously paid to extend (normally, miles which have been previously extended cannot be extended again).

Unfortunately, if any of your miles expired in March 2020 or earlier, there will be no extension given. 

When will I see the extension of my KrisFlyer miles?

You won’t see the extension reflected straight away, so sit tight. The extended validity of expiring KrisFlyer miles will be reflected in your account progressively, at the end of each month, before the miles expire. For example, if your miles are due to expire in November 2020, you will see them extended and valid till 31 May 2021 once December arrives. 

What if my KrisFlyer miles expire from January 2021 onwards?

Singapore Airlines has said they will continue to monitor the situation, and have not ruled out extending miles beyond December 2020. Sit tight for now. 

We will be extending for miles expiring between April to December 2020. As the situation remains fluid, we will continue to monitor and review this closer to date.

How do I check my KrisFlyer miles expiry date?

Go to the Singapore Airlines website, login to your account and click on “Miles”, then “Miles Validity”.

krisflyer miles validity

You’ll be shown a summary of miles with upcoming expiry dates. 

krisflyer miles validity statement

What if my KrisFlyer miles have already been redeemed for tickets?

It’s a little bit different if you’ve already redeemed your expiring miles for tickets.

If you’re holding on to a ticket that was redeemed with miles, or paid for with a mix of cash & miles, you can submit a cancellation request to get a full refund, with the waiver of any associated fees. This applies to tickets that were issued on or before 15 March 2020, with travel up to 31 August 2020

Upon approval, miles will be redeposited to your KrisFlyer account, and any cash paid will be refunded to your original mode of payment. If the booking contains miles that have expired or are due to expire, said miles will be extended as follows:

Miles Expiry MonthMiles Extended Till
On/before March 202030 June 2021^
April 2020 to May 202130 June 2021
June 2021 and afterOriginal miles expiry date
^Miles cannot be further extended

If your miles expired on/before March 2020, you’ll get them back in your account with a new expiry date of 30 June 2021. However, these miles cannot be further extended, i.e. you can’t pay the usual 1,200 miles/US$12 fee for a 6-12 months extension.

If your miles expire from April 2020 to May 2021, you’ll get them back in your account with a new expiry date of 30 June 2021. This can be further extended for 6-12 months, subject to the usual extension fee.

If your miles expire from June 2021 and after, they’ll be refunded with the original expiry date unchanged.

This policy only applies if you cancel your redemption ticket from 9 April 2020 onwards. If you happened to cancel your redemption ticket before that, your refunded miles will not enjoy this enhancement (but may be extended as per the 6-month policy mentioned above)


With travel still off the cards for most of us, it’s good to see Singapore Airlines committing to another extension of miles. I still wish they’d just move to an activity-based expiry policy like Asia Miles, but until then, this is as good as we can hope for. 

If you’re a KrisFlyer elite or PPS Club member, do note that Singapore Airlines has already extended your status for a year. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Old thread I know but I just used the Covid policy to cancel a redemption ticket issued February 2020 for travel February 2021 (maximum booking time to make sure I could get to where I needed to be). I had been holding on as you advised waiting for SQ to extend the policy to cover early 2021 travel. Once SQ did so, I sent in the request. The 62k points were returned to my KF account and SQ then promptly cancelled almost all of them on the basis they had expired. I’ve raised this with KF. I pointed them to… Read more »



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