KrisPay offering up to 9 mpd on dining at PasarBella Suntec City

Use KrisPay at PasarBella Suntec and earn up to 13 mpd on dining with the right credit cards.

While you probably shouldn’t be using KrisPay for payments, there’s nothing wrong with using it to earn some additional miles

From 14-28 August 2020, KrisPay is offering 3X the usual miles at selected outlets within PasarBella Suntec, with no cap on the maximum miles that can be earned. When stacked with the right credit card (see below), this offer an opportunity to earn up to 13 mpd on dining– a pretty tidy sum. 

Which PasarBella outlets are participating?

PasarBella Suntec
PasarBella Suntec

The following food and beverage outlets within PasarBella Suntec will qualify for bonus miles with KrisPay:

Outlet Earn Rate
Cajun on Wheels 3 mpd 9 mpd
FROYOLO 2 mpd 6 mpd
Pasarbella DRINKS! 2 mpd 6 mpd
Wan Niu Wan 2 mpd 6 mpd

You will be able to transfer the KrisPay miles earned through this promotion into your KrisFlyer account, and in fact, you should. You have seven days from the day of transaction to do so, after which they become stuck in KrisPay. Don’t dally- once you see those miles in your KrisPay wallet, transfer them immediately. 

What card should I use for dining?

Remember: there’s no such thing as “the right card to use with KrisPay”, because you don’t pay with KrisPay. 

To earn miles with KrisPay, you make payment as per normal (via cash or credit/debit card), and then present your QR code for the cashier to scan. This means you should use whatever card you’d normally use for dining

Card Miles per S$1 (Dining) Remarks
UOB Lady’s Card 4 mpd
(4.8 mpd if registered for this promotion)
Must choose dining as 10X category, capped at S$1K per month
UOB Lady’s Solitaire 4 mpd
(4.8 mpd if registered for this promotion)
Must choose dining as 10X category, capped at S$3K per month
HSBC Revolution 4 mpd Must tap card or use mobile payments
UOB Pref. Plat. Visa 4 mpd Must use mobile payments 
Maybank Horizon Visa 3.2 mpd Min S$300 spend per month


If  PasarBella happens to feature in your upcoming dining plans, remember to claim your KrisFlyer miles at check out. It’s by no means an automatic process, although it’s pretty fast (pull up app, enter total spending, present QR code for scanning). 

On another note, KrisPay is offering its largest-ever milesback promotion (40%) for two days more. That still doesn’t make it worth using, in my opinion, but if you’d like to learn more about that, check out this post.

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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