Excellent rate: Just S$265 nett for a Capitol Kempinski Hotel Deluxe Room

The Capitol Kempinski has been my best staycation so far, and it's now selling weekday rooms at a fraction of the regular price.

Of all the staycations I’ve done so far, I’d have to say that the Capitol Kempinski Hotel was easily the best (even better than the Raffles, although it’s a close second). Beautiful rooms, an incredible breakfast spread, generous GHA Black perks, and excellent service at every encounter.

Stamford Suite bedroom
Capitol Kempinski Stamford Suite

If there was one small fly in the ointment, however, it’s that the pool and gym were closed for renovations during my stay (and are still closed as of today, see below). That said, I’d love to do a return visit once those are up and running, and thanks to this excellent rate I’m all set for December…

Book a Capitol Kempinski Deluxe Room for S$265 nett per night

Last night, a member of the Milelion’s Telegram Group spotted that the GHA website was listing rooms at the Capitol Kempinski from S$225++ (S$265 nett). That’s a great deal, given how you’d normally pay upwards of S$408++ (S$480 nett) for the same category. 

This rate is only available if you book via the GHA website or app; if you search the Kempinski website, you won’t see it. It’s called the Klook 6th Birthday Promo“, which is weird because I don’t recall Klook advertising such a promotion (and moreover, shouldn’t you have to book it via Klook then?). In any case, I managed to book it without any issues. 

A few things to note about this rate:

  • It’s only available for check-ins from Sunday to Thursday
  • It’s non-refundable
  • It does not include breakfast
  • Inclusions are limited to 20% off F&B, and late check-out subject to availability

In that case, is it still more competitive than the usual “Stay in Style” offer? I’d argue yes. Let’s compare the packages for the same day:

 Klook 6th BirthdayStay in Style
(S$265 nett)
(S$480 nett)
Room UpgradeN/AOne category
Breakfast for 2S$85 nett*Included
Dining credits20% off F&BS$38 
Free ParkingYesYes
Late Check-OutOn availabilityOn Availability
“Real Price”^S$350S$442
*Based on S$45++ per person with 20% F&B discount
^Assumes you value the F&B credits at face value, and opt for breakfast for 2

Once breakfast and F&B credits are adjusted for, you’d pay S$350 nett for the Klook 6th Birthday rate, less than the Stay in Style Rate at S$442 nett. Of course the latter has a one category room upgrade (and is refundable), but anecdotally I’ve heard the hotel is pretty generous with the upgrades anyway, and if you’re a GHA Black member this matters even less. 

GHA Black members receive the following benefits when staying at the Capitol Kempinski:

  • Double room upgrade at check-in (upon availability)
  • 9 a.m check-in (upon availability)
  • 6 p.m check-out (upon availability)
  • Local amenity upon check-in
  • One local experience 

Capitol Kempinski pool and gym situation

The main thing I disliked about my Capitol Kempinski staycation was the situation with the facilities. While the hotel has a saltwater pool and proper fitness centre, both are currently closed for renovations. 

Capitol Kempinski Salt Water Pool
Capitol Kempinski Salt Water Pool
Capitol Kempinski Gym
Capitol Kempinski Gym

In the meantime, the hotel has made alternative arrangements, which are…not ideal. 

To access the pool, you’re driven by electric buggy to the neighboring Eden Residences, where you basically waltz into an unoccupied penthouse unit and use the pool there. The pool is tiny (it’s more of an outdoor jacuzzi), and definitely not the sort of space you’d want to share with strangers. Moreover, you can’t help but feel like a squatter who broke in, given the unfurnished nature of the penthouse. 

Eden Residences penthouse
Eden Residences penthouse
Capitol Kempinski temporary pool
Capitol Kempinski temporary pool

The gym arrangements are likewise odd. The Capitol Kempinski has converted an entire guest room into a gym, by removing the furniture and replacing it with gym equipment. It gets the job done, I suppose, but it’s no replacement for a proper facility. 

Capitol Kempinski Temporary Gym
Capitol Kempinski Temporary Gym
Capitol Kempinski Temporary Gym
Capitol Kempinski Temporary Gym

When I stayed at the hotel in early September, I was told that the target date for completing renovations was October. We’ll see if they make that timeline, but if the pool and gym make or break your staycation, you might want to hold off until they’re back online.


At ~S$400 a night, the Capitol Kempinski edges the Raffles Hotel and puts Marina Bay Sands to shame. At this current offer of S$225++, it leaves both in the dust (especially now that the Raffles Hotel Suite Life promotion is over, and rooms are back to the ~S$900/night level)

If you’re fairly certain about your staycation plans (remember: the rate is non-refundable), then it’s hard to go wrong at this price. Just remember to look at November/December dates, when the pool and gym will hopefully have resumed operations. 

(HT: Zhang Pinzheng)

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Wouldn’t the klook package workout to be $350 instead ($265 + $85).


Does the hotel still have / accept SHN guests?


Recently Citibank launched a 1 week sale with agoda. I snagged a 2 night stay in a deluxe room, breakfast and parking included – $587 nett. Compared to booking direct, it was $703 nett for classic room (with next category upgrade), breakfast and parking, and $38 x 2 dining credits. If I remove dining credits value, it’s $627. Assuming with the direct booking I only get a one category upgrade, that puts me in a deluxe room. So $627 vs $587, do you think it’s worth to stick with agoda for the $40 difference? (I’ve checked out reviews on agoda… Read more »


Looks like the “Lobang” has been plugged. Hahahaha! No sign of this promo on the GHA site anymore.


dont have leh


Ah. Might be that it won’t allow a booking for 2 nights.


Just do 2 separate bookings la


I know. Problem is I’m still not seeing this even with one night selected.

  • SINGLE NIGHT (Checked)
  • WEEKDAY, TUE-WED just in case (Checked)
  • ONE ROOM, 2 ADULTS (Checked)
  • GHA website booking (Checked)

I even selected the same dates as Aaron, and shuffled it around for Oct, Nov, Dec. Still nothing. Best rate I’m seeing for Oct is $391.



Same,. Tried to look at various dates option for 1 night but don’t see this promo too.


Actually. No. I still don’t see the deal listed for some obscure reason.


The ghost of the Trip. Com 2 night deal comes haunting again. It really shows how much of a bargain that was, considering it was cancellable if you do not confirm a date at time of purchase.


only applies to Tues- Wed (1 night) stays only


Just booked for Thurs 3 Dec. Maybe only available for certain days each week?


May I know should I use the DBS Women’s Card for payment?


Don’t see it anymore.
im too slow


Don’t see it anymore either

Mary Jane

Why wasn’t I charged when I check out? When will they take payment Aaron?


Why so eager to get charged? Aaron is not a CSO from Kempinski so please call them directly

Not serious

Wow seriously


What’s the best staycation deal for 2 nights in Singapore you think?



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