Got your Restaurant A380 @Changi tickets? Here’s what to do next

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As expected, Restaurant A380 @Changi sold out in minutes. If you snagged a ticket, here's what comes next.

So, last night was…fun. 

As expected, tickets for Restaurant A380 @Changi sold out in a matter of minutes. Once the clock hit midnight, everything was a blur. Refresh page, add to cart, enter details, select payment method (I genuinely thought about using miles, since it would save me those five seconds of entering credit card information), wait for OTP, worry until confirmation email shows up. 

When the dust had settled, all cabins had sold out in roughly 30 minutes. Surprisingly, the last cabin to sell out was Business Class, although that didn’t take long to disappear either. 

Amazingly, I managed to snag a Suites ticket, and to everyone else who managed to make a booking: congratulations! I know that dining on a parked aircraft wasn’t exactly how you envisioned travel in 2020 turning out, but given all that’s happened, I think most of us would settle for that. 

To those who didn’t, well, there’s still hope that SIA might do a second run (see the end of this post). Furthermore, SIA will be reopening the waitlist on 12 October at 6 p.m for a limited time. Do add your name if you still want to throw your ring into the hat. 

“Given the strong demand and interest from customers, Singapore Airlines will reopen the wait list on for a limited time from 6pm on Oct 12 for customers who are still interested in experiencing Restaurant A380 @ Changi”

And of course there’s always everyone’s favourite scalping platform (please don’t)…

With just under two weeks to go till 24/25 October, here’s a few things you may want to do quickly. 

Complete the supplementary details form 

You really should have done this last night, but if for whatever reason you haven’t, do it now. 

Restaurant A380 @Changi Supplementary Details Form

Shortly after purchasing your Restaurant A380 @Changi ticket, you should have received the following email from [email protected] with the subject “Supplementary Details Form for Restaurant A380 @Changi”

Don’t ignore this! 

You have 48 hours to reply and provide the required information. If you fail to do so, your reservation may be cancelled and a refund will not be issued. 

No refund shall be provided if the Participant does not attend the Event or if the Participant fails to submit the supplementary Details form prior to the Event

Restaurant A380 @Changi T&Cs

The supplementary details form requires you to provide the particulars of the attendees, including their NRIC and passport number. That’s because Restaurant A380 @Changi takes place in the transit area of Changi Terminal 3, and the information is necessary to apply for an airport pass. 

All diners will be required to bring along their passports for identification, and passports will be temporarily retained by Singapore Airlines during the event. Do note that your passport must be valid, which I take to mean as not expired as of the date of the event.

It’s unclear whether you need to have the 6 months additional validity that is usually required when traveling overseas, but a passport renewal takes one week anyway so if you do it now you’ll still have plenty of time. 

The second most important reason to fill this form ASAP is because of the pre-dining A380 tour. A limited number of slots are available each day that give diners a behind-the-scenes look at private access areas, including the cockpit. 

There’s an option in the form to express interest in the tour, and slots are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. 

You’ll also be asked if you’re attending the event with a friend/family member on a separate booking. If so, you can specify their booking ID to link the orders (presumably so you can be seated together).

Singapore Airlines will decide on the seating arrangement that allows them to best optimize the cabin space while respecting social distancing measures. You’ll receive a “boarding pass” or invitation card in the next week or so with your assigned seat. 

Restaurant A380 @Changi Business Class International Selection
Restaurant A380 @Changi Business Class International Selection

Finally, you’ll also be prompted to select your preferred meal. If you’re in First or Business Class, you’ll have a choice between Shermay Lee’s special Peranakan menu, or an “International Selection” featuring several Book The Cook favourites. 

CabinInternational Selection Choices
  • Lobster Thermidor
  • Beef Tenderloin with morel mushroom sauce
  • Suzuki Saiko Yaki
  • Grilled Beef Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce
  • Pan Seared Prawns and Scallops on Saffron Broth
  • Suzuki Saiko Yaki

I’ve included a sample of the Suites menu here, with links to the other cabins’ menus below. 

For what it’s worth, I’m going for Shermay Lee’s menu. I know that nasi lemak seems like a poor value substitute for lobster thermidor, but I’d like to believe they’re using premium ingredients, and it’s fun to get into the whole mood of things (plus, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for lobster thermidor again once we’re back airborne). 

Restaurant A380 @Changi Business Class International Selection. Seriously, 3 prawns?

Update: I’ve just seen the publicity photos for the food. Assuming they’re a good representation of the final product, I think the international selection might be the way to go for anyone who isn’t intending to write a report…

If you have any further questions about Restaurant A380 @Changi, you can contact customer service at [email protected]. The full T&C of the event can be read here

Join The Milelion’s Restaurant A380 @Changi community group

I gather that quite a few Milelion readers have managed to secure tickets, and if you’re keen to meetup or share tips/photos/reviews (especially useful for those folks attending on the 2nd day!), feel free to join the following Telegram Group.

Restaurant A380 @Changi Chat Group

I’d love to say hi to you guys on the sidelines of the event (plus, I’ll want to steal some of your photos if you’re in the other cabins), so don’t be a stranger. 

Will there be another Restaurant A380 @Changi?

Restaurant A380 @Changi
Restaurant A380 @Changi | Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has presumably invested a fair bit in conceptualizing, marketing and launching Restaurant A380 @Changi. There’s IT systems to set up, arrangements with ICA to be made, menus to be designed, collaterals to create, goodie bags to pack, and staff to train. 

Given all those fixed costs, I just find it hard to believe that they’d only run this for one weekend. There’s clearly a lot more demand than supply right now, and while I get that this is more of a branding exercise than a fundraising one, if you could earn some additional money by opening up a few more sessions, why wouldn’t you?

Singapore Airlines has been tight-lipped about the possibility of future sessions, saying:

We will closely review the demand for our experiences before deciding if we should add more dates.

Keep your fingers crossed. 


Restaurant A380 @Changi First Class International Selection
Restaurant A380 @Changi First Class International Selection

It’s no surprise that Restaurant A380 @Changi sold out so quickly, and I’m quite certain Singapore Airlines could pack a few more A380s if they wanted to.

If you’ve completed your supplementary details form, look out for an email from SIA over the next few days with your assigned seating and tour confirmation. 

Who else got their tickets? 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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got the Premium E’s


are you certain that passport need to be valid?


Flippers already at it.sigh

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HAHAHAHAHAHA! $3K for a $1200 experience on Carousell, and the seller is expecting a bidding war. I wonder which sucker will bite.

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can sleep in the suite for 12 hours after dining?

mOjO jOjO

Starts at 12pm and ends at 3pm. 1.5 hrs of food and then 1.5 hrs of naptime.


pictures look damn sad (and that’s probably an understatement)



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