Mandarin Orchard offering S$118 nett rooms with breakfast to Everyday Heroes. Yes, that includes you.

Mandarin Orchard has reopened following its COVID-19 scare last month, and is trying to woo back staycation guests with a rather excellent offer.

It’s safe to say that last month is one the Mandarin Orchard would rather forget.

Mandarin Orchard driveway
Mandarin Orchard Singapore

On 19 December 2020, the MOH announced a probe into 13 cases of COVID-19 among people who had served their SHN there. The hotel was shuttered for two weeks, and although subsequent investigations did not reveal any breaches in protocol, it’s somewhat not ideal to have your hotel’s photos splashed alongside headlines screaming “COVID-19 cluster”. 

In any case, Mandarin Orchard was given the all-clear to reopen on 2 January 2021, and now begins the long and arduous task of winning back public confidence. To that end, they’ve launched a very attractive Everyday Heroes staycation package that costs just S$118 nett per night- unheard of for a hotel in the heart of Orchard Road. 

Who’s an everyday hero?

Why, you are. 

Mandarin Orchard Everyday Heroes package

Mandarin Orchard Deluxe Room
Mandarin Orchard Deluxe Room

The Everyday Heroes package is valid for bookings and stays from January to March 2021. Guests can book a one-night stay in a Deluxe Room for just S$118 nett:

Stay Date1-31 Jan 20211 Feb- 31 Mar 2021
RateS$118 nettS$118 nett
  • 1 night stay in Deluxe Room
  • Breakfast for 2 adults
  • 1 night stay in Deluxe Room
  • Top up S$30 nett for breakfast for 2 adults

The price is the same regardless of weekend or weekday, and is even available during the March school holidays. Bookings are fully refundable if cancelled by 2 p.m two days before arrival. Otherwise, a one-night penalty applies. 

Now here’s the interesting bit. You might think that “Everyday Heroes” would be limited to healthcare workers, but Mandarin Orchard is defining the category extremely broadly. The hotel is following SG United’s definition of frontline essential workers, which includes:

  • Healthcare & Social Services
  • Transportation
  • Defence & Security
  • Food & Beverage
  • Environment & Hygiene
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media & Communications
  • Energy
  • Legal Services 

Most of us would fit into one of these categories. Even if you’re currently unemployed, “defence & security” includes operationally-ready NS men- I checked with the hotel. 

I mean, they’re even including the lawyers…

What’s the staycation experience at Mandarin Orchard like?

Mandarin Orchard Level 5 Lobby
Mandarin Orchard Level 5 Lobby

I visited the Mandarin Orchard back in August last year on a club room staycation package, and while the rooms could do with some TLC (which should happen once they get reflagged as a Hilton in 2022), it’s hard to argue with the location.

Mandarin Orchard Swimming Pool
Mandarin Orchard Swimming Pool

If a pool if an important part of your staycation, however, be warned the Mandarin Orchard might not be right for you. Its swimming pool is tiny, taking a maximum of just five people at any time. That’s just woefully inadequate for a hotel with 1,077 rooms, and with 13 hours of pool time available each day, represents space for just 3% of the hotel’s capacity (granted, the folks in the SHN tower won’t be using the pool…).

The two-storey club lounge was probably the highlight of the stay, with excellent views and service. Afternoon tea is forgettable, evening canapes are decent enough. 

Meritus Club Lounge Level 39
Meritus Club Lounge Level 39
Canapes spread
Canapes spread

Breakfast wasn’t anything special, although I did enjoy the lobster laksa at Chatterbox and the food at Shisen Hanten. 


All things considered, it’s very hard to go wrong with a rate of just S$118 nett, so it’s well worth checking out if you like the Mandarin Orchard’s location. 

Remember that you’ll need to stay in January to enjoy free breakfast, but even with that S$30 factored in, a S$148 nett rate throughout the March school holidays is enticing indeed. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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How do they verify if the guest belongs to any of these category?


just wondering if i cant show anything to prove my eligibility, what would they do to me…refuse me to check in? or force me to top up? lol


I don’t work in civil service. So namecard which hopefully matches NRIC should be acceptable. Else, what they gonna do at check-in? Sorry, sir. But we can’t verify your entitlement to this rate, and I’m sorry sir, but your wife is not working in one of the listed categories……



Now is really the down time. Check out Dream Cruise on Klook. The discount is crazy. I guess many are hoping for international travel this year thus not so eager to book staycay for the first half of the year. So I don’t think the hotel would let go cash at their reception.


Can we use SRV vouchers on this offer?


Very obvious No right if you have to book directly with the hotel to get the rate.


Hello Aaron – I’m a big fan of your website. I recently stayed in Mandarin Orchard. The room was very dusty (my family had “sinus”-type colds for the 3D2N we were there). It was such a waste as the location is fabulous!



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