Unbeatable deal: Get S$100 cashback and 2.5 mpd with Citi PayAll payments

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Citi is throwing cash at PayAll, and everyone's invited. Schedule six recurring payments of min. S$500 and get 2.5 mpd plus S$100 cashback.

Last month, Citibank launched a fantastic deal for Citi PayAll which offers 2.5 mpd on up to S$120,000 of payments made by 31 August 2021. This reduces the effective cost per mile to 0.8 cents each, making it hands down the best option to use for income tax payments (or any kind of payment, really). 

Now, they’ve sweetened the deal even further by launching a S$100 cashback offer for recurring payments, valid up till 30 September 2021. No registration is required, and I’ve confirmed with Citibank’s PR team that the offer (1) is open to all and (2) stacks with the 2.5 mpd promotion.

This is basically an opportunity to generate free miles, and you should absolutely take it up. 

Get S$100 cashback on Citi PayAll recurring payments

From 1 June to 30 September 2021, Citi PayAll customers who schedule recurring payments of at least six consecutive months and a minimum of S$500 per month will receive S$100 cashback. The first charge date must fall within the promotion period, but the subsequent five can come after 30 September 2021 if you wish. 

The following cards are eligible for this offer:

Eligible customers will receive S$100 in the form of a statement credit within 10 weeks of completing the third payment (don’t try and be clever by cancelling the rest; I’m sure they’ll claw it back if that happens). 

To illustrate, consider the following payment schedule: 

Month Payment Fee @ 2%
Jun 2021 S$1,000 S$20
Jul 2021 S$1,000 S$20
Aug 2021 S$1,000 S$20
S$100 credited within 10 weeks from Aug 2021 payment 
Sep 2021 S$1,000 S$20
Oct 2021 S$1,000 S$20
Nov 2021 S$1,000 S$20
Total S$6,000 S$120
Rebate (S$100)
Net Fee S$20

In this example, you’re paying a S$20 fee on S$6,000 worth of payments- just 0.33%! Naturally, the effective fee will rise the larger your payment, since the S$100 cashback is fixed. But if your monthly payment ranges S$500 to S$833, then the miles are absolutely free. 

The T&C of the offer can be found here. 

What kind of recurring payments can I make?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pay income tax with this offer, because Citi PayAll does not support recurring payments to IRAS. You can of course make ad-hoc payments to IRAS to take advantage of the 2.5 mpd offer, but ad-hoc payments won’t qualify for the S$100 cashback offer. 

Citi PayAll supports the following recurring payments:

  • Education expenses
  • Insurance premiums
  • Membership
  • Misc. payments (e.g parking, storage, utilities, wedding expenses)
  • Rent

It should be fairly easy to find some kind of payment to make, especially since “misc. payments” is such a broad category. Heck, there’s even a category called “travel expenses”, which lets you transfer money into someone’s personal bank account. The only caveat I’d mention is that there may be income tax implications for the receiving party, depending on the nature of the payment- but in any case, IRAS doesn’t tax annual income that falls below the S$20,000 mark. 

Remember, the recurring payment must be at least S$500 per month for six months. 

Stacking with the 2.5 mpd Citi PayAll offer

As mentioned earlier, the S$100 cashback offer can be stacked with the ongoing 2.5 mpd offer that Citibank is running on Citi PayAll. 

Here’s the cost per mile with a 2.5 mpd rate and a 2% fee.

  Earn Rate Cost Per Mile @ 2%
Citi ULTIMA 1.6 mpd
2.5 mpd
1.25 cents
0.8 cents
Citi Prestige 1.3 mpd
2.5 mpd
1.54 cents
0.8 cents
Citi PremierMiles  1.2 mpd
2.5 mpd
1.67 cents
0.8 cents

Once you factor in the S$100 cashback, things get even sweeter. Here’s the example from above, with the 2.5 mpd rate factored in (remember, the rate only applies till 31 August 2021). 

Illustration with Citi PremierMiles Card
Month Payment Miles Fee @ 2%
Jun 2021 S$1,000 2,500 S$20
Jul 2021 S$1,000 2,500 S$20
Aug 2021 S$1,000 2,500 S$20
S$100 credited within 10 weeks from Aug 2021 payment
2.5 mpd offer ends 31 Aug 2021 
Sep 2021 S$1,000 1,200 S$20
Oct 2021 S$1,000 1,200 S$20
Nov 2021 S$1,000 1,200 S$20
Total S$6,000 11,100 S$120
Net Fee
Cost Per Mile
0.18 cents

In this scenario, you’re paying just 0.18 cents per miles- a sensational price. Again, if your monthly payment is between S$500-833, you’re getting free miles. 

How many free miles? Assuming you schedule your first payment in June, you’d earn up to:

Working: Pay S$833 per month for 6 months with 2% fee, first 3 months @ 2.5 mpd, next 3 months @ 1.2 mpd (Citi PremierMiles), 1.3 mpd (Citi Prestige) or 1.6 mpd (Citi ULTIMA)

Even if you don’t fancy paying for miles, at a bare minimum, everyone should be walking away with this. 

As if all that wasn’t enough, first-time Citi PayAll customers will get a further S$50 cashback when they make a minimum of one transaction by 31 August 2021. This is on top of the 2.5 mpd earn rate. My goodness, they’re really throwing those fat stacks around.

I would highly advise you to schedule your first recurring payment in June, so you can maximize both promotions. For example, if you wait till July, you’ll only enjoy 2.5 mpd on two sets of payments (July and August). 

The T&C of the 2.5 mpd and S$50 cashback offer can be found here. 

Is it worth it?

You’d be mad not to take it up. 

Remember, you’re not just buying KrisFlyer miles; Citibank points can be transferred to 11 different frequent flyer programs, including some with great sweet spots like Etihad Guest, British Airways Executive Club, and Turkish Miles&Smiles. Even the newly-revitalised Qatar Privilege Club might be a good bet.

💳 Citibank Transfer Partners
For a full list of transfer partners, refer to this article

Assuming you opt for plain vanilla KrisFlyer miles, here’s the range of value that you get when redeeming them:

Options for Spending KrisFlyer Miles
Redemption Option Value per mile
✈️ Award flights 2-6 cents
🏨 Shangri-La Golden Circle conversion 1.4 cents*
✈️ Pay for flights with miles 1.02 cents
🚘 KrisFlyer vRooms 0.8 cents
🛍️ KrisShop 0.8 cents
🛒 TapForMore conversion (ends 1 July) 0.73 cents
🏬 CapitaStar conversion 0.7 cents
📱 Kris+ 0.67 cents
🎡 Pelago 0.67 cents
Esso Smiles conversion 0.33- 0.67 cents
*Assumes you have GC Jade/Diamond status and use points for F&B at 10 GC points= US$1.25. If you’re a regular member, 10 GC points= US$1, i.e 1.1 cents/mile

When your miles are coming so cheap (or even free), it’s impossible to lose. You could even spend them on Kris+ and I wouldn’t complain 😉.


This is a fantastic promotion, no two ways about it. Find something, anything to charge to PayAll, and if your monthly recurring payment is S$500 to S$833, you’re printing free miles.

Citibank is putting some serious money behind its Citi PayAll service, not just in Singapore but worldwide (no fees in Australia and Philippines). I don’t know where the funds are coming from, but then again, this is the bank that could offer an uncapped 8 mpd on Apple Pay, and you shouldn’t look a gift horse in any orifice. 

More of the same, please. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion with the intention of helping people travel better for less and impressing chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Have not received the 1% rebate for the payall promotion that ended in Feb 2021. Obviously something very wrong with their system.


I got the rebate last month. You may want to check with them


Yeah, me too. Credited on the 5th May which was the same day I complained.

Jatin Grover

Will we get 2.5 miles if payment is scheduled via Citi rewards visa? Thanks


does it need to be 1 recurring payment or i can have multiple recurring payments as long as i meet the minimum criteria of $500?


thanks aaron. I think my question is whether i need to create only 1 recurring payment of min. 500 for 6 mths or i can create 2 or more recurring payments combined to a sum of min. 500 for 6 mths?


Does the $100 cash back stack with the $50 first time pay all users cash back as well? Or are you only eligible for one or the other?


Does anyone know if paying bank loan installments is eligible?


Thanks for the reply Aaron.

My mcst isn’t as well but I managed to do so via the misc category as long u have the account number; it’s not like they charge a diff fee according to the types of payments either

Hence the thoughts of repaying bank loans instead of by giro


Yeah give it a try. Gotta check though, citi’s system not as autonomous as I expected, they didn’t charge me the service fee for last year’s prestige spend promo till I asked which meant the promo miles weren’t credited; likewise the earlier comments on the promotion rebates

Will check and update on the bank loan one.


Got tax and Insurance to pay, also new to CitiAll:
> Can i pay my tax using the new to CitAll offer to get $the 50 offer?
> and then pay my insurance split over 6 months to get the $100 offer?


Is it still worth it if we are using citi rewards card?


Why go for 0.4mpd when you can get 1.2mpd and 2.5mpd promo rate for 3 months”


Hey Aaron, should I use charge date or payment date when scheduling these payments? For instance, if I schedule a payment of rent on July 1, I believe it’s going to be charged on the card some where around June 29. Is this a July or June transaction?


Thanks for the clarification!


Hi Aaron, can i clarify:

1. Previously i have moved my insurance premiums from Citi to Maybank VI as citi no longer award miles for insurance. Are we now saying that payment of insurance premiums via CitiPayall will yield miles?

2. For AIA, my issue is they only accept mastercard for recurring credit card payments. Will i get miles if i were to pay via CitiPayal?

Thanks in advance


If i recallcorrectly, AIA do incur additional charge if you are paying by CC monthly compared to pay yearly


If you have multiple citibank credit cards, does the above apply on a per card basis?


Read the T&C

g. “Gift/Cash Back” refers to the S$100 in Cash Back that an Eligible Cardmember can earn upon meeting the relevant Promotion Qualifying Conditions. Each Eligible Cardmember is only entitled to 1 Gift.


Aaron, I know this is sacrilege for a miles website. BUT, if I were to use the citibank cashback+ card, would I get 1.6% back on the recurring amount? Hence reducing the fee to 0.4% and maximizing my S$100+S$50 (less 0.4% fees of S$12) free money? I’m just going to go for S$500 per month for 6 months.


Nice! You really must consider a financelion, moneysaverlion or dare I say cashbacklion as a companion to this website 🙂


hmmm… my MCST fees is charged quarterly. So, I would break the amount payable in 3 monthly payments…. haha… would this work?


I’ve asked my MCST, just pre-pay as much as you can within the bonus amount and they’ll be smart enough to reconcile.



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