New KrisFlyer Experiences: Chocolate, kombucha, body lotion and JJ Lin

Redeem your KrisFlyer miles for online workshops and concerts with the latest set of KrisFlyer Experiences.

In what might be my most misleading headline ever, Singapore Airlines has launched a new series of KrisFlyer Experiences for the months of June and July. KrisFlyer members can redeem their miles for chocolate appreciation and kombucha brewing workshops, attend an anti-ageing and body lotion session, or fangirl at a JJ Lin virtual concert.

Prices range from 10,000 to 16,000 miles, and as always, whether it’s worth it depends on how much you value the experience. 

❓ What are KrisFlyer Experiences?

krisflyer experiences

KrisFlyer Experiences allows you to redeem your KrisFlyer miles for money-can’t-buy experiences. The platform was launched back in January, but due to COVID-19, most of the events so far have been online workshops or individual dining packagesExperiences can be redeemed for yourself or your family members/friends.

Latest KrisFlyer Experiences

Latest KrisFlyer Experiences

Here’s a summary of the latest KrisFlyer Experiences:

Chocolate Appreciation and Truffle Making10,000 miles26 Jun, 2.30 p.m
11 Jul, 2.30 p.m
Kombucha Brewing11,000 miles20 Jul, 10 a.m
Anti-Ageing Face and Body Lotion12,000 miles18 Jul, 2.30 p.m
JJ Lin Sanctuary Finale Virtual Concert16,000 miles10 Jul, 8 p.m

All events are held entirely online. The cost covers all materials, which will be delivered to your home ahead of the session (you’ll provide your mailing address after confirmation). 

KrisFlyer Experiences are non-refundable once redeemed, but if the minimum attendee requirement (10-20 depending on session) is not met, the event will be cancelled and you’ll receive a full refund. 

While I don’t believe I could name you a single JJ Lin song, the 90-minute Sanctuary virtual concert sounds pretty intriguing. Attendees receive:

  • E ticket to virtual concert
  • Finale Passport
  • Interactive Luminous Wristband
  • KrisFlyer Experiences Sanctuary Thermal Flask
  • A set of Sanctuary Waterproof Luggage Sticker

However, I’m looking at the SISTIC website for this event, and the inclusions seem fairly similar to the S$48 (+S$4 booking fee) “Luminous Time Traveller bundle”, with the addition of the thermal flask and luggage sticker.

I’m not sure that warrants paying 16,000 miles, which even at a vastly-reduced valuation of 1.5 cents per mile, works out to S$240. Yes JJ, that’s a lot of miles. 

Similarly, the other workshops range from 10,000 to 12,000 miles, which I’d be hard-pressed to pay even if I were really interested in the subject matter. 

In my book, it’s better to wait for travel to open up. With Singapore having started its vaccine rollout to those aged 12-39, I’m personally planning for SHN-free overseas travel by Q4 this year. 


The only KrisFlyer Experience I’ve redeemed so far has been a cruise on World Dream, which for was amazing value at just 6,000 miles. Otherwise, nothing else they’ve offered so far has really grabbed my attention. 

My hope is that the start of Phase 3 (HA) and eventual resumption of dining-in will allow for more interesting KrisFlyer Experiences down the line. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I was looking at Krisflyer experiences earlier today and was trying to use the UOB Krisflyer trick but nothing seems to show up with pointback.

How do we know which event comes with Uob pointbacks? I assume whatever I see now is all not uob pointbacks associated.



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