Booked: South Korea VTL trip

I'm doing the South Korea VTL to get the lowdown on the on-ground situation in Seoul. Here's the plan so far.

While the addition of eight European and North American countries to the VTL scheme was no doubt a cause for celebration, I tend to think it was the announcement of South Korea that caused Singapore Airlines’ website, service centre and phone lines to collectively meltdown. 


After all, there’s no country that quite captures the Singapore imagination like Korea. It speaks volumes that despite our small size, Singaporeans were the 12th largest group of visitors to Korea pre-COVID, with Seoul ranking as the 4th most popular destination for Singaporean travellers in 2019. 

I’ll be upfront with you: I’m far from a true believer. My knowledge of Korean pop culture is limited to rhetorical questions concerning where you got that body from, “Squid Game” is something Spongebob does to annoy his neighbour, and at the risk of causing a diplomatic spat, I’m not much for kimchi either. 

But the people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly:

Yes, I voted for USA

Looks like it’s time to get the lowdown on the South Korea VTL.

Seoul Game Plan

✈ S. Korea VTL Plan
To Seoul To Singapore
18 Nov 2021 (Thu)
Depart: 0805
Arrive: 1530
Economy Saver
21 Nov 2021 (Sun)
Depart: 1030
Arrive: 1615
Business Advantage

When the South Korea VTL was first announced, I quickly snapped up a seat on the first available flight to Seoul — SQ600 on 16 November (the VTL commences on 15 November but there’s no SIA flight on that day) — only to later realise I wouldn’t actually be able to take it.

That’s because of the requirement that your 14-day travel history before entering South Korea can only consist of Singapore and South Korea, and I’m taking returning on 4 November from a trip to Germany with the Milelioness (trip planning post to come soon). 

✈️ Summary: South Korea VTL
To South Korea 🇰🇷
  • 14 day travel history: Singapore and South Korea only
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. 30M KRW (~S$35K) coverage (short-term visitors only)
  • Apply for electronic travel authorisation
  • Fully vaccinated with any vaccine in the WHO EUL
  • Take pre-departure PCR test 72h before flight
  • Take non-stop flight to South Korea
  • Take PCR test on arrival in South Korea
  • Take PCR test on Day 6 or 7 in South Korea (if stay >8 days)
To Singapore 🇸🇬
  • 14 day travel history: Singapore, South Korea, or any VTL country
  • Purchase travel insurance with min. S$30K coverage (short-term visitors only)
  • Apply for VTP (short-term visitors and long-term pass holders only)
  • Fully vaccinated with any vaccine in the WHO EUL
  • Take pre-departure PCR test 48h before flight
  • Take designated VTL flight to Singapore
  • Take PCR test on arrival in Singapore
Full Details: Korea VTL

So I rebooked myself on SQ600 on 18 November instead, returning to Singapore on SQ607 on 21 November. 

Yes, it’s a short trip, but just like my inaugural VTL voyage to Munich, the mission is to observe and report. I’m there to figure out what the post-COVID situation is like on the ground, what kind of restrictions are in place, and how that affects someone planning an actual holiday there. In other words, everything you need to know. 

Now you may have noticed I booked Economy Saver on the outbound. It’s 50% because Business Class was completely unavailable, and 50% because it’s a 6-hour long daytime flight, and it’d be good to review the post-COVID Economy Class experience. 

Singapore Airlines B787-10 Economy Class
Singapore Airlines B787-10 Economy Class

On the return leg I’ve bitten the bullet and paid Business Advantage rates, which believe me, I’m not happy about. Advantage awards from Seoul (70,000 miles) cost ~50% more than Savers (47,000 miles). For comparison, Advantage awards from Europe (120,000 miles) are a much more modest 30% premium over Saver (92,000 miles). 

Singapore Airlines B787-10 Business Class
Singapore Airlines B787-10 Business Class

Ah, the things I do for the site…

Seoul Hotels

Conrad Seoul

Since I have close to zero knowledge about the geography of Seoul, I haven’t figured out where to spend my three nights yet. 

What I do know is that I could make use of my Hilton Diamond status to stay at:

  • Conrad Seoul
  • Millennium Hilton Seoul
Andaz Seoul Gangnam

Alternatively, since I know people with Hyatt Globalist status, I could request them to book a Guest of Honor stay at: 

  • Andaz Seoul Gangnam
  • Grand Hyatt Seoul
  • Park Hyatt Seoul

I could burn my Accor Plus free night certificate (courtesy of the AMEX HighFlyer Business Card) in Seoul, but the main options I see are rather uninspiring Novotels. 

Surprisingly, there is no GHA hotel in Seoul (or in South Korea for that matter, apart from an Avani in Busan). And since I’m a lowly Marriott Gold, I figure there’s little point in booking stays with them. 

Of course I’m open to other ideas too: Four Seasons Seoul? The Shilla? Potential options for spending the AMEX Platinum Charge’s S$400 hotel credit there too. 

Here’s where I could use some input from you Koreaphiles- where’s a good place to stay? I’m completely fine with changing hotels every night; in fact, I’ll probably be doing that in order to get more reviews in. 


For my previous Munich VTL trip, I purchased travel insurance from Aviva. I paid just S$68 for five days of coverage, thanks to a 30% discount for MINDEF Group Term Life policyholders, and a further 18% off with the code TRAVEL18. 

I wanted to do the same this time round, but there’s a problem. The South Korean authorities require travellers to purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000,000 KRW (~S$34,000) for COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs.

Just my luck that Aviva is the only COVID-19 travel insurance policy that falls below this threshold!

Provider COVID-19 Medical Expense Coverage
Policy Wording
  • Basic: S$50K
  • Standard: S$100K
  • Supreme: S$250K
Policy Wording
  • Bronze: S$1M
  • Silver: S$1M
  • Platinum: Unlimited
Policy Wording
  • Lite: S$10K
  • Plus: S$15K
  • Prestige: S$20K
Policy Wording
  • Essential: S$75K
  • Comprehensive: S$150K
Policy Wording
  • Basic: S$50K
  • Supreme: S$200K
Policy Wording
  • US$100K
Policy Wording
  • Essential: S$100K
  • Superior: S$200K
Policy Wording
  • S$350,000

So I need to think of something else, and I’m leaning towards Sompo’s COVID-19 insurance policy, since it provides a S$100 per day quarantine allowance (important should my pre-departure test in Korea come back positive). 

I previously rejected Sompo because it required travellers to take a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore (even if the country you’re travelling to doesn’t require it, like Germany), but that’s not an issue here since South Korea requires it anyway.

To be clear: you only need to buy travel insurance for the intended duration of your trip. If a covered incident occurs that causes an extension to your trip, you will still receive coverage.  You can find this in your policy wording under “automatic extensions” or some similar title.

Example: AXA Smart Traveller
Automatic Extensions
Your insurance cover will automatically be extended without additional premium for:
(a) up to 30 days if You are Hospitalised (or placed under compulsory quarantine) while Overseas upon the written advice of a Doctor or the local government authority in the case of a Quarantine Order; or
(b) up to 72 hours if You are unable to complete Your trip as planned due to Public Transport delays that are not Your fault.

South Korea COVID-19 restrictions

Photo: Straits Times

I’m sure there are many questions about what life is like in South Korea now, and whether it’s even worth visiting with all the restrictions in place.

The best resource I’ve found so far is this summary of social distancing measures (Seoul is currently under Level 4 restrictions), which says that gathering sizes are limited, restaurants and entertainment facilities don’t operate past 10 p.m, and amusement parks are limited to 50% capacity. 

I’m still researching the topic further, and aim to provide some answers to the following:

  • What are COVID-19 restrictions in South Korea like (rules on mask wearing, maximum group sizes, testing, entertainment, vaccine passes)?
  • What is the impact on tourist attractions and restaurants?
  • How do you get a PCR test done in South Korea?
  • What happens if you test positive in South Korea?

My goal is to come up with something similar to the two posts below. The first one is a summary of the various rules and restrictions, the second is my firsthand experience with them.

Explained: Germany COVID-19 restrictions, testing and proof of vaccination

Germany VTL: My experience with COVID-19 rules, regulations and life in Munich


My last visit to Seoul came in 2016 as part of my 2016 RTW trip. I stayed at the Westin Chosun and W Walkerhill (no longer part of the chain) since I was an SPG Platinum, and spent most of my time in the hotel room working. 

There’ll be more time for shenanigans this time round, so let me know what you’re keen to read about or what questions you have about the South Korea VTL.

What questions would you like this trip report to answer about the South Korea VTL?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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The Park Hyatt Seoul is sublime – if you can get someone to do GoH go with that one. I wish I had been senior enough when working in Seoul a decade ago to be allowed to stay there….


Indeed great – but getting old and worn out. In that category better opt for Four Seasons

EP holder living in SG

I fully agree. Four Seasons or Signiel fare better nowadays.


We bought tickets to SK for 2 weeks in Dec too, just after the announcement of the new VTL and before PM Lee’s speech. There are some things I would like to research and have not done so yet. (1) Any SK restrictions on hotels and transport for VTL travelers? Can we take domestic flights and ferries? (2) Are the national parks open? I can’t see any mountain shelters open for booking but that can be because they are fully booked. Have to wait until 15 Oct to see if new slots are released.


Yr question believe also many traveller concern too .
Share yr experience if any

Ken k

Stay at Hongdae area. Besides of cos Gangnam.
N pre covid touristy myeongdong


On Seoul hotels, most of the hotels you mentioned are not in the best locations for visitors – most of the tourist sites are located north of the Han River, and a lot of the chain hotels are south of the river in business districts and the glitzy Gangnam district (good for shopping and people-watching, but not much else). Marriott actually has the best located hotels – I would suggest Westin Chosun and Plaza as the more premium options, or Courtyard Seoul Namdaemun or Aloft Myeongdong for more affordable hotels. The Ryse Hotel in Hongdae is a good option for… Read more »


I’m going too on 26th Nov. Would love to see your updates!


How many days ?
Shares yr experience too .

EP holder living in SG

Out of the options you mentioned, Andaz Gangnam is strongly recommended. Park Hyatt is nice but somewhat too far from major tourist attractions. Once you get to know Seoul better (and have developed your appetite for Gangnam area), Park Hyatt as well as Oakwood Premier & Intercon Parnas would be good choices. Grand Hyatt is a locals’ favourite spot for good teppanyaki and business meet up in the lobby but it’s high up in the Namsan mountain, so you’ve gotta take a cab every time you go out and come back in. Taxi costs a lot more in Seoul than… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by EP holder living in SG
EP holder living in SG

Considering u must stay in the room for 24 hrs after the 1st PCR test, I figure out you practically have only 1 day (20 Nov) to spend in Seoul..Andaz offers a lot wider choices to have two fine meals during your only day in Seoul! (High end restaurants must be booked in advance) but it probably offers no view from the room. Conrad if you get a Han river view room, within the lock down, you might feel better off, and you can probably spend half a day on 20th in The Hyundai (recently the hottest spot for shopping… Read more »

EP holder living in SG

Yes because Seoulites are crazy about going on a staycay…. 🙂 Andaz has this decent Chirashi sushi restaurant downstairs (Gogeup Obok Susan) if u like Jap food..Delivery food in Seoul is amazing in general- so make use of it during ur lock down. Def Andaz being located in the prime Gangnam district has a lot more variety in terms of food. Of course price wise it tends to be steeper. I don’t know your life style, but I hope you make a good choice and enjoy your stay in Seoul. To be honest, as a local who likes fancy stuff,… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by EP holder living in SG

Can u do a review on family + kids travel with VTL? No kids, no problem, u can take mine.

Chloe Choo

important: where to do cheapest PCR test in Korea?

also do you think it’s highly likely to get covid in S.Korea after you’ve experienced it?


it’s not highly likely to get covid here in my opinion. staying here for almost a year now and I have not met anyone who got covid. however I heard from my friends that their friends who party at Hongdae and Gangnam everyday (for months) got covid,


For travellers who stay around 8 days and thus seek to combine the 6-7th day PCR test with the pre-departure PCR test for SG, is that possible in practice? The results would need to be returned, in a usable format/medium, within around 24 hours


I’d love to understand this too. in fact if it’s possible, it would make more sense to stay 9 to 10 days so that we could combine the 6/7th day test with the PDT and still get the results in time before the flight back.


I’d love to understand this too. in fact if it’s possible, it would make more sense to stay 9 to 10 days so that we could combine the 6/7th day test with the PDT and still get the results in time before the flight back.


Since need to taxi or private hire to hotel after the on arrival PCR test and wait for result, can consider Grand Hyatt Incheon or Nest Hotel Incheon for first night. Then move to Hotels in city for the 2nd day onwards.


I would recommend the hongdae area if you’re into having food options and numerous shops open, or perhaps the Seoul station/Euljiro areas for their connectivity and central location. A couple of things I’d love to find out if it’s true though, which I’ve read about on Reddit forums – 1) Is the on-arrival test to be done at any hospital within 24 hours of arrival, or must it be done at the airport? 2) Can public transportation be taken to our hotels? I’ve seen accounts from travellers indicating that this is the case Would also be good to know which… Read more »


Conrad Seoul!! Ahhh the in room Dyson Hairdryers… heh.


We booked after reading your earlier article! As we have Hyatt membership, we are definitely going to Andaz after looking at other comments.
Just wondering if it is possible to book at business saver 47k on waitlist and then secure a business advantage at 70k? Is it possible to swap the business advantage for saver if it becomes available? Thanks!


After hearing this news, I booked airlines tickets and a room well-known four star hotel in the center of Seoul.

They replied with an email saying I couldn’t check-in unless I presented a PCR negative result taken at the airport. So much for waiting at your hotel until you get the result!


Yes, would appreciate an answer on this too. I booked my air tickets and as I’m arranging for my hotel accommodations. Am heading towards the East Sea, I’ll need to book private car in advance, and I realized that most hotels allow check-in at 2pm or 3pm. It is highly likely that I will reach the hotel before check in time. Where do I go in-between from drop off to hotel check-in time? And if the hotel require a negative PCR test, how is that even possible? Lastly, if you can confirm if there is PCR on arrival within Incheon… Read more »


Conrad has great location but the service of Four season Seoul is the best.


SK has 4 levels which dictate the restrictions here:

Currently, Greater Seoul area is in Level 4 while the rest areas in Level 3 till 17 Oct 2021.


Regarding the K-ETA application, I have written to the K-ETA centre and gotten the response from them. Dear Inquirer, Thank you for your interest in K-ETA. Regarding your inquiry as to whether Singaporean nationals can apply for K-ETA, please find the answer as below: On 1st September 2021, in addition to the existing 21 visa-free entry countries, visa-free entry of 28 European countries has been resumed. Singapore is one of the K-ETA eligible countries, however Singapore has not been added to ‘the list of the countries eligible for K-ETA after September’, and thus Singaporean nationals cannot apply for K-ETA. Please… Read more »


Do you think there will be a chance that we cannot apply for it even in Nov?

S Lee

Conrad location should be good to review new mall called the hyundai in the area, and Andaz Gangnam is also recommended. Maybe try Signiel or Brand New Sofitel in Jamsil that is all the hype now.


Hi Aaron. For the Seoul hotels, how about the Signiel Seoul Hotel located in Lotte Tower, the tallest building in South Korea. It is one of the leading hotels of the world. Keep your witty and insightful articles coming and have a fabulous trip. Cheers.

EP holder living in SG

DBS Insignia holders get 2 free nights at Signiel- I think this indicates Signiel is differentiating. Since you seem to favour chain hotels, I didn’t explain much about Signiel. But you’ve gotta remember it’s all about the VIEW. Signiel (run by Lotte Hotel) would offer you an interesting experience as it’s located on 76-101th floors but if you have acrophobia, then no no. Location is really not my cup of tea. (Far east end of Seoul). IMO its standard room deco wouldn’t be necessarily the best either- basic room wise Four Seasons is better, I think. And FS’s location offers… Read more »


Omg please spend a night at Park Hyatt Seoul! Let me live vicariously through you

Jon G


Do consider both Conrad and Signiel would be good choices. Stayed there two years ago.


Hi Aaron, No idea how to get to Busan from Incheon airport without breaking covid rules when only private transport is allowed (usually fly direct or train before covid). Please raise this with Tourism board if you have a chance? Thanks!


I’m on the same flight — since we’re landing only at 3:30pm and the testing center closes at 6pm, I was wondering if there’d be any risk of missing the last test. Would cause a massive headache if so, not to mention the hotels that require a negative result before they allow check-ins.

Likewise, curious about how to combine the 7/8-day test with the pre-departure test.

Thanks very much for compiling these questions! Much appreciated.


Some suggestions – each in the holy trinity of Seoul’s tourists hotspots: myeongdong, gangnam and hongdae – 3 diff hotels at diff price points

Myeongdong – Four Points Myeongdong is pretty new and interesting for a “affordable” hotel. Opened last year and a popular local staycation spot

Gangnam – Josun Palace, one of the newest ultra-lux hotels that opened this year, or Sofitel as well, opened last 2 weeks or so

Hongdae – Ryse is prolly the most interesting option. 4.5 stars.

Not on purpose, but heavily skewed towards Marriott though lol


Signiel by Lotte is gorgeous. i’ve stayed there twice, the views are simply incomparable. trouble is Jamsil is a bit away from the “main” gangnam area (apgujeong/cheongdam/sinsa) but there’s enough to do in Jamsil itself i suppose. the Josun Palace hotel is also super hot right now. in particular on weekends, lots of influencers and even the occasional celeb show up to take photos in the lobby/restaurants. Hypebeast has also opened a coffeeshop in the attached mall (Hypebeans) i’m currently in korea, been here since august, going back to SG via VTL in nov; happy to answer any queries from… Read more »

Sant Ruengjaruwatana

Thanks Ian. How r you planning to get the pre-departure pcr test to Singapore? Any recommendation


You can consider using (and reviewing) the City Airport Terminal in Seoul on your way out. During my pre-covid trips I always did my immigration clearance here: you can to drop off your bags early (SIA is one of the airlines that has a counter there), settle your immigration clearance without a queue, take a comfortable (and relatively inexpensive) airport limousine bus to the airport and use the designated entrance for crew and diplomats at Incheon Airport. They had a special city airport terminal stamp too, but that has been phased out. I would be interested to find out how… Read more »


Sompo Travel Insurance: For trips commencing on or after 13 Oct 2021: If you are Fully Vaccinated prior to your trip, NO pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test is required for you to be covered!


I will be flying on the red eye flight and will arrive at ICN in the morning at around 8-9am. Given that the requirement is for travellers to take the COVID-19 test at the airport and head straight to the hotel, do you think they will want to see a hotel reservation starting from the day before I fly? I don’t suppose the authorities will want to take the risk of incoming travellers hanging around at the lobby waiting for early check-in…if only they had the option of waiting at a holding area in the airport until the test results… Read more »


Hi, I originally booked a red eye flight to Korea too, and upon realisation that there would be a time lapse I asked the hotel concierge the same thing. Their response was that foreigners usually wait at the airport so there might possibly a waiting area – although I cannot fully verify that. Alternatively they suggested I could book the night before so I could check in upon arrival. In the end I changed my flight to 3pm arrival the day before so I would technically have one day to “waste” whilst waiting for the results without it eating into… Read more »


Taking my chance here, but do you know in case vtp application for pass holders is rejected, how many days we need to wait before one can re-apply again?


If you meet the requirements it should be instantly and automatically approved. If there is some error in your application that leads to rejection I believe you could apply again immediately if you can fix the error.


Thank you max really appreciate the reply!


I have been here for almost a year now. hongdae and Gangnam are like ‘covid zones’ but it’s still crowded. life is pretty ,much normal other than the curfews. groups of 4 till 6pm and after, groups of 2. they have “call phone number” check in system, or naver scan-check in, or write contact details checkin methods to supermarkets, restaurants, malls and a feeeeeew shops. check into malls is only if Seoul is level 4… it’s a little hard to enter shops at times without a phone number, if the contact tracing persists during your trip~

Rui Min

Hi would love if your next article relating to Korea VTL could include more specifically on PCR test:
1. Whether day 6/7 PCR test can be combined with departure PCR test (say I’m flying off on day 8/9)
2. Where are the best places to take PCR test with required English translated cert – cost wise, how can we make reservation in advance for the test and how long is the turnaround time for the test?



Based on current PCR test in Korea
If staying below 7day u do 4 test
Above 8days u do 5test .
Then more sensible to travel to yr max .
But a bit hard to swallow for doing 4 test in 7days .


Pls share about getting the Evisa / how to book the incheon swab / update of health apps / how to update the Korea authority on the 7days swab result.Thanks

Johann van der Merwe

I’d highly recommend Four Seasons Seoul, if you can book it with AMEX FHR.
My friend wrote a review on that one during one of his around the world first class trips (his trip was back in 2017 so it’s good to refresh your memory).

Kelly Teo

I read that korea accepts saliva test as a pcr test result, unfortunately I cant find a provider in sg for this. Do you kno where in seoul we can do throat swabbed pcr tests? Instead of the nasal one. Both are recognised as PCR test for sg purposes. I left a question on your other post as to whether we can request for a throwt swab at the changi tent. Please let me know if you have any insight. The predep test at raffles medicial in town allows it (and changi tent is also run by raffles). Thanks for… Read more »


Westin Chosun is my usual choice of hotel when I visit Seoul for work. Right next to Myeongdong – convenient for you to do a walkabout to see how badly it got affected by covid.

Van Le

Thanks a lot for working on this Aaron! Really looking forward to more updates from you! A few questions I hope you can help to find out:

1. I heard Korea also has QR check in wherever you go (sth like Safe Entry). How does that work for tourist?

2. How can we remain at our accommodation aka hotel when they only allow check in after the negative PCR result comes out? Can we use the pre-departure one?

3. Any recommended place to take the PCR test with English cert!

Thank you!

Andy Chan

Hi Aaron. Is pre departure pcr test from Changi Airport to South Korea needed ? I thought before boarding the plane at Changi we also need to produce a negative pcr test within 48 hours ?


I’m a Korean EP in Seoul right now visiting family so I think I can help a bit. If you want high end, four seasons and signiel are good choices. four seasons is in a better (tourist) location. I’m not sure why people are recommending the conrad when its in yeoido. Good points would be proximity to hongdae/hapjeong/mangwon and the new hyundai mall is close by. I do agree about avoiding grand hyatt if youre planning to actually go anywhere from there without a car. I stayed there for a staycation a few weeks ago and while the room and… Read more »


Also recommend this guy’s youtube channel

A lot of it is food reviews but some hotel reviews (including the four seasons) as well.


can you recommend a few that provides english results for pcr tests, thanks!


I don’t really have any recommendations since it’ll all depends on whats closest to you. Just go through the list that MOH provides ( and give them a call depending on which one is closest to you.

I made a quick google sheet with google maps and naver maps of the approved hospitals in Seoul


Where to read official information like the need to buy covid insurance, the exact number of PCR test needed etc?


Hi, Aaron- really helpful insights and my go-to site for all things travel! I have a few questions and would be very appreciative if you can advise. Am planning to fly to Seoul in mid Dec for 14 days via VTL. How do we go about doing the PCR test upon arrival – if we land in Seoul at 3.30pm and the airport PCR test centre closes at 6pm, and we only get the results the next day, does that mean we check into the hotel and then wait for the results? Do we need to then stay in the… Read more »


Are you planning a USA trip soon? I look forward to see.


Hey Aaron. Just a note if you’ve tried to book a PCR test at Incheon yet on Safe2go – it’s a bit wonky as the system assumes you’re flying out of Incheon (as opposed to arriving) when you try to register an itinerary. Wondering if you had this problem too.


Seems like there’s currently no PCR test center upon arrival in Incheon, the ones set-up at the airport are for outbound passengers only. Incoming passengers are supposed to book a test at the Health Center 보건소 nearest to your accoms within the first 2 days of arrival, even for the quarantine-exempted travellers. Hopefully they’ll change that and set-up one for VTL passengers within the airport, as I imagine most of us wouldn’t want to waste 1-2 days of our “vacation” trying to find the nearest test center and waiting in the hotel for the test result. Really hope there’ll be… Read more »


same same…. noticed that the safe2go only allows for registering itineraries for departure from ICN. Please share about the PCR test-on-arrival if you have details from your upcoming trip! thanks in advance!


I am curious too.. saw on some articles that current practice is to go anywhere close to accommodation within the first 2 days for PCR test. Below link mentioned for arrival on 15 Nov or after, PCR test must be taken at Incheon airport.—cc/annex-c.pdf

Liz Weng

Yes I saw this CAAS article. However, seems still cannot book for inbound on safe2go … how to prepare for trip like this …

EP holder living in SG

For those flying Asiana to return to Singapore;

OZ751 outbound flight from Incheon to Singapore has been designated as VTL flight for every day except Saturday. (i.e. Tue/Wed/Fri flights are VTL flights, and Sat flight is a non-VTL flight)

Last edited 2 years ago by EP holder living in SG

Hello author

Do you have issues booking the airport PCR test? The safe2go website does not allow to change the departure location, which is input Incheon airport. Is it a visual bug?


it’ll be updated on 8 nov. read the other post for more details



Please check if a Korean contact ( Korean friend/family) is compulsory as I heard that during clearance procedure at Incheon airport they will call the Korean contact you input in the health declared form to verify if they know you. What if we do not have any Korean friends/family contact number we can provide? Then do we need to get a Korea sim card with Korea number ?

And also like to know how we move about in Korea like getting into restaurants, shopping malls, clubs or bars… do they have something like the trace together we use here?


Update reply from Embassy of Korea:

Dear Sir/Madam,
VTL travellers are not required to provide a Korean contact.
Roaming phone should work fine.
Thank you and best regards,
Consular Section | Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Tel: (65) 6256-1188 | Fax: (65) 6258-3302
47 Scotts Road, Goldbell Towers #16-03/04, Singapore 228233

KP Wong

Can share more after you landed Seoul @Aaron Wong?

Is check in at restaurants and shops smooth? Do you need to download any apps or buy the korea sim card for check in purpose?

Where did you book for PCR test at Seoul?

What is your travel plan in the 4 days trip?

Last edited 2 years ago by KP Wong