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The Capri Frankfurt isn't flash, but offers homely and well-equipped rooms (and won't cost AMEX Platinum Reserve cardholders a thing).

After landing at Frankfurt Airport and freshening up in the (otherwise mediocre) Luxxlounge, it was time to head into Frankfurt proper. 

While Frankfurt on the whole isn’t much of a tourist destination, one thing it has in its favor is a conveniently-located airport. Getting to downtown Munich from the airport takes about 50 minutes; in Frankfurt it’s less than 15. 

We’d be spending two nights at Capri by Fraser Frankfurt before hitting the Romantic Road. Capri hardly screams “aspirational travel”, but hey, I didn’t pay a single cent for this stay.

That’s thanks to the annual 2N Frasers Hospitality voucher that comes with my AMEX Platinum Reserve, which I hold for free courtesy of my AMEX Platinum Charge.

🏰 The Romantic Road
🏨 tl;dr: Capri by Fraser Frankfurt
Clean, comfortable rooms and homely touches you wouldn’t get in an average hotel. The location may not be the most convenient, but AMEX Platinum Reserve/Charge members will find it hard to argue with free.  
The GoodThe Bad
  • Clean, comfortable and larger-than-usual rooms
  • Strong water pressure in showers
  • Kitchenettes, laundry room and other long-stay conveniences 
  • 10+ min walk to the nearest train station


Capri by Fraser Frankfurt
Capri by Fraser Frankfurt

Capri by Fraser Frankfurt (shortened to Capri Frankfurt from here on) is located next to Skyline Plaza, a 170-tenant shopping mall due northwest of Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof station. While the proximity to a major mall is great, it’s still at least a 10-minute walk to the nearest train station, and you pass through a few areas I felt were a bit iffy at night. There’s definitely more conveniently-located hotels in Frankfurt, that’s for sure. 

I’d contacted the hotel about an early check-in, since we were scheduled to land before 8 a.m, and was told they’d accommodate us on a best-efforts basis. However, by the time we got to Capri our first activity of the day (a walking tour) was due to start, so we dumped our bags at the front desk and headed off immediately.

Capri Frankfurt reception desk
Capri Frankfurt reception desk
Capri Frankfurt reception area

We returned later that afternoon to check-in. The staff member who helped us was familiar with the process for the AMEX Platinum voucher, and processed our check-in rather quickly. 

Capri Frankfurt reception area

The lobby looks cheap and cheerful, with a Delite grab-and-go-bar (based on the honor system, no less) and a retro-style Pac Man machine. 

Delite grab-and-go
Pac-Man machine

If there’s one thing I disliked, it’s the Capri signature fragrance that permeated the whole lobby. Capri says it’s orange and apple blossom, I say it smells like something died and got hidden behind the drywall. 


The AMEX Platinum Reserve voucher booked us into a lead-in Studio Deluxe room. Rooms in this category measure 32-34 sqm, and I found it to be more than spacious for two people. You could lay two large, open suitcases on the floor and still have room to walk around. 

Entrance to room

The decor wasn’t anything flash, but the light grey wall and ninja star patterns reminded me a bit of the Four Seasons Singapore, believe it or not. 

Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room
Capri Fraser Studio Deluxe Room

Since the Capri is first and foremost a serviced apartment, there was a small kitchenette area with an induction hob and sink. Plates, pots and cutlery could be found in the drawers. 


Two bottles of complimentary water, instant coffee and Ronnefeldt tea were provided. Tap water in Germany is perfectly drinkable (no boiling required), and we used the tap for refills. 

Coffee, tea, water

The king-sized bed was on the softer side, yet to the jetlagged body it felt heavenly. We almost missed the show we’d booked that evening, after a “10-minute nap” became a two hour snooze. Dangerous stuff.

King-sized bed

The bedside area only had a single European Type F plug. You might want to bring your own adapter with built-in USB ports. 

Bedside area
Bedside area
Bedside area

The work desk was integrated into the elongated TV console, which ran from one end of the room to the other. The orange office chair offered good back support, and the media panel had two Type F outlets, a pair of USB ports and a HDMI connection (which I couldn’t use to connect to the TV, try as I might).

TV console area
Work desk
Power outlets

Part of the TV console could be flipped up to reveal a dressing table mirror, which while small, got the job done.

Dressing table

The bathroom was clad in grey tiles, with a single vanity and not a lot of countertop space. This could lead to some drama if your other half has extensive grooming equipment, but fortunately, I’m low maintenance that way. 


Capri Frankfurt swaps bathtubs for walk-in showers, which is just fine with me. Frankly, I dislike combination shower tubs, because they’re no good for soaking and no good for showering. Water pressure was excellent.


Malin + Goetz shower amenities are a standard offering at Capri properties, and were delivered via pump dispensers. As far as bulk toiletries go, they’re actually really decent. Conditioner was provided in a small bottle on the vanity counter. 

Malin + Goetz toiletries
Malin + Goetz toiletries
Conditioner and moisturiser

The toilet (and every single toilet we’d encounter in Germany, for that matter) didn’t have a bidet hose, which wouldn’t be that big a deal if they provided premium toilet paper. Let’s just say that this one felt more like sandpaper than toilet paper. 


But that aside, there’s a lot to like about the Studio Deluxe room. It was clean, comfortable, and slightly larger than your average lead-in hotel room. This would normally cost S$125 a night for the dates we were looking at (though we did stay over the weekend when rates were cheaper), and getting it free was just the icing on the cake.

Studio Deluxe room


Entrance to Capri Frankfurt gym

The Capri Frankfurt does not have a swimming pool, but it does have a small gym, accessible by keycard 24/7.

Capri Frankfurt gym
Capri Frankfurt gym
Capri Frankfurt gym
Capri Frankfurt gym
Capri Frankfurt gym
Capri Frankfurt gym
Capri Frankfurt gym

Stocked in the gym were towels, disinfecting wipes and a communal water dispenser. 


Capri Frankfurt breakfast

Breakfast is served in the hotel lobby from 0630 to 1030 hours on weekdays, and 0700 to 1100 hours on weekends. If you book it in advance, it’s €10 per person, and the walk-up rate costs €18 per person.

Our stay didn’t include breakfast, and I didn’t think the selection warranted adding it on. I did manage to snap the photos below before being chased away by a staff member, concerned I’d steal their world-famous recipe for packaged cold cuts. 

Capri Frankfurt breakfast
Capri Frankfurt breakfast


Because of its somewhat suboptimal location, I probably wouldn’t have considered staying at the Capri Frankfurt if not for the free night voucher. But I don’t regret the decision either, seeing as how it offers large-than-average rooms and certain homely comforts you won’t find in hotels (like a kitchenette and communal laundry area). 

You won’t be within walking distance of what few attractions Frankfurt has, but we used the train during the day, and at night took Ubers back to the hotel (they’re relatively affordable in my opinion). 

There isn’t a whole lot more you could ask for when staying on a voucher redemption. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Looking forward to the stay in La Claridge! (Paris)


A lot of good memories when I was reading this blog! We stayed in that area during our holiday trip in 2017, with very similar itinerary, except that we went to Cologne the day we landed in Frankfurt. The hotel we stayed was in between the train station and Skyline Plaza. I’d say the mall offers much better breakfast options than the hotels. We had breakfast there the next day, and took the tram to pick up our car at the SIXT outlet just a few stops down the main road, and off we went to the Romantic Road!



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