Why you should qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold by February 2022

KrisFlyer members who qualify for Elite Gold status by February 2022 could potentially hold it all the way till February 2025- no flying needed.

I don’t know what the world will look like in October 2024, but I do know one thing: I’ll still be a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member. 

That’s thanks to a decision I made three months ago to transfer a few hundred thousand miles from credit card points, and Singapore Airlines’ recent announcement that elite status would be extended for a further year, with a rollover of Elite miles.

If you’re still on the fence about qualifying for KrisFlyer Elite status, here’s why you should consider taking the plunge- and do so before the end of February 2022. 

Singapore Airlines elite status extension

Due to COVID-19, KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members had already received status extensions for two years. I really wasn’t expecting anything more, what with travel resuming via the VTLs, but Singapore Airlines dropped a pleasant surprise yesterday with a third extension. 

All PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite statuses that are due to expire between March 2022 and February 2023 will be automatically extended for another year. 

-Singapore Airlines

Now, let’s do some calculations. 

It’s January 2022, which means that anyone who qualifies for KrisFlyer Elite status this month will have status until January 2023. This falls within the March 2022 to February 2023 window, so he/she will be eligible for one-year extension till January 2024. And thanks to the Earn on the Ground campaign and rollover of Elite miles, you could potentially stretch that till January 2025, without so much as stepping on a plane. 

The same rule applies for anyone who qualifies in February 2022- he or she could enjoy status till February 2025. 

But wait a further month and qualify in March 2022? You’ll only be able to earn Elite miles from flying, and your status will only be good till March 2023. 

How it works

✈️ KrisFlyer Elite Qualification & Perks
  KrisFlyer Elite Silver KrisFlyer Elite Gold
Elite Miles Req.
(in 12-mth period)
25,000 50,000
Mileage Bonus 25% 25%
Priority Waitlist
Advance Seat Selection

(Forward and Standard)
20kg Extra Baggage  
Priority Check-in  
Priority Baggage   
Priority Boarding  
Lounge Access  

As a reminder, to qualify for KrisFlyer Elite status you’ll need to accumulate:

  • Elite Silver: 25,000 Elite miles in a 12-month period
  • Elite Gold: 50,000 Elite miles in a 12-month period

There’s two factors at play here. 

Earn on the Ground campaign

For most people, the easiest way of earning Elite miles will be through the Earn on the Ground campaign that runs from now till 28 February 2022. The details are summarised below:

Campaign Landing Page
  KrisFlyer PPS Club 
Convert KrisFlyer miles
(min. 10,000 miles)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisFlyer miles
Convert KrisPay miles
(min. depends on bank)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisPay miles 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisPay miles
Spend on co-brand cards
(min. 100 miles earned)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles  1 PPS Value per 10 KrisFlyer miles 
Spend on KrisShop or Kris+ 3 Elite miles per S$1 1 PPS Value per S$1
Earn with non-air partners
(min. 500 miles)
1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles earned 1 PPS Value per 10 KrisFlyer miles earned
⚠️ Note: KrisFlyer members will not be able to earn PPS Value, and PPS Club members will not be able to earn Elite miles

KrisFlyer members can earn 1 Elite mile per 5 KrisFlyer miles transferred from credit card points (although sadly, there’s no more 15% transfer bonus). 

Assuming you’re starting from zero, you’ll need to transfer the equivalent of 250,000 KrisFlyer miles to earn Elite Gold (keep in mind you may already have some Elite miles in your account from activities like Restaurant A380 or Inside SIA)

Once you’ve qualified for Elite Gold, you can proceed to transfer a further 250,000 KrisFlyer miles to clock the 50,000 Elite miles required for requalification.

⚠️ Don’t do it all at once!
Make sure your account has been upgraded to KrisFlyer Elite Gold before transferring the second batch! If you transfer 500,000 KrisFlyer miles at once, the excess Elite miles will not count towards requalification. 

Elite mile rollover

Wait a minute, you say. Why are we even talking about requalification when Singapore Airlines has already extended status for another year?

Yes they have. I’m talking about the following year’s requalification. KrisFlyer Elite members will be eligible for a rollover of the previous year’s Elite miles, which means you can clock them in 2022 for requalification in 2024. 

Here’s the ground rules:

  • Each KrisFlyer Elite member (as of 1 March 2022) will be eligible for a one-time re-crediting of Elite miles
  • Only Elite miles accrued within your KrisFlyer Elite membership year (with membership start date between 1 March 2021 and 1 March 2022) will be re-credited to you
  • KrisFlyer Elite Silver members who are upgraded to KrisFlyer Elite Gold tier before their KrisFlyer Elite Silver membership end-date will also be eligible for a one-time re-credit of Elite miles
  • Members who upgraded from KrisFlyer Elite Silver to KrisFlyer Elite Gold after 1 March 2022 from any status match programmes or accelerator campaigns will not be eligible for the re-crediting of Elite miles

Let’s use a simple example. Suppose I transfer 250,000 KrisFlyer miles to my account on 14 January 2022. That gives me 50,000 Elite miles, and an upgrade to KrisFlyer Elite Gold.

Then I transfer a further 250,000 KrisFlyer miles, and receive another 50,000 Elite miles.

  • My status will initially be valid till 31 January 2023
  • Since that expiry falls within the March 2022 to February 2023 window, Singapore Airlines will automatically extend it to 31 January 2024. 
  • That means I have until 31 January 2024 to clock the 50,000 Elite miles needed for requalification
  • But remember: my 50,000 Elite miles earned in January 2022 have been carried forward to the membership year running from 31 January 2023 to 31 January 2024
  • In other words, I start the 2023/24 membership year already having requalified, and my status is valid till 31 January 2025!

It’s important you qualify and clock whatever additional Elite miles you need by 28 February 2022, however. From March 2022 onwards:

  • There will be no more opportunities to earn Elite miles on the ground (assuming the campaign is not extended)
  • Any status earned will not receive the complimentary extension (since your status expires from March 2023 onwards, outside the extension window)

Basically, someone who misses the boat by qualifying in March 2022 will only have status till March 2023, and he/she’ll have to earn Elite miles purely by flying! 

Here’s a summary: 

Qualify In Original Exp. SIA Extension Elite Mile Rollover*
Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023 Mar 2024
Apr 2021 Apr 2022 Apr 2023 Apr 2024
May 2021 May 2022 May 2023 May 2024
Jun 2021 Jun 2022 Jun 2023 Jun 2024
Jul 2021 Jul 2022 Jul 2023 Jul 2024
Aug 2021 Aug 2022 Aug 2023 Aug 2024
Sep 2021 Sep 2022 Sep 2023 Sep 2024
Oct 2021 Oct 20232 Oct 2023 Oct 2024
Nov 2021 Nov 2022 Nov 2023 Nov 2024
Dec 2021 Dec 2022 Dec 2023 Dec 2024
Jan 2022 Jan 2023 Jan 2024 Jan 2025
Feb 2022 Feb 2023 Feb 2024 Feb 2025
Mar 2022 Mar 2023 N/A N/A
*Assumes you accumulate 50,000 Elite miles through the current Earn on the Ground campaign  (ends 28 Feb 22) or other means

What about PPS Club status?

PPS Club membership kit | Photo: Febrita Suwardy

You’ll notice I’ve been talking exclusively about KrisFlyer Elite status in the previous sections, with no mention of PPS Club. That’s because it’s slightly different for PPS Club members. 

If you want to qualify for PPS Club status, you’ll need to do it the old fashioned way by flying. Existing KrisFlyer members cannot earn PPS Value from the Earn on the Ground campaign.

However, once you’ve qualified for PPS Club status, you can earn PPS Value from the Earn on the Ground campaign for subsequent requalification. Any PPS Value earned in excess of requalification goes into your PPS Reserve, which has a validity of three years. 

Singapore Airlines has already extended PPS Value due to COVID, as shown below:

Reserve Value Expiring In… Will Be Extended To…
  • Year 1 (March 2021- February 2022)
  • Year 2 (March 2022- February 2023)
  • Year 3 (March 2023- February 2024)

So tl;dr: if you’re just a little bit short of the 25,000 PPS Value needed to qualify, perhaps it’s worth taking a status run flight. Qualify in January 2022, get your status extended automatically till January 2024, then spend January & February 2022 racking up PPS Value for requalification in subsequent years.


Singapore Airlines’ status extensions, Elite mile rollover and Earn on the Ground campaign have converged to create an opportunity for someone without status to get and hold it till February 2025. That’s 1,141 days from now, and will hopefully cover a whole lot of travelling.

Of course, you’ll need a sizeable number of credit card points to do this, but assuming you’ve been making hay during the COVID period, it’s well worth considering. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Indeed! I asked you the question a few weeks ago if further extensions would be granted and you said “no more freebies” so this is a pleasant surprise.
Another year of PPS granted and thanks for the tip to convert more creditcard points before the end of Feb.
: )


Thanks for this analysis … my head is spinning with all the complications. If my membership year runs July to July and I requalify (via flights and on-the-ground) by July 2022, do I gain anything by rushing to requalify by February 2022?


Hihi. Thanks for the heads up. If I am already a elite gold member but needs another 51,000 elite miles to requalify as gold by Sept 2022, do I need to do a transfer to my KF account by Feb 2022 to potentially stay as Elite gold till 2025? I will, however, need to transfer some expiring credit card points in the 2nd quarter of 2022 to my KF. Thank you!


Hmmm. So I have already scooped out my credit card points bucket and was on track to hit KF *G by my requalification date of 31st July 2022 but annoyingly I will only be 5166KF miles short at the end of February. Does anyone have any bright ideas how to manufacture some spending either via KrisPay or on KrisShop or some other means. I would really like that extra year of *G lounge access…. 🙂


Citi payall with Citi premier miles. While the bonus wont be in on time, you should be able to clock enough base miles to meet the requirement.


For me probably I will head down to Harvey Norman and use KrisPay for getting home appliances, since CNY is coming in fortnight. Alternatively, book a table for reunion dinner at Hai Tien Lo and pay thru KrisPay…


Buy Hilton Honors points and then transfer?


only have enough for elite silver.

worth it?


“KrisFlyer Elite Silver members who are upgraded to KrisFlyer Elite Gold tier before their KrisFlyer Elite Silver membership end-date will also be eligible for a one-time re-credit of Elite miles”

Suppose I have requalified for Krisflyer Silver member for Jun 2022/Jun 2023 with 30,000 Elite Miles, does that mean that I can transfer 100k credit card points, aka the difference between 50,000 Elite Miles and my current number of Elite miles to get Krisflyer Gold until 2024 first, and then transfer just another 100k miles to roll it all over until 2025?


I had the same observation, and wondered whether you could get to the same Jan 2025 by transferring 125k miles first, to qualify as krisflyer silver, and then transferring the balance 125k miles to upgrade to gold. Then using the same example that Aaron gave: 1. My membership year would be extended to Jan 2023. 2. My 50k elite miles that I earned to get to krisflyer gold would be recredited in the membership year Jan 22-Jan 23 3. These 50k elite miles would be rolled over twice, setting one up for requalification to gold come Jan 2024, thereby getting… Read more »


Is this true Aaron?


Is it worth it if i am currently Elite Silver, and I have enough credit card points to transfer so that I hit Elite Gold?


Hi Aaron.

I just checked my Krisflyer. I am elite gold for a few years.

I have 52,808 elite miles. Probably from the credit card transfers I did recently and some spending on Amex Krisflyer etc.

It stated “Achieved” and the statement below is “Your elite gold membership will be renewed on 1st October 2022”.

So am I good ? Or I am just going to get till Oct 2023 ?

Confused. Ha.


Will be dashboard-miles counter reset to “0” before the renewal date, i.e. 30 Sept here, so that any further accumulation (e.g. from auto transfers from Amex KF card) will accrue towards 2024 membership year?


Will miles continue to be added to the account until 30 Sept and then be “wasted” when the counter resets at membership year renewal?


So I currently have KrisFlyer Elite that came into effect in Nov 21, and my dashboard tells me I need another 20,100 Elite miles to get gold. So if I transferred 20,100 elite miles (about 100.5K airmiles), I should be able to upgrade to Gold? And what you are saying is then to transfer another 250K airmiles after I get Gold Status for requalification? Did I get it correct?


I’m a bit confused by the transfer miles reference. I am 20k short of my 50k requalification requirement and have ~300k Krisflyer miles in my account. Are you saying I can effectively buy the 20k I need by spending 100k of my Krisflyer miles? If not then I really don’t understand the transferring miles point. Thanks


Thank you Aaron


Why the focus on Elite gold only? If starting from scratch, ain’t worth it to secure elite silver?




Hey Aaron. Thanks for this article. A couple of questions if I may. Currently am PPS and expiry is in June 2022. If I fly in April and hit Solitaire, can you advise which of the scenario occurs please, as SQ website doesn’t really illustrate the PPS vs PPS Solitaire mechanism. – PPS status becomes Solitaire and membership year reset to a full year and expire next April 2023, and if so I would miss the free year extension – PPS status becomes Solitaire, membership is extended as a result of qualifying for Solitaire, so extended to June 2023. However… Read more »


If I start from zero now and transfer 250k miles and achieve Elite Gold status, will I qualify for automatic requalification?


As Aaron shared, you will have to transfer another 250K (after achieving Elite Gold), because only Elite miles accrued during your Elite membership year (1 March 2021 to 1 March 2022) will be considered for re-qualification.



Izzit better to do it this month or what till next month to do it for the extra 1 month?



Good evening! Currently, I have a sizeable number of miles in my account, about 100k about to expire in the coming months. My current tier status is just Krisflyer member. Am I allowed to use the miles in my account to convert and up to elite gold? If so how do I do it? Thank you


Does anyone o this thread know HOW to actually convert the miles on the SIA website? I’ve spent over an hour digging around including following the myriad of links above, and the FAQ on the SIA site, but simply can to find it….

Ramen 🍜

The conversion mentioned in the article is the conversion/transfer from bank points/miles to KF miles. You obviously need to initiate the transfer from bank side. Not sure what you are looking for at SIA website. There is no conversion from normal KF miles to KF Elite Miles. You earn Elite Miles by transferring bank points/miles to KF miles as part of SIA Earn Status Without Flying programme. Read that article first before reading this article again. You are missing the whole point of the article.


Thanks that is helpful, however the article above is misleading because in one of the tables above is clearly states converting Krisflyer miles at a ratio of 5:1. In fact it is the first row in the table. That is where the confusion started.


Aaron, thanks for breaking down the relatively complex T&Cs. Just a quick question! 1. Having secured Elite silver in Jan 2022, my initial status will be valid till Jan 2023. With the extension, it will now be valid till Jan 2024. 2. For some reason I do not have enough (250K miles) to clock Elite Gold by 28 Feb 2022, I do not get to enjoy the 1 time free re-crediting of Elite miles accrued. However, assuming I accrue 50K Elite miles before in Dec 2023 (just before expiry of Elite Silver in Jan 2024), does this mean that my… Read more »

Ramen 🍜

I believe your KF Gold will start from the moment you hit 50k Elite Miles. It will last till Jan 2025 if you hit the 50k needed on Jan 2024 itself. Else the cycle will start and end earlier.


Yeah I reckon the only downside is I may not have another Unlock Status Credits Campaign to take advantage of again. Thanks for clarifying mate!


Loving how you act like coughing up 500K miles is the most casual thing 🙂

Laughing Fox

Can someone help as i dont quite get it.
Currently status Elite Silver with 4000 elite miles. I have 250,000 miles from a bank which i can transfer in. Is it worthwhile doing it at this juncture?

Joel Lim

Yes, you will end up with 54k elite miles and qualify for KF Gold. And if you meet the 28 Feb 2022 deadline, your status will last till 2024.


Mine says I’ve “Requalified” for Elite Gold in Jan 2022. Does that mean I’m good till Jan 2025?


Do they still send the luggage tag for elite gold?


If you are a new Gold member, yes

If under free renewal, no


Hihi. Thanks for the heads up. If I am already a elite gold member but needs another 51,000 elite miles to requalify as gold by Sept 2022, do I need to do a transfer to my KF account by Feb 2022 to potentially stay as Elite gold till 2025? I will, however, need to transfer some expiring credit card points in the 2nd quarter of 2022 to my KF. Thank you!


Hi i just checked SQ website from Seattle to Singapore and i realise that the miles required now for one way Business Saver is 95,000. Any idea if SQ is starting to devalue its miles?


Hi Aaron quick question about the rollover of miles. I got my kirsflyer gold in Feb 2022 so it is valid till Feb 2024 because of the extension. If I clock 50000 elite miles between March 2022 to Feb 2023 does this mean I’ll receive gold status till Feb 2025?thanks so much you’ve been amazing helpful.


i actually got the same question.. is there a cutoff for the rollover of miles on 01 Mar 2022? or elite miles earned post Mar22 (but within the same membership year) is counted as well for the re-crediting AFTER the extension (ie. Feb24 in this case)

anyone knows?


Aaron any idea here?


Hi just to check elite gold in Feb 2022 but I don’t see it valid till Feb 2024 how do you check that ?


Hi Aaron!
Did you manage to get your KF Gold extended till Jan/Feb 2025?
I did as you mentioned in this article, got KF gold in Feb 2022, but now it shows the status will only last till Feb 2024.
Didn’t get the rollover of Elite miles to extend another year to Feb 2025.
Just wondering what is everyone else’s experience too. Thanks!