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Jetlagged travellers passing through Changi now have the option of taking a snooze at the SilverKris Business Class Lounge's sleeper area.

While the opening of Singapore Airlines’ new First Class Lounge and Private Room grabbed all the headlines yesterday, there was another small yet important announcement concerning the Business Class Lounge. 

From 31 May 2022, the sleeper area at the rear of the SilverKris Business Class Lounge will open. This nook with its 14 slumberettes has been teasing guests for months now, with only a “This Section Is Closed” sign and a couple of potted plants standing between jetlagged travellers and a good snooze. 

Sleeper area

Given the volume of passengers the SilverKris lounges sees, it probably won’t mean the end of people sprawled out across furniture- but it’ll at least help.

A brief history of the Business Class sleeper area

When the SilverKris Business Class Lounge opened in November 2021, there was one mysterious section that remained shut. At the very rear of the lounge was a separate area with dim lighting, noise-muffling carpets, and privacy partitions. 

Business Class Lounge Sleeper Area (November 2021)

It was blocked off by plants and signage, but anyone standing on their tiptoes would have been able to peer inside and see what was going on. 

Peeking inside

Indeed, it appeared as if guests would soon enjoy a dedicated rest area, a big improvement over the previous SilverKris Lounge. 

But months went by with no discernible progress. This section remained closed, even during the “crisis months” where the lounge was packed to the rafters, and some passengers took to sleeping on the floor homeless shelter style. 

And then in May a wall went up around the area. 

Business Class Lounge Sleeper Area (Early May 2022)

At first I thought this was a temporary partition meant to protect the rest of the lounge from construction noise and dust, but as it turns out, I got the order mixed up. This is a permanent feature, meant to protect the sleeper area from the noise of the lounge. 

The sleeper area is now ready for prime time, and we got a tour of it at yesterday’s media event.

Inside the sleeper area

Entrance to sleeper area

To get to the sleeper area, enter the lounge, turn left and walk through the dining hall. You’ll see it at the very rear, where the two exit signs are. 

Sleeper area

Inside the sleeper area are 14 semi-private cubicles, each with its own leather-clad Rolf Benz chaise lounge chair. Blankets and pillows are available on request from the staff. 

Sleeper cubicles
Sleeper cubicle

Each cubicle has its own adjustable reading light, plus 2x universal power plugs and 2x USB Type-A charging ports. However, wireless charging is not available here. 

Charging ports

No reservation is required for the sleeping area; it’s first-come-first-serve. While that simplifies things, I fear this laissez-faire system might not end well:

  • If we’re talking about maximising overall utility, it’d be better to accommodate five guests each taking one-hour naps than one guest taking a five-hour nap. But there’s nothing stopping someone from occupying a cubicle as long as they wish
  • Disputes about “choping” are certain to arise (for non-Singaporean readers: when someone uses a bag to reserve a chair, then wanders off elsewhere for a drink or shower)
  • Since it’s impossible to tell how full the sleeper area is from outside, you’re bound to have a constant stream of people wandering in to try their luck, disturbing those inside with the persistent opening and closing of the door
  • Without someone to wake them up, people will set their own alarms- waking up everyone else

It’s for those reasons I think a better system would be to station a dedicated attendant in this area, whose job is to assign cubicles, monitor usage (maybe 2 hours maximum each?), and freshen up the area between guests.

First Class and TPR sleeping area

Tired passengers in the First Class Lounge or The Private Room have it even better, of course.  Instead of a shared sleeping area, they have access to private day rooms, built with special noise-dampening material that shuts out the outside world.

The First Class Lounge and The Private Room each have four day rooms, two with adjustable recliners, and two with single beds. 

Adjustable recliners are from Poltrona Frau, the same company which upholstered the First and Business Class seats on Singapore Airlines’ new A380s.

Dayroom- recliner configuration
Dayroom- recliner configuration

Bedrooms come with a Tempur Zero G bed base, paired with Tempur’s Firm Supreme mattress. This provides full-body support, and a variety of massage options. A zero-gravity setting allows for weightless relaxation by taking stress off the lower back and elevating feet to the same level as the heart.

Dayroom- bed configuration
Dayroom- bed configuration

Each day room also has a mini-desk with charging outlets and USB ports, allowing it to be used like a hotel room.

Dayroom desk

Guests can choose from a Tempur Symphony (medium firm) or a Tempur Cloud (soft fluffy) pillow.

Pillow options

Singapore Airlines’ partnership with wellness brand COMO Shambhala, gives guests access to yoga blocks, mats and essential oils on request. 

Day room amenities
Day room amenities

For the full details on the new First Class Lounge and The Private Room, check out my report below.

Unveiled: Singapore Airlines’ new First Class Lounge & The Private Room, Changi T3


Sleeper cubicles

The long-awaited sleeper area in the SilverKris Business Class Lounge will open from 31 May, allowing weary travellers to catch some rest before their next flight. 

While I have concerns about the operational aspects (especially how fair use will be policed), I imagine the lounge team will be monitoring the situation and adapt the SOPs as needed. 

If you’re visiting the lounge soon, let us know how the sleeper area is working out!

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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