Extended: Earn up to 12.5 mpd on KrisShop with KrisShopper and Kris+


From now till 31 December, stack KrisShopper, Kris+ and credit card miles to earn up to 12.5 mpd on KrisShop purchases.

Singapore Airlines has extended its bonus miles offer for customers who shop on KrisShop via the Kris+ app, which stacks with KrisShopper bonuses and credit card miles for a combined earn rate of up to 12.5 mpd.

This deal, which was originally set to lapse on 30 November 2022, has now been extended till 31 December 2022. It’s slightly lower than the 15.5 mpd earn rate we saw up till end August, but is still a generous offer nonetheless. 

Here’s how to achieve that rate. 

Earn up to 4 mpd from KrisShopper

If you’re not yet a KrisShopper member, you can get a S$15 promo code by linking your KrisFlyer account to KrisShopper and subscribing to KrisShopper news and promotion updates. 

Joining Krisshopper should be a no-brainer, since even the entry-level, no-spend-required KrisShopper Member tier earns more miles (2 mpd) than a non-KrisShopper customer (1.5 mpd).

The earn rate for KrisShopper members will increase as they move up the ranks, maxing out at 4 mpd for Ambassadors. 

KrisShopper Tier Qualifying Spend Earn Rate
Non-KrisShopper N/A 1.5 mpd
Member N/A 2 mpd
Insider S$5,000 2.5 mpd
Icon S$10,000 3 mpd 
Ambassador S$15,000 4 mpd
*Qualifying spend includes purchases on KrisShop.com, KrisShop on Kris+, KrisShop on KrisWorld, Inflight purchases on Singapore Airlines. Excludes GST, duties and delivery charges

Hopefully you’ll have taken advantage of the previous status match, which offered KrisFlyer Elite and PPS Club members instant KrisShopper status for 12 months as per the table below:

KrisFlyer Status KrisShopper Status
KrisFlyer Elite Silver Insider (2.5 mpd)
KrisFlyer Elite Gold Icon (3 mpd)
PPS Club Ambassador(4 mpd)
Solitaire PPS Club Ambassador(4 mpd)

Earn 4.5 mpd from KrisShop on Kris+

KrisShopper customers who shop on KrisShop via Kris+ will earn a bonus 4.5 mpd.

Here’s a quick reminder of the differences between shopping on KrisShop.com and KrisShop on Kris+.

  KrisShop.com KrisShop via Kris+
Selection Full catalogue Partial catalogue
Delivery Worldwide and inflight Singapore only
Miles Transfer to KrisFlyer Miles credited directly to KrisFlyer within 30 business days Miles earned instantly; transfer to KrisFlyer account within 7 days
Pay with Miles 125 miles per S$1 125 miles per S$1*
Min. Miles Redemption 1,000 miles 15 miles
PPS Club Privileges 10% off Not available yet
*150 miles per S$1 with 16.7% instant miles-back

Checkouts on Kris+ must be done via in-app payments, using American Express, Mastercard or Visa cards linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

While it was initially possible to earn miles on GST and shipping when KrisShop via Kris+ first launched, that bug has been corrected, and you’ll only earn miles on the pre-tax, pre-shipping amount going forward.

Don’t forget to transfer any miles earned on Kris+ to your KrisFlyer account immediately. If you wait more than seven days, these miles will be stuck inside Kris+, where they expire after six months, and can only be spent at a puny 0.67 cents each! 

Earn up to 4 mpd from credit cards

KrisShop purchases with code as MCC 5309 Duty Free Stores. Using the following cards will earn you an additional 2-4 mpd.

🎁 KrisShop Purchases
Card KrisShop.com
KrisShop on Kris+
DBS Woman’s World Card
4 mpd1
4 mpd1
Citi Rewards 
4 mpd2
0.4 mpd2
UOB Pref. Plat. Visa
4 mpd3 4 mpd3
HSBC Revolution
4 mpd4 4 mpd4
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card
3 mpd5 3 mpd5
AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend
2 mpd
1.2 mpd
AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card
2 mpd 1.1 mpd
1. Cap S$2K per c. month
2. Cap S$1K per s. month
3. Cap S$1.1K per c. month
4. Cap S$1K per c. month
5. Subject to min. spend of S$500 or S$800 per year with SIA Group
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Month

Do note the distinction between KrisShop.com and KrisShop on Kris+ for the Citi Rewards Card and AMEX KrisFlyer cards. 

While the Citi Rewards Card will earn 4 mpd on KrisShop.com, it will only earn 0.4 mpd on KrisShop on Kris+. That’s because checkouts on Kris+ must be done via in-app payments, using a card linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay. This is excluded from the Citi Reward Card’s 4 mpd bonus (I’ve heard that pairing it with Amaze solves the problem though, but don’t quote me on that).

Likewise, KrisShop.com transactions earn 2 mpd on the AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend and AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card, but only the regular 1.2/1.1 mpd via Kris+. This has something to do with how the transactions are coded, since payment processing via Kris+ is different from KrisShop. 

There is no such distinction for the rest of the cards. 

Earn 10.5 to 12.5 mpd on KrisShop

So putting it all together, a KrisShopper member would earn anywhere from 10.5 to 12.5 mpd for KrisShop purchases, as summarised below.

KrisShopper Tier Base Kris+ Card Total
Member 2 mpd 4.5 mpd 4 mpd 10.5 mpd
Insider 2.5 mpd 4.5 mpd 4 mpd 11 mpd
Icon 3 mpd  4.5 mpd 4 mpd 11.5 mpd
Ambassador 4 mpd 4.5 mpd 4 mpd 12.5 mpd
❓ Not quite 10.5-12.5 mpd
While you will earn 4 mpd on the gross purchase amount charged to your card, remember that miles from Kris+ and KrisShopper are only awarded on the pre-tax, pre-shipping amount. Therefore, your actual earn rate will be just shy of what’s stated above


From now till 31 December 2022, KrisShop customers can earn up to 12.5 mpd on KrisShop purchases by signing up for KrisShopper, shopping via Kris+, and using the right credit card for their purchases. It’s not as generous as the previous 15.5 mpd offer, but a very tidy haul all things considered. 

Just note that KrisShop prices may be inflated compared to shopping elsewhere, so be sure to comparison shop and make sure the bonus miles justify the price difference (if any).

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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I have setup my ambassador tier, linked krisflyer to kris+, bought stuff to be delivered on plane via kris+….. I have yet to see any extra miles anywhere!

This $h*t is so complicated!!

Fk this

This stupid promotion is what’s causing the hyper inflation of miles on KF


These extremely complex inflationary promos make me dislike KF and make a wide berth around KrisShop since I know I am being ripped off unless I jump through all the hoops. No thanks.


More expensive to get the stuff I want on Krishop or Kris+
really inflated prices for KF miles!


Over priced stuff with no real value.


btw, what is the difference between krisshop and ishopchangi?


former has 8 letters, latter has 11.


get upgraded to Krisshopper Icon with UOB KF cards


Can they stop calling it a limited promo. It’s been on for the entire year.