AMEX Platinum Charge adds Comoclub C5 status (with S$780 vouchers)

AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders now enjoy a 12-month Comoclub C5 membership, with up to S$780 of vouchers across principal and supp. cards.

American Express Platinum Charge cardholders can now enjoy a complimentary 12-month Comoclub C5 membership, with special benefits across the entire COMO Group including COMO Hotels and Resorts, COMO Shambhala, COMO Lifestyle and Club 21. 

Even if you don’t see yourself staying at a COMO hotel or dining at a COMO restaurant anytime soon, listen up because there’s free money in it that boosts the annual value of your AMEX Platinum Charge significantly.

AMEX Platinum Charge offering Comoclub C5 membership


From 27 April 2023 to 31 December 2024, AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders (both principal and supplementary) can receive an automatic upgrade to the Comoclub C5 membership tierbypassing the usual S$50,000 minimum spending requirement. 

C5 membership is valid for 12 months upon successful application. In other words, if you don’t see yourself utilising the benefits right away, there’s no need to jump the gun. You can sign up any time from now till 31 December 2024. 

To retain your C5 membership beyond 12 months, you’ll need to spend at least S$25,000 on eligible transactions during your complimentary membership period. 

If you don’t have an existing Comoclub C5 membership

  1. Sign-up for an account via this link
  2. Upon successful validation of your account, you will receive a confirmation email from the Comocrew within 4-6 weeks

Do note that if you have an existing Comoclub membership with a lower tier (C1/C2/C3/C4), you need to use the above link to register.

If you have an existing Comoclub C5 membership

  1. Submit your interest via this link
  2. Upon successful validation of your account, a complimentary 12-month Comoclub C5 membership can be transferred to a designated applicant. You will receive an email with instructions from the Comocrew within 4-6 weeks

What benefits do Comoclub members enjoy?

Tier Qualification Renewal
C2 S$800 S$800
C3 S$8,000 S$4,000
C4 S$15,000 S$7,500
C5 S$50,000 S$25,000
C6 S$100,000 S$50,000

The Comoclub has six different tiers, running from C1 (lowest) to C6 (highest).

Here’s the benefits that C5 members enjoy:

Comoclub C5 membership perks
  • Earn 5 Comocredits per S$1 spent
Dining & Gourmet
  • 8% off Culina Market at COMO Dempsey
  • 8% off at SuperNature
  • Unlimited home shopping services with Club21
  • Private shopping sessions with Club21
  • Custom alteration on Club21 merchandise
  • 15% off at club21, Kids21 and Dover Street Market Singapore
  • 15% off online at and
  • Priority waitlist for room reservations
  • Complimentary breakfast for 2
  • Late check-out or early check-in (subject to availability)
  • Use of facilities on day of check-out till 6 p.m
  • Complimentary yoga sessions
  • Welcome amenity
  • Welcome massage at COMO Shambhala
  • Free-flow COMO Shambhala signature ginger tea
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary trial for first-timers at any of the COMO Shambhala group classes
  • 10% off retail prices at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape
  • 10% off laundry services at For the Love of Laundry
  • 10% off bed and linen items at Gift Shop, Four Seasons Singapore
  • 10% off food at Jiang Nan Chun, Four Seasons Singapore
  • 10% off lunch and weekend afternoon tea at One-Ninety, Four Seasons Singapore

In addition to this, members also enjoy birthday perks, which is where things get really interesting: 

  • S$200 shopping vouchers at Club21 Singapore, Kids21 Singapore and Dover Street Market Singapore
  • S$40 dining voucher at COMO Dempsey
  • S$20 grocery voucher for SuperNature Singapore or Culina Market Singapore
  • COMO Shambhala signature Invigorate essential oil and mask diffuser
  • Corkage waiver at COMO Dempsey
  • DrHair deep cleansing scalp treatment
  • Full-day Maserati driving experience

According to the T&Cs, the S$200 shopping vouchers (note: T&Cs mention S$300, but that’s probably a typo because S$200 is mentioned repeatedly elsewhere), S$40 dining vouchers and S$20 grocery vouchers are valid for two months from date of issue, and no minimum spend is mentioned.

In other words, that’s S$260 of extra value right there, and since AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders enjoy two complimentary supplementary cards, it’s basically S$780! Granted, it’s only good for one year, but even if/when you drop to C4 status in the following year, you still get a S$100 shopping voucher, S$20 dining voucher and S$10 grocery voucher, so that’s S$390 over three cards in the second year. 

That’s not even mentioning the full-day Maserati driving experience (no details are provided in the T&Cs, unfortunately)!

Birthday treats will be credited to the wallet section of the Comoclub app (Android | iOS), 10 days before your birthday. 


COMO Dempsey

AMEX Platinum Charge cardholders can now enjoy a 12-month complimentary Comoclub membership, which comes with various perks including S$260 of vouchers per year, per card. Since each principal card comes with two complimentary supplementary cards, this is basically an extra S$780 value per year.  

Remember, there’s no need to rush to register (unless perhaps you’re concerned about COMO nerfing the birthday perks), because the offer is valid up till 31 December 2024.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Citi gives C6 status.


Citigold Private Clients


$500 birthday voucher. Can be used on sale items and no minimum spent. Not online.
A bunch of small value vouchers for supernature and restaurants $50-100
Get free deserts and direct line to reservations / manager.
Discounts for RRP items and resorts.

Come join my club.


Harder to join the CGPC compared to Amex Plat Club. 😝


We mortals can only dream..


There seems to be an issue with the sign up after submitting


Considering the AUM u need, they better be giving you C6 😄


The links for existing como members and non-como members are the same. Is that correct?


Seems like the Maserati full day driving experience requires 10,000 Comocredits to be redeemed?