Complete Guide: KrisFlyer Elite Gold benefits

Economy-only flier? KrisFlyer Elite Gold is the highest you can aspire towards. Here's the full rundown of perks and benefits.

For many people, KrisFlyer Elite Gold is the highest status they can reasonably aspire to. That’s because the pearly gates of the PPS Club are only open to those who fly in First or Business Class, on cash tickets. You could fly a million miles in Economy Class and never get close.

That’s unfortunate, but if it’s any consolation, KrisFlyer Elite Gold has its uses too. It’s not quite white-glove service, but if it makes Economy Class travel less painful, I’d certainly take it.

✈️ Overview: KrisFlyer Elite Silver & Gold
 KrisFlyer Elite SilverKrisFlyer Elite Gold
Elite Miles Req.
(in 12-mth period)
Mileage Bonus25%25%
Priority Waitlist
Advance Seat Selection

(Forward and Standard)
20kg Extra Baggage 
Priority Check-in 
Priority Baggage  
Priority Boarding 
Lounge Access 
❓ KrisFlyer Elite Gold Guide
❓ PPS Club Guide❓ KrisFlyer Elite Silver Guide


KrisFlyer Elite Gold requires accumulating 50,000 Elite miles within a 12-month period.

  • If this is the first time you’re qualifying for KrisFlyer Elite Gold, your membership year starts immediately upon hitting 50,000 Elite miles. Any Elite miles earned subsequent to this will count towards next year’s requalification
  • If you are an existing KrisFlyer Elite Gold, any Elite miles earned in excess of requalification are not carried over

Alternatively, AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend and AMEX HighFlyer Cardholders can enjoy a fast-track to KrisFlyer Elite Gold when they spend at least S$15,000 on Singapore Airlines ticket purchases made at within the first 12 months of card approval.

Crucially, these tickets need not be flown by the cardholder. Think about the scenario of someone who often buys air tickets for his entire family. He can’t accrue the Elite miles on their tickets (only the person whose name is on the ticket can), but can nonetheless achieve KrisFlyer Elite Gold through his total card spending. 

Fast Track T&Cs: AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend


American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card Members who charge S$15,000 or more on eligible Singapore Airlines ticket purchases made directly online at to their Card within the first 12-months upon Card approval, will be upgraded to the KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership tier within 6 weeks from the time that you meet the spend criteria. Eligible ticket purchases are for travel originating from Singapore only and must be purchased in Singapore Dollars.

For Card Members who are already KrisFlyer Elite Silver members, you will be upgraded to the
KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership tier. This benefit will not be applicable to Card Members who are existing PPS Club or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members.

The Elite Gold status is valid for one (1) year from date of upgrade only. Requalification is based on standard requalification terms under the KrisFlyer programme. For information on the benefits of being an Elite Gold member and requalification into Elite Gold status, please visit:

KrisFlyer and Singapore Airlines terms and conditions apply. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions or terminate this benefit without prior notice at their own sole discretion

Fast Track T&Cs: AMEX HighFlyer Card


American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card Members who charge S$15,000 or more on eligible spend with the Singapore Airlines Group within the first 12 months of Card Membership, will be eligible for an upgrade to the KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership tier (“Upgrade”) or to nominate a registered corporate traveler to receive the Upgrade.

The Upgrade will not be available to nominees of Card Members who are existing PPS Club or KrisFlyer Elite Gold members, or who have previously qualified for the Upgrade on the Card. If there is more than one basic American Express Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card Member (as determined with reference to your unique business or company registration number), only the first basic Card Member who meets all the required eligibility criteria will be entitled to receive the Upgrade (or nominate a registered corporate traveller to receive the Upgrade).

The KrisFlyer Elite Gold status will be valid only for the first qualification and shall take effect from the date of successful redemption. You must comply with the redemption instructions, Terms and Conditions stipulated failing which the Upgrade may lapse. Subsequent re-qualification shall be in accordance with Singapore Airlines Terms and Conditions for KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership qualification. For current information on the benefits of being KrisFlyer Elite Gold member and re-qualification towards KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership, please visit:

Singapore Airlines reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions or terminate this benefit without prior notice at their sole discretion.

This benefit is only valid for the first year of membership; subsequently, you’ll have to requalify by flying at least 50,000 Elite miles in a 12-month period, just like everyone else. Also, this benefit cannot be used to renew KrisFlyer Elite Gold; if you’re already a KrisFlyer Elite Gold, the fast-track offer does not apply to you. 

I suppose the other way to qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold is to soft-land from PPS Club! PPS Club members who have held their status for at least two years will be soft-landed to KrisFlyer Elite Gold, should they fail to requalify for PPS Club status (those who have held their status for one year are soft-landed to KrisFlyer Elite Silver). 

KrisFlyer Elite Gold members who fail to requalify are downgraded immediately to KrisFlyer basic status; there is no soft-landing to KrisFlyer Elite Silver.

Elite Miles

Elite miles are KrisFlyer’s status credits; unlike KrisFlyer miles, they cannot be redeemed for award flights (though accumulation does grant KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards, which we’ll address later). 

Elite miles can be earned when flying on:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Scoot
  • Star Alliance partners
  • Juneyao Air
  • Virgin Australia (for SIA codeshare flights operated within Australia, Trans-Tasman, and between Australia and the Pacific Islands)
  • Vistara (for SIA codeshare flights operated within India)

Here’s how many Elite miles you’ll earn for Singapore Airlines flights:

✈️ Elite miles Accrual on SIA Flights
CabinFare ClassAccrual Rate
Suites / FirstA,F200%
Flexi: Z, C, J150%
Standard: U125%
Lite: D125%
Premium Economy
Flexi: S, T125%
Standard: L, P100%
Lite: R100%
EconomyFlexi: B, E, Y100%
Standard: M, H, W75%
Value & Lite: Q, N, V, K, G50%

When flying on Scoot, the accrual rate is 2.5 Elite miles for every S$1 spent on base fare, excluding taxes. 

If your itinerary has a mix of Singapore Airlines and Scoot sectors, you will earn Elite miles for the Singapore Airlines sectors based on the table above, and on Scoot sectors based on a percentage of the actual miles flown and your Scoot booking class.

✈️ Elite Mile Accrual on Scoot Flights
CabinFare ClassAccrual Rate
ScootPlusC, D, I J, U, Z25%
Economy ClassA, F, P, R, S, Y20%
B, H, M, W15%
N, O, X10%

When flying on Star Alliance and other eligible partners, Elite miles are based on fare code and distance flown. Refer to this chart for more information. 

Do note that Elite miles can only be earned by the person whose name is on the ticket. Also, you will not earn any Elite miles for award tickets. If you mix KrisFlyer miles and cash for payment, the number of Elite miles earned will be in proportion  to the amount paid with cash (excluding taxes). 

During the pandemic, Singapore Airlines made it possible to earn Elite miles from on-ground activities like credit card points transfers or KrisShop/Kris+ shopping, but now that things are back to normal, the only way to earn Elite miles is butt-in-seat flights.

KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards

To reward KrisFlyer Elite Gold members who go above and beyond requalification, SIA offers the KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards programme.

🏆 KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards
Elite MilesKrisFlyer Milestone Reward
1,0001,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles on next Scoot flight
2,50020% discount voucher on Scoot
5,0001,500 KrisPay miles (equivalent to S$10)
10,000S$20 KrisShop Promo Code
20,00025% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles
25,000: Qualify/Requalify for KrisFlyer Elite Silver
30,00050% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles
40,0005,000 KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Discount
50,000: Qualify/Requalify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold
60,000Double KrisFlyer Miles
75,000Short-haul Advance Upgrade
100,000Premium Economy Class Advance Upgrade

KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards are awarded based on Elite miles accumulated with a given calendar year (not membership year!). Do note that while Elite miles can be accrued when flying on Star Alliance or other Singapore Airlines partners, only Elite miles accrued on Singapore Airlines and Scoot flights will count towards the attainment of KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards.

For more on KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards, refer to the post below.

Complete Guide: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards

25% Mileage Accrual Bonus

Every time KrisFlyer Elite Gold members fly with Singapore Airlines or Scoot, they’ll earn a 25% bonus KrisFlyer miles on all fare classes except:

  • Economy Lite (V, K)
  • Economy Value (Q, N)

This applies on top of the booking class bonus, as illustrated below:

CabinFare ClassAccrual Rate
Suites / FirstA,F200%
Flexi: Z, C, J150%
Standard: U125%
Lite: D125%
Premium Economy
Flexi: S, T125%
Standard: L, P100%
Lite: R100%
EconomyFlexi: B, E, Y100%
Standard: M, H, W75%
Value & Lite: Q, N, V, K, G50%
(no bonus)

The 25% bonus applies to KrisFlyer miles only, not Elite miles or PPS Value. 

For example, if a KrisFlyer Elite Gold were to buy a return Economy Class ticket in fare class H from Singapore to San Francisco (8,440 miles distance each way), he would earn:

  • 12,660 base miles (8,440 miles x 2 x 75%)
  • 4,220 bonus miles (8,440 miles x 2 x 25%)
  • 12,660 Elite miles (8,440 miles x 2 x 75%)

When flying on Scoot, the 25% bonus is applied to the usual rate of 1 mile per S$1 of base fare and add-ons (excluding e-Visa, travel insurance or Scoot protect), i.e. 1.25 miles per S$1 spent. 

For passengers travelling on a mixed itinerary containing both Scoot and Singapore Airlines sectors, you’ll earn KrisFlyer miles for the Singapore Airlines sectors based on the table above, and for the Scoot sectors based on a percentage of actual miles flown on Scoot with a 25% bonus.

Priority Reservation Waitlist

In theory, KrisFlyer Elite Golds should have higher priority than KrisFlyer Elite Silver or KrisFlyer members when it comes to clearing waitlists, be it revenue or award tickets.

In reality, it’s hard to quantify just how big of a benefit this is. It may be a useful tiebreaker, but if you’re hoping to score 2x Suite Savers on the JFK or LHR route by virtue of your Elite Gold status, you’re likely to be disappointed.

My unscientific opinion is that there isn’t much of a difference. 

Priority Check-in

Priority check-in at Changi Airport Terminal 3

KrisFlyer Elite Gold members can check-in at Business Class or specially-designated Star Alliance Gold counters whenever they fly on Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia or Vistara.

This benefit is valid both in Singapore and overseas, and also applies to your travelling companions on the same itinerary (although the “same itinerary” requirement isn’t always strictly enforced; I’ve booked separate award tickets in the past but always managed to check-in with my travel companion at the Business Class desk).

Additional Baggage & Priority Handling

Extra luggage and priority handling are two perks of KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership

KrisFlyer Elite Gold members enjoy an additional 20kg of baggage allowance on top of their usual cabin/fare entitlement, whenever they fly on Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance carriers.

The relevant allowances for Singapore Airlines are shown below:

🧳 Weight Concept
 Regular AllowanceKrisFlyer Elite Gold
Suites & First Class50kg70kg
Business Class40kg60kg
Premium Economy Class35kg55kg
Economy Class  

Where the piece concept is applied (i.e. on flights to and from Canada/USA), KrisFlyer Elite Gold members enjoy one additional piece on top of the existing allowance.

🧳 Piece Concept
(Flights to/from Canada/USA)
 AllowanceKrisFlyer Elite Gold
Suites & First Class2x 32kg3x 32kg
Business Class2x 32kg3x 32kg
Premium Economy Class2x 23kg3x 23kg
Economy Class (all fare types)2x 23kg3x 23kg

While this benefit generally applies across all Star Alliance partners, it does not apply to:

  • “Light” fares offered by Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS
  • “Check&Go” fares offered by Brussels Airlines
  • “Go light” fares offered by SAS
  • “Seat” fares offered by Air New Zealand

KrisFlyer Elite Gold members also receive priority baggage handling tags, which means your bags should be among the first to come out on the belt. In my experience this happens most of the time, but there could be that rare instance (especially with connecting flights) where priority isn’t observed.

Lounge Access

KrisFlyer Gold Lounge

KrisFlyer Elite Golds enjoy lounge access every time they fly on Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance, Virgin Australia, and Virgin Atlantic, together with a guest (except on Virgin Atlantic).

Flying OnAccessGuest?
Singapore Airlines
  • KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (Singapore)
  • SilverKris Lounge (outside Singapore)
+1 guest1
Star AllianceStar Alliance Gold Lounge+1 guest2
Virgin AustraliaVirgin Australia Lounge+1 guest3
Virgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic ClubhouseNo guest
1. Must be departing on same flight
2. Must be departing on the same flight
3. Must be departing on same-day Virgin Australia flight

While KrisFlyer Elite Golds can access SilverKris lounges outside of Singapore, when flying from Changi they will be directed to the (much inferior) KrisFlyer Gold Lounge instead. They may use either the Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 facility- definitely go with the latter. 

Review: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Changi Terminal 2

Review: KrisFlyer Gold Lounge Singapore Changi Terminal 3

Outside of Singapore, at airports where no SilverKris Lounge is available, KrisFlyer Elite Golds generally receive the same lounge access entitlement as a passenger travelling in Business Class. 

However, some exceptions apply. For example, PPS Club, First and Business Class passengers flying out of Mumbai Airport enjoy access to the Adani First & Business Class lounge, which features table service and complimentary spa treatments. KrisFlyer Elite Golds get the very basic Loyalty Lounge. 

Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Frankfurt

On the flip side, there are some airports where KrisFlyer Elite Golds get a better lounge than Business Class passengers. That’s the case for the Lufthansa Group, where Star Golds get access to the Senator Lounge, the same lounge that non-Lufthansa Group First Class passengers use. Business Class passengers get access to the Business Class Lounge instead. 

This creates a strange situation in airports like Frankfurt, where a Singapore Airlines Suites passenger will be occupying the same lounge as a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member in Economy, while the Business Class passenger without status gets sent elsewhere! 

As far as I know, these are the Singapore Airlines destinations where Business Class and KrisFlyer Elite Golds have different lounge entitlements:

AirportBusiness ClassKrisFlyer Elite Gold
(in Economy)
FrankfurtLH Business Lounge or AC Maple Leaf LoungeLH Senator Lounge or AC Maple Leaf Lounge
HoustonPolaris LoungeUnited Club
IstanbulTK Business LoungeTK Miles&Smiles Lounge
Manchester1903 LoungeEscape Lounge
MumbaiAdani LoungeLoyalty Lounge
MunichLH Business LoungeLH Senator Lounge
San FranciscoPolaris LoungeUnited Club
ZurichLX Business LoungeLX Senator Lounge

Priority Security

Enjoy fast track security clearance with Gold Track

As Star Gold members, KrisFlyer Elite Golds can enjoy fast-track security clearance at selected airports worldwide, every time they fly on a Star Alliance member airline (regardless of cabin).

Gold Track lanes are available more than 100 airports at the time of writing, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brisbane, New York JFK, Osaka, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, and Zurich.

While the benefit is, strictly speaking, for the Gold member only, in practice I’ve received fast track vouchers for my non-Gold companion as well. 

Priority Boarding

When the time comes to board, KrisFlyer Elite Golds can get a jump on overhead storage space by boarding before the rest of Economy Class. 

Boarding order at KIX

The boarding order for Singapore Airlines is:

  1. Passengers who require special assistance, as well as those with infants and toddlers
  2. Suites and First Class passengers
  3. Business Class passengers and PPS Club members
  4. Premium Economy Class passengers, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members
  5. Economy Class passengers

Other Star Alliance carriers may have a different order of priority. 

Just like fast-track security, priority boarding is meant to be for the Gold member only but in practice companions are accepted too.

Complimentary Seat Selection

Extra legroom seats on B737-8

While seat selection is complimentary for Singapore Airlines First/Suites and Business Class passengers, Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers may be required to pay. 

Fare TypeFare CodeSeat Selection
Economy LiteV, KChargeable
Economy ValueQ, NChargeable
Economy StandardM, H, WComplimentary (Standard)
Economy FlexiY, B, EComplimentary (Forward Zone & Standard)
Premium Economy
(all types)
L, P, R, S, TComplimentary (Standard)
Note: Premium Economy passengers on all fare types can select standard seats for free, but must pay for Extra Legroom or Solo Seats
💺 Seat Selection Fees
 StandardForward ZoneExtra Legroom
Band 1US$8US$15US$25
Band 2US$10US$20US$60
Band 3US$15US$25US$80
Band 4US$20US$40US$100
Band 5US$25US$50US$120
Band 1: Between Singapore and Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; between Denmark and Italy, between Spain and Italy.
Band 2: Between Singapore, Bangladesh, Hong Kong SAR – China, China, India. Japan, Korea, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan – China and U.A.E.
Band 3: Between Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
Band 4: Between Singapore and Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom; between United States and Germany, Hong Kong SAR – China, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom and Taiwan – China.
Band 5: Between Singapore and United States

If you’re a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member, you can choose any Forward Zone or Standard seat in Economy Class for free, regardless of fare type. This saves you between US$8 to US$50, depending on route.

KrisFlyer Elite Golds are still required to pay for:

  • Extra Legroom seats (US$25-120)
  • Solo seats (US$140; only available on the A350-900 ULR flights to the USA)

However, they will receive a 15% discount off the cost. Travelling companions booked on the same itinerary will receive a 10% discount off advance seat selection.

For example, if a KrisFlyer Elite Gold makes a booking for himself and his wife in Economy Lite and selects Extra Legroom seats, he will save 15% off his seat selection fee, and 10% off her seat selection fee. 

Don’t forget that all Singapore Airlines seats can be selected for free by any passenger at the T-48 hours mark, i.e. when online check-in opens.

Complimentary seat selection does not apply when flying on other Star Alliance carriers. 

Double Miles Extension Duration

Singapore Airlines has ended its COVID-era miles extension policy, and from July 2023, KrisFlyer miles (except those earned by Solitaire PPS and PPS Club members) expire at the end of three years once again.

While I highly advise against it, KrisFlyer members can pay a service fee of 1,200 miles or US$12 (~S$16) per 10,000 miles to extend their miles by a further six months. KrisFlyer Elite Silver & Gold members enjoy double the extension period, i.e. 12 months. 

✈️ Extending KrisFlyer Miles
 KrisFlyerKrisFlyer  Elite Silver & Gold
(per 10,000 miles or part thereof)
1,200 miles or US$121,200 miles or US$12
Extension Period6 months12 months

Should you pay the extension fee in cash or miles? It boils down to how much you value a mile:

  • If your value per mile is below 1.34 cents, pay with miles
  • If your value per mile is more than 1.34 cents, pay with cash

Perhaps a better question is whether you should pay to extend miles in the first place, and I lean towards no. This merely kicks the can down the road, and even if you can’t fly in the near future, there’s still ways of getting some value out of them. 

What to do with expiring KrisFlyer miles

Waived Service Fees

KrisFlyer Elite Gold members will receive a waiver of the usual fees required to change redemption nominees for KrisFlyer awards. 

Change of Redemption Nominee
KrisFlyerUS$30 or 3,000 milesUS$55 or 5,500 miles
KrisFlyer Elite SilverUS$15 or 1,500 milesUS$40 or 4,000 miles
KrisFlyer Elite GoldWaivedUS$25 or 2,500 miles
PPS Club & Solitaire PPS ClubWaivedWaived
Can only be done six months after a nominee is added

However, they will have to pay the usual service fees for making changes to award tickets- even top-tier Solitaire PPS Club members aren’t exempt!

Scoot Perks

KrisFlyer Elite Gold members enjoy additional benefits on Scoot (no, not upgrades)

KrisFlyer Elite Gold (and Silver) members enjoy the following benefits on Scoot:

  • BoardMeFirst (priority check-in and boarding at selected airports)
  • Additional 5kg baggage allowance with a minimum purchase of 20kg
  • Automatic assignment of best available standard seat

Unfortunately, there’s no lounge access or free checked bag. And beware- the automatic standard seat selection is a perk you might be better off not having!

Benefits (except baggage upgrade) are also extended to companions on the same booking reference.

Shangri-La Circle Jade Fast Track

Thanks to the Infinite Journeys partnership between Singapore Airlines and Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, KrisFlyer Elite Gold members can register and earn Jade status with one single night at any Shangri-La Hotel and Resort, Kerry Hotel, Traders Hotel or Hotel Jen worldwide. This status normally requires 20 nights or 6,000 tier points a year to qualify. 

The tier upgrade will take place within 6-8 weeks after meeting the upgrade criteria. 

Shangri-La Jade members enjoy perks including free breakfast, room upgrades, and priority for early check-in (11 a.m) and late check-out (4 p.m), subject to availability.

Heathrow Express Upgrade

Heathrow Express Business First Class | Photo: More Premium

Star Alliance has a partnership with Heathrow Express, that provides Solitaire PPS Club, PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite Gold members with a free upgrade to Business First Class by virtue of their Star Gold tier.

According to the T&Cs, Star Gold members must purchase a full fare standard class ticket, and show their Star Gold frequent flyer card when prompted by the conductor. In practice, however, there’s no need to purchase full fare; I’ve received this benefit many times when riding on a discounted ticket as well (which can cost as little as £5.50 one way, if purchased 90 days ahead). 

Frankly, it’s a modest little upgrade, since the ride is a grand total of 15 minutes. But hey, why not?


KrisFlyer Elite Golds will forever be second class citizens to the PPS Club, but perks like lounge access and additional baggage can help ease the pain of travelling. You’ll also enjoy priority baggage handling and boarding, plus a (theoretically) better shot at award seats! 

I probably would not go out of my way to earn this, but in reality a lot of readers may already hold KrisFlyer Elite Gold status courtesy of Singapore Airlines’ COVID-era “earn on the ground” campaign. Some may have earned sufficient Elite miles via credit card points transfers to retain their status all the way till January 2025. 

So yes, there’s no harm enjoying the perks in that case, and if it can make Economy Class travel a little more tolerable, why not? 

Any other KrisFlyer Elite Gold perks worth highlighting?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Shame about the discontinuation of the welcome kits with luggage tags and physical cards, I’ve always been looking forward to them!


Hi Aaron, Happy New Year! Great summary article as always!

A question on additional baggage, do you know if it applies to redemption nominees if the KFEG holder isn’t part of the travel party?


So it sounds like the distinction between KF Gold and PPS/Solitaire applies only within the SQ ecosystem (apart from the three lounges you’ve mentioned). Outside that, everybody is Star Gold. Hopefully my understanding is correct


RE: lounge differences

When flying out of many CH/DE/AT airports, KrisFlyer Gold passengers get a better lounge than SQ business class (only) passengers, given *G grants access to the more upscale Senator/Alpine lounges of the Lufthansa Group.
Can sit together with the SQ F/Suites passengers there!

Matthew Chong

Always found this policy slightly amusing where J pax are relegated to the Business lounges which kinda meh, while *G folk in Y gets the slightly better Senator lounges.


LOT Lounge at Warsaw a few years ago, morning flight (breakfast) – business lounge had a cold breakfast, the Star Gold room inside had the hot breakfast food


That “LOT Elite” room for gold and LO long-haul business class only is great indeed! Last time I was there they had also real champagne for self service (Nicholas feuillatte). LH had also real champagne in the Senator lounge (at least the FRA B one), while business didn’t, but they seem to have switched that to prosecco now. Not that much difference with business, but the few additional SEN drinks, food and seasonal options can be nice. SK is another airline with better lounges for gold than business. Their OSL gold lounge has beer on tap and spirits, which is… Read more »


Also in FCL. And tbh, contrary to FT, I wouldn’t bother using FCT unless departing from FRA, and I have no VAT refunds. Not much difference now. There is a fee for customs to come out to FCT to validate.

Yes, FCL has duckies too – though not some are shower only rooms, while others are actual bath rooms.

SQ needs to up their ground services in FRA – LH has a big advantage over SQ in the lounge department. Even for transit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Zaos
Matthew Chong

Yep agree that the SAS Gold Lounge in CPH is better than the normal SAS Lounge. Interestingly enough when i flew with SAS in 2019, I was able to enter the SAS Gold on a J ticket with no status heh.


Senator lounge has showers, business lounge doesn’t. IIRC


I’m currently already on KFEG (membership year ending Nov 2022). If I manage to attain 50,000 Elite miles say by Jul 2022, would my KFEG membership be extended for another year (to Nov 2023) automatically upon this trigger, and thereby making me lose out on SQ’s concessionary extension of elite status for memberships expiring in Mar 2022 to Feb 2023?

Should my game plan be just to attain below 50,000 Elite miles by Nov 2022 in order to qualify for the concessionary extension? Thanks!

JT Lim

On “all Singapore Airlines seats can be selected for free by any passenger at the T-48 hours mark”, does that include bulkhead seats in business class too? Thanks in advance


Any practical experiences on how long Shangri-La Jade upgrade takes after checkout?

Sure, it says many weeks, but like Aaron points out, it also says full fare for Heathrow Express BizFirst…

Last edited 1 year ago by Zaos
Louis Tan

My experience from last year:
1) In confirmation email, they estimated 1-2 weeks after checkout
2) More than two weeks passed; nothing happened.
3) Sent chaser email
4) Upgraded the next day

Total: less than 3 weeks, but had to send additional email. Could be an anomaly!


Thanks for the tip. 🙂

Wayne T.

The reverse however is quite instant. ie from Shangri-La Jade to KF Elite Silver was approved instantly upon the click of the registration button. Now I wonder how long KFEG will click in after 3 SQ flights.

Matthew Chong

Stay tuned. 😉


I tried this last weekend and booked one night at Hotel Jen. I got immediately upgraded to Jade a day after my check out.


> While the benefit is, strictly speaking, for the Gold member only, in practice I’ve received fast track vouchers for my non-Gold companion as well. I need some information about this statement. Let’s say that I am a KF Gold member and eligible for Priority Check-in/boarding, while my family members don’t have this status. Is it possible for me to check-in/board together with my family members in the priority lane while flying Economy? Should the tickets be booked in 1 single booking or can be in separate bookings? I understand that this is not guaranteed and any perks should be… Read more »


With regards to priority boarding, The gate agents are usually obliging enough to let your partner or small family in together, as long as you’re not taking a big group with you. for priority check-in, there are instances where they will pick up that you’re not on the same booking or not immediate family members, and they have the right (of course they do, it’s stated anyway) to not serve those not included in the rules, but generally if you are polite and nice about it, showing that you also appreciate that they are showing goodwill too, things go through.… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Non

Thank you for your information, Non ^^
I understand about the goodwill and entitlement part… there are lots of adult travelers nowadays that throw a tantrum in the airport / on the plane, just because they didn’t get what they want.



So I just booked a flight on Scoot to CNX and was pleasantly surprised when they included complimentary standard seats for KF Elite Gold members. The booking website says not to select your seats until you receive an email in 24 hours. The email came, with a button that says “Select my seats now”. I tried to do that and to my horror realised that in a 100% empty plane, they had assigned me to Seat 31F both ways. That is right in the corner at the end of the last row, and non-reclining–the worst seat in the plane. I… Read more »

Last Row

Yup, I am currently in a similarly bad seat for my Scoot flight and experienced exactly the same problem. On my outward flight I was given the second last row, and now I am in the last, in a non-reclinable seat. I do not understand how “complimentary standard seat selection” means you are pre-assigned a really bad seat and when given the chance to select your seat, choosing any other seat incurs a fee. It seems you are better off not having this “benefit”! A passenger with no frequent flyer status who just chooses not to pay for seat selection… Read more »

David Fu

I noticed that KFEG priority check-in in some overseas stations have been aligned more with Premium Economy rather than Business class, even in stations which do not offer Premium Economy class, eg. in Jakarta CGK where SQ does not sell Premium Economy class out of CGK, there is now a dedicated Premium Economy cum KFEG/StarGold queue. I have been too used to using Business Class check-in queue as KFEG pre-COVID at CGK. During my first trip from CGK after Indonesia opens up recently, I naturally pushed my trolley to join the Business Class queue. I was already halfway in the… Read more »


In Adelaide I was directed to the extremely long economy check-in line after asking about KFEG check-in. To the chagrin of the lady who said this I simply ignored her and went to the business class check-in which had no queue. No problem and I was flying on a spontaneous escapes discounted economy reward. Agent even blocked the seat next to me.


Quick question: – My Krisgold membership is from Jun 2022 to Jun 2023. – Earned 5k miles through flights in Jul 2022 – Earned 15k miles through flights in Oct 2022 – Earned 15k miles through flights in Dec 2022 – Will earn 5k miles through flights in Mar 2023 Will only hit 40k miles come Jun 2023 and fail to quality for membership come Jun 2023. Does that mean my counter will reset to zero? – Cause I will earn 15k miles through flights in Jul 2023 If SQ looks from Aug 2022 to Jul 2023, I would have… Read more »


I am curious about people’s views on having PPS versus having KFEG and maybe chasing another status say on OneWorld. I have PPS and in theory, could renew by the end of the year, KFEG renewal would be in the bag anyway. At the same time given some long-haul destinations I will start to have to MEA, I could switch to maybe Qatar for example, and chase BA Gold. As mentioned by others below when traveling to/from Germany which I do a lot, KFEG already gives me Senator access. My other major route to NYC well let’s be frank the… Read more »


are there any ways to status match Star Alliance Gold to Oneworld Emerald? 🙂


LATAM matched Aegean Gold (or any other *G) to their BLACK/Oneworld Emerald in 2017. Only condition was having proof of having flown LATAM before. Could’ve been even their FRA-MAD 5th freedom flight at that time.

Was fun back then, especially when visiting LHR T3.
Unfortunately they left OneWorld in the meantime.


Just fly back from Frankfurt. It seems that now they have removed the “star alliance gold” logo from LH Senator Lounge Signage but only have the logo appeared to Business Class Lounge signage. I havn’t triend to SEnator Lounge this time but I guess they already changed it.

miles noob

if i booked my flights while i am still KFEG but will not be gold by the time i fly, will i still get gold perks or no?



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