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Solitaire PPS and PPS Club membership is reserved for the pinnacle of Singapore Airlines travellers. Here's all the benefits you can expect.

So… I’m a Solitaire PPS Club member now. 

No, it’s not an under-the-table gift from Singapore Airlines. Rather, after decades of lobbying, my dad finally agreed that I’d put the supplementary card to much better use than my mum (who never travels without him anyway) and filled out the paperwork. 

Welcome pack

My dad has long since retired and stopped flying (he still hasn’t forgiven SIA for pulling the rug on Lifetime Solitaire status just before he could earn it), but he built up a healthy reserve balance over the years.

It won’t last forever though- the gravy train is set to run out in February 2025, giving me just under three years to enjoy the perks.

❓ How does Solitaire PPS Club status stack?

I’m already holding KrisFlyer Elite Gold, courtesy of the recent “earn on the ground” campaign. How does Solitaire PPS Club stack with this?

It’s quite interesting actually, because I now have two statuses. Solitaire PPS does not replace my KrisFlyer Elite Gold; instead, it supplements it. On the Singapore Airlines app, I see two cards: one for KrisFlyer Elite Gold, and one for Solitaire PPS Club. 

I’ll enjoy the status benefits of a Solitaire PPS Club member, but continue to accrue Elite miles towards my KrisFlyer Elite Gold requalification (unless I buy a First/Business Class ticket, in which case I’ll earn PPS Value of my own).

My status on boarding passes now reads SQ*G EGTP (EGTP being a combination of EG [Elite Gold] and TPPS [Solitaire PPS Club]).

What’s odd is that I still see an expiry date for my miles on the KrisFlyer website and app. I was under the impression that the miles of Solitaire PPS/PPS Club members never expire, so I’ll need to investigate that further.

I won’t lie; the benefits of Solitaire PPS Club membership are pretty sweet. There’s the obvious perk of First Class check-in and First Class Lounge access, but don’t underestimate quality-of-life improvements like greater access to Saver awards (it does wonders for trip planning) and the PPS Connect service.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what awaits when you qualify for Singapore Airlines’ highest status tier. 

Qualification & benefits overview

As a reminder, the only way to qualify for Solitaire PPS or PPS Club membership is by accruing PPS Value. 

PPS Value is awarded for Singapore Airlines Suites, First or Business Class flights only, with 1 PPS Value awarded per S$1 of base fare and surcharges (excluding airport taxes). 

  • PPS Club qualification requires accumulating 25,000 in PPS Value within a 12-month period
  • Solitaire PPS Club qualification requires accumulating 50,000 in PPS Value within a 12-month period
✈️ Qualification & Perks
 PPS  Solitaire PPS 
PPS Value Req.
(in 12-mth period)
Mileage Bonus25%25%
Non-Expiring Miles
Priority Waitlist
Complimentary Seat Selection
Priority Check-in
Business Class

First Class
Extra Baggage
Priority Baggage 
Priority Boarding
Lounge Access
SKL Business Class

SKL First Class
Complimentary Wi-Fi (100MB)
 Supp. Solitaire PPS Club Card 
APEC Card Reimbursement 
*25,000 if status attained before 1 June 2018

Any PPS Value earned in excess of requalification will be credited as PPS Reserve, which can be “drawn down” in future years should you fall short of the necessary amount. 

PPS Reserve value is valid for three years (or six years for Solitaire PPS Club members who attained status before 1 June 2018). Singapore Airlines has previous extended expiring Reserve Value due to COVID, so refer to this article for more details.

PPS Rewards

PPS ValuePPS Reward
30,0002x Double KrisFlyer miles voucher
40,00050,000 KrisFlyer miles redemption discount
60,000Advance upgrade
75,000Advance upgrade
100,000Advance upgrade

Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members will earn PPS Rewards based on PPS Value accumulated with a given membership year. Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. 

Double KrisFlyer miles voucher

At 30,000 PPS Value, 2x double KrisFlyer miles vouchers are unlocked, which allows for twice the mileage accrual on a single flight segment. 

For example, if the PPS member books a ‘C’ fare SIN-SFO itinerary in Business Class and applies the voucher to the outbound leg, he will earn:

  • 12,660 KrisFlyer miles (actual distance flown + 50% cabin bonus)
  • 2,110 KrisFlyer miles (25% tier bonus for PPS members)
  • 12,660 KrisFlyer miles (double KrisFlyer miles voucher)

Note that the double KrisFlyer miles reward is applied after including the cabin bonus, but before the tier bonus. 

Interestingly enough, this reward can be applied to an upcoming booking or a past booking up to seven days ago. For retrospective reward application on past bookings, the reward must be awarded to you before the flight date.

50,000 KrisFlyer miles redemption discount

At 40,000 PPS Value, a 50,000 KrisFlyer miles redemption discount voucher is unlocked. This can be used for the PPS member or a redemption nominee, for an award flight or redemption upgrade. 

The 50,000 miles will be offset at the time of booking. If there’s more than one passenger in the booking, the reward will be applied to the first eligible passenger only. 

For example, if you’re booking 2x award tickets that cost 25,000 miles each, your total cost will be 25,000 miles, since the 50,000 miles voucher offsets the first passenger’s 25,000 miles ticket only. In other words, you should be redeeming miles for a destination that costs at least 50,000 miles per person before considering using this reward. 

Advance upgrade

At 60,000, 75,000 and 100,000 PPS Value, an Advance upgrade award is unlocked. 

This is valid for a one-cabin upgrade on one flight segment, which can be:

  • Economy > Premium Economy
  • Economy > Business (where Premium Economy is not available)
  • Premium Economy > Business
  • Business > First

Assuming you’re booking an Economy ticket, you’ll want to pick a flight that doesn’t have a Premium Economy cabin. In other words, try and book flights on the following aircraft:

  • A350-900 Regional
  • B737-800 (actually, don’t- this aircraft has very sad recliner-style Business Class seats)
  • B737 Max 8
  • B787-10

I suppose you could also book regional flights on long-haul A350-900s where the Premium Economy cabin isn’t sold, but that seems like a waste of this reward!

Your original booking must be a commercial ticket (i.e. no redemptions) in the following classes: 

  • Economy Class: Y, B, E, M, H, W
  • Premium Economy Class: S, T, P, L
  • Business Class: Z, C, J, U

To redeem the reward online, you should have one Advance Upgrade reward for each passenger in your booking. All passengers in the booking will be upgraded for one flight segment.

If you wish to use the reward only for selected passengers in the booking, contact your PPS Club coordinator.

25% mileage accrual bonus

Every time Solitaire PPS Club or PPS Club members fly with Singapore Airlines or Scoot, they’ll earn a 25% mileage bonus on all fare classes except Q, N, V, K and G (i.e. Economy Lite and Value).

This applies on top of the booking class bonus, as illustrated below:

CabinFare ClassNormal AccrualSolitaire PPS/ PPS Club
Suites/ FirstA,F200%225%
BusinessZ, C, J150%175%
D, U125%150%
Premium EconomyS, T125%150%
R, L, P100%125%
EconomyB, E, Y100%125%
M, H, W75%100%
Q, N, V, K, G50%50%
(no bonus)

The 25% bonus applies to KrisFlyer miles only, not Elite miles or PPS Value. 

Priority award redemptions

Business Saver awards are much easier to find as a Solitaire PPS Club member

Singapore Airlines promises that Solitaire PPS Club members will be given “highest priority to Saver Awards flight availability”, and while this isn’t quantified exactly, it does check out in practice. 

For example, here’s the Business Class award space the MileLioness (regular KrisFlyer member) sees for flights from Singapore to Sydney. 

And here’s what I see. 

Notice how I have access to Business Saver awards on SQ221 and SQ231, whereas she can only see Business Advantage awards. 

I don’t have data points on whether the award space available to Solitaire PPS Club members is even better than PPS Club, but if you have an inkling, do weigh in. 

PPS Connect

Two years into the pandemic, wait times for the Singapore Airlines hotline and live chat are still measured in the hours. It’s unacceptable, quite frankly, but less of a concern for Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members thanks to PPS Connect. 

With PPS Connect, instead of calling SIA, SIA calls you. All you need to do is send an SMS to 9184 8888 in the format PPS<space><10-digit PPS Club number>, and you’ll get a call back as soon as possible.

In my experience so far, the wait time has been anywhere from 10 minutes to about 5-6 hours. 

Priority Check-In 

First Class Reception, Changi Terminal 3

Solitaire PPS Club members and their accompanying family members are invited to use the First Class check-in reception at Changi Terminal 3, whenever they depart on a Singapore Airlines flight in any cabin. 

This is open from 5 a.m to 2 a.m daily, and is accessed via a private driveway just before Door 1 on the departure level. It’s not a lounge as such— there’s no food or drinks here — but you won’t be lingering for long anyway. It’s certainly a welcome relief from the bustle of the main terminal, especially during peak hours. 

First Class Reception, Changi Terminal 3
First Class Reception, Changi Terminal 3

At other airports, Solitaire PPS Club members and their accompanying family members may use the Singapore Airlines First Class line to check-in (where available), regardless of actual cabin of travel.

Regular PPS Club members are only entitled to use the Business Class check-in desks. 

Priority Immigration

Special immigration lane at Terminal 3

After checking in at the First Class reception area, Solitaire PPS Club passengers departing from Changi can proceed to a dedicated immigration counter (again, the benefit applies even if they’re not flying in First Class). 

By virtue of their Star Gold status, Solitaire PPS Club members will also be eligible to use the expedited Gold Track Security lanes at selected airports overseas. 

APEC Business Travel Card

An APEC Business Travel Card lets you skip the immigration queue in participating countries

Solitaire PPS Club members from participating countries under the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) scheme are eligible for reimbursement of the application costs for one card.

An ABTC allows you to skip the regular immigration lines in participating countries, which can either be a mild convenience or a complete lifesaver. 

🌎Countries accepting ABTC
  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Taipei
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • United States
❓ Can I bring a companion?
The rules on companions are fuzzy, and it sometimes boils down to the immigration officer’s mood. Some places don’t care, others will insist on “one card one person”. 

Having been an ABTC cardholder for a few years, I can tell you it’s amazing. Even if you’re a regular First or Business Class traveller, some airports don’t have priority lines for premium cabin passengers. But they will have a separate ABTC lane, which can save you hours at less efficient airports. 

Solitaire PPS Club members must apply for the card directly with the relevant authority (for Singaporeans, it’s ICA), and then submit:

  • a cheque or local bank transfer reimbursement form
  • official application acknowledgement
  • receipt for application fees (S$100 in Singapore)

Reimbursement will be paid within 6-8 weeks of submission. 

Do note this benefit is only for the main cardholder; supplementary cardholders are not eligible.

Priority boarding

Priority boarding at Changi Airport

Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members may board the aircraft at their convenience, since they’re pretty much at the head of the boarding queue.

The boarding order for Singapore Airlines is:

  1. Passengers who require special assistance, as well as those with infants and toddlers
  2. Suites and First Class passengers
  3. Business Class passengers and PPS Club members
  4. Premium Economy Class passengers, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members
  5. Economy Class passengers

Companions may board at the same time as the Solitaire PPS/PPS Club member.

When flying on other Star Alliance carriers, you will board along with other Star Gold members. 

Additional baggage & priority handling

Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members enjoy double the usual baggage allowance when flying on Singapore Airlines, which works out to an extra 25-50kg depending on the cabin/fare. 

When flying on Star Alliance partners, an additional 20kg is granted (the standard Star Gold entitlement). 

🧳 Weight Concept
 Singapore AirlinesStar Alliance Partners
Suites & First Class 50kg + 50kgNormal Allowance +20kg
Business Class40kg + 40kg
Premium Economy Class35kg + 35kg
Economy Flexi30 kg + 30kg
Economy Standard30kg + 30kg
Economy Value25kg + 25kg
Economy Lite25kg + 25kg

Where the piece concept is applied (i.e. on flights to and from Canada/USA), Solitaire PPS Club members enjoy two additional pieces if they’re flying on Singapore Airlines or one additional piece if they’re flying on Star Alliance partners. 

🧳 Piece Concept
(Flights to/from Canada/USA)
 Singapore AirlinesStar Alliance Partners
Suites & First Class2 + 2 pieces
(max 32kg per piece)
Normal Allowance + 1 extra piece
(max 32kg per piece)
Business Class2 + 2 pieces
(max 32kg per piece)
Normal Allowance + 1 extra piece
(max 32kg per piece)
Premium Economy Class2 + 2 pieces
(max 23kg per piece)
Normal Allowance + 1 extra piece
(max 23 kg per piece)
Economy Class
(all fare types)
2 + 2 pieces
(max 23kg per piece)
Normal Allowance + 1 extra piece
(max 23kg per piece)

While the additional baggage allowance generally applies across all Star Alliance partners, it does not apply to:

  • “Light” fares offered by Austrian, Lufthansa and SWISS
  • “Check&Go” fares offered by Brussels Airlines
  • “Go light” fares offered by SAS
  • “Seat” fares offered by Air New Zealand

Solitaire PPS Club members receive priority baggage handling tags, and their bags are usually the first to pop off the belt. 

Non-expiry of KrisFlyer miles

KrisFlyer miles normally expire at the end of three years (due to COVID-19, SIA  has extended all miles such that none will expire before 31 January 2023). However, KrisFlyer miles earned by Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members never expire. 

If a Solitaire PPS Club or PPS Club member subsequently fails to renew his or her membership, KrisFlyer miles will expire three years from the time PPS status is lost. 

Guaranteed Economy Class seat (suspended)

Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members are guaranteed an Economy Class seat on any Singapore Airlines flight, provided the request is made at least 24 hours before departure. 

The catch is that they have to pay the highest booking class available, which can be surprisingly expensive (close to S$1,000 for a round-trip to Bangkok). I suppose it helps if you’re desperate and really need to fly.

This benefit does not extend to award flights, and has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Complimentary seat selection

Extra legroom seats on B737-8

While seat selection is complimentary for all Singapore Airlines First/Suites, Business and Premium Economy Class passengers, Economy Class passengers flying on certain fare types are required to pay.

Fare TypeFare CodeSeat Selection
Economy LiteV, KChargeable
Economy ValueQ, NChargeable
Economy StandardM, H, WComplimentary (Standard)
Economy FlexiY, B, EComplimentary (Forward Zone & Standard)
💺 Seat Selection Fees
 StandardForward ZoneExtra Legroom
Band 1US$8US$15US$25
Band 2US$10US$20US$60
Band 3US$15US$25US$80
Band 4US$20US$40US$100
Band 5US$25US$50US$120
Band 1: Between Singapore and Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; between Denmark and Italy, between Spain and Italy.
Band 2: Between Singapore, Bangladesh, Hong Kong SAR – China, China, India. Japan, Korea, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan – China and U.A.E.
Band 3: Between Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
Band 4: Between Singapore and Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom; between United States and Germany, Hong Kong SAR – China, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom and Taiwan – China.
Band 5: Between Singapore and United States

Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members are exempt from all seat selection fees, whether for Extra Legroom, Forward Zone or Standard Seats. They may even select the Solo seats on the A350-900 ULR flights to the USA for free.

Solo Seat on A350-900ULR

Companions travelling on the same booking will enjoy complimentary Forward Zone or Standard seats (so you can’t pick Extra Legroom seats for your whole party, in other words).

Don’t forget that all Singapore Airlines seats can be selected for free by any passenger at the T-48 hours mark, i.e. when online check-in opens.

Complimentary seat selection does not apply when flying on other Star Alliance carriers. 

Lounge Access

First Class Lounge, Changi Airport

Solitaire PPS Club members enjoy lounge access on the following airlines, together with a guest (except on Virgin Atlantic).

Flying OnAccessGuest?
Singapore AirlinesSilverKris Lounge+1 guest1
Star AllianceStar Alliance Gold lounge+1 guest2
Virgin AustraliaVirgin Australia lounge+1 guest3
Virgin AtlanticVirgin Atlantic ClubhouseNo guest
VistaraVistara lounge+1 guest4
1. Must be departing on same-day Singapore Airlines flight
2. Must be departing on the same flight
3. Must be departing on same-day Virgin Australia flight
4. Must be departing on same-day Vistara flight

When flying on Singapore Airlines, Solitaire PPS Club members get access to the First Class section of the SilverKris Lounge wherever available, regardless of cabin of travel. Regular PPS Club members may only access the Business Class section.

The following SilverKris Lounges have a separate First Class section:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong (currently closed)
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
🗨️ Fun Fact
Once upon a time, Solitaire PPS Club members were allowed to use the First Class Lounge even if they weren’t flying on Singapore Airlines! Needless to say, that was a bit too generous, and got nerfed eventually…

Solitaire PPS Club members are also allowed to visit the First Class Lounge on arrival in Singapore, along with a guest travelling on the same flight. All they need to present is their inbound boarding pass.

Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge LHR

When arriving at London Heathrow on SQ306 or SQ322, Solitaire PPS Club members can get complimentary access to the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge at Terminal 2 (no guests are allowed). This facility is temporarily closed. 

Scoot perks

PPS Club members enjoy additional benefits on Scoot (no, not upgrades)

Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members enjoy the following benefits on Scoot:

  • Complimentary 5kg baggage upgrade with purchase of any baggage
  • Complimentary Standard seat selection 
  • BoardMeFirst (with Priority check-in)
  • Booking flexibility waiver (one-time flight/date change fee waiver)

Unfortunately, there’s no lounge access or free checked bag. And beware- the complimentary standard seat selection is a perk you might be better off not having!

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Solitaire PPS and PPS Club members enjoy 100MB of complimentary Wi-Fi whenever they fly on Singapore Airlines, on all aircraft except the B737-800s (which don’t offer Wi-Fi).

However, this allowance is only useful when travelling in Premium Economy or Economy Class. That’s because First and Business Class passengers already receive unlimited and 100MB of free Wi-Fi respectively, and data allowances do not stack. 

In other words, a Solitaire PPS Club member will enjoy a total of 100MB Wi-Fi, whether he’s flying in Business Class or Economy Class.

Supplementary Solitaire PPS card

Solitaire PPS Club members may nominate a loved one for a supplementary card. According to the T&Cs: 

Supplementary Solitaire PPS Club members will enjoy many of the service benefits accorded to the principal Solitaire PPS Club members. However, Supplementary Solitaire PPS Club members will earn PPS Value in their account based on their own membership status within the KrisFlyer or PPS Club programmes (as is applicable).

“Many of the service benefits” isn’t defined, but it’s basically everything I’ve mentioned in this article except the ABTC reimbursement. 

Other perks

Shangri-La Circle Jade fast track

Thanks to the Infinite Journeys partnership between Singapore Airlines and Shangri-La, Solitaire PPS Club and PPS Club members can register and earn Jade status with one single night at any Shangri-La Hotel and Resort, Kerry Hotel, Traders Hotel or Hotel Jen worldwide. The tier upgrade will take place within 6-8 weeks after meeting the upgrade criteria. 

Shangri-La Jade members enjoy perks including free breakfast, room upgrades, and priority for early check-in and late check-out.

Heathrow Express upgrade

Star Alliance has a partnership with Heathrow Express that provides a free upgrade to Business First Class.

According to the T&Cs, members must purchase a full fare standard class ticket and show their Star Gold frequent flyer card to the conductor. In practice, however, there’s many data points of people purchasing the discounted tickets (as little as £5.50 one way, if purchased 90 days ahead) and still being permitted to upgrade.

Heathrow Express Business First Class | Photo: More Premium


Solitaire PPS Club status is the pinnacle of Singapore Airlines’ loyalty programme, with qualification criteria to match. You could fly a million miles in Economy and never get close!

Once you’ve qualified, however, you’ll find that membership indeed has its privileges- most notably in the form of First Class check-in and lounge access regardless of cabin of travel, as well as greater access to the coveted Saver awards. And during this period where ION Orchard queues snake around the block and call centre wait times are measured in the hours, the PPS Connect service can be a lifesaver. 

Any other Solitaire PPS Club benefits worth highlighting?

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Obviously 50k is a lot to fly. Besides being a consultant or businessman who flies every week, any tips on how to get to the tier quickly in a smarter way?


Previously, it used to be 25k a year and hold PPS for 5 years consecutive before you get solitaire. They’ve upped the ante in some way, but also not. You could get solitaire in a year now versus 5 years in previous lifetime


Technically it was $250K within 5 years for Solitaire. Thus, you could qualify sooner than 5 years.


During Covid I bought my company laptops via krisshop and when we moved office I purchased a number of items there. Racked up almost 120K PPS$ during that period and now I got TPPS till 2026. That was one rare moment you could pick up PPS$ without flying


Dank! Was that a one off promo? Should have done that too! Argh


I’m a Solitaire PPS member. Two of the Solitaire benefits don’t actually apply to supplementary members

  1. Non-expiry of Krisflyer miles. Supplementary cardholders miles expire as they would normally
  2. Use of the first class terminal. This is also only for the primary cardmember

When you go for your flight, see where the app tells you to go to check-in. If I remember correctly, for principal members they were always told to go to the First Class terminal but I can’t remember what it was for supp members.

In any case, I think in practice if a supp member shows up at the first class terminal, nobody is going to ask them to leave…


2) first class check in also allowed to supp solitaire members. Been there done that for years


We’ve done for years on PPS SOL Supp – check in at first class terminal, first class lounge – for couple of years now. No one has ever stopped us or denied us of any services or benefits.


yup done that for 14 years now as a supp


Item 1) makes senses so Supp Card is meant for people with no status aspiration. In my case I use my miles to book flights for my wife and because she is always on redemption she never earns any qualifying miles and has no expiration to worry but gets the perks

I think that’s SQ strategy for item 1. to keep PPS members happy and keep spending $$$


Just a note that PPS Solitaire Supp can “only” check-in using Biz Class counters instead of First Class counters. Not that it makes that much of a difference… LOL.


Really? Never encountered that before. Whether it’s the dedicated first class terminal at T3, or counters, never got told supp holders can’t use


Congratulations, Aaron! I’d love to hear about your experiences as a Solitaire PPS member! I have a question – I qualified for KF-G until Nov 2023 by virtue of the KF promotions that were running last year. I have concurrently been travelling (for work) and have been accumulating PPS miles. If I qualify for PPS this year in my own right, what will happen to my KF-G status (which auto-renews on 1 Dec 2022)?


Yup Aaron is right. Back in 2015 I had this dilemma too and it’s not worth arguing with SQ on “lugi” your gold perks or having it on hold until u lose pps.

On the bright side there is a soft landing so it gracefully put u back to gold if u fail to qualify for PPS


Thanks very much for the info, Alian!


There’s also annual gifts for renewal, some vouchers etc. And flying on economy also has some very small perks.


I got offered in economy before; champagne in plastic cup, Bak kut teh from biz class in paper cups 😂😂


Hi Aaron, as a regular PPS member (non Solitaire), I’m seeing the same Saver availability to Sydney as you are. Hope this is a helpful data point.


Your dad could have extended his PPS Solitaire membership for a number of additional years by transferring credit card points the same way you did to become KFG.

One PPS Solitaire benefits that is “suspended” right now is the guaranteed reservation when booking Y class. You can no longer use this benefit while it would be very handy.


My wife recently had to change an award Y ticket due to Covid in Seoul, this was in March. When rebooking, they said no available award seats available for the next 3 weeks. She pulled the PPS Sol switch, and immediately got rebooked seats on the next flight right after her quarantine ended.


Sorry for the incredibly noob question – do you earn PPS Value when buying tickets for someone else? If purchased a business class ticket for my father from my account, to whose account would the PPS Value for my father’s ticket accrue?


Thank you always for your posts and information. I always love reading this blog. I am generally able to max out the 8,000 miles/month on the DBS WWC and 4,000/month on the HSBC Rev., plus another 1,000 here or there on Kris+, but seeing that you have 300,000 miles expiring in Nov (which is probably a fraction of your total miles in Kris Flyer and credit cards), helped to realize what a different level you are at. I wonder if you might sometime do a post about how many miles you earn per month on average and how you earn… Read more »

Dumb question

He earns hundreds of thousands from the referral links la. Each referral gives him 10-20k and the plat charge gives him 40-50k.


A couple other Solitaire perks: 1) Access to ANA suite lounge at NRT and HND. This is one of the few Solitaire perks that is provided by another airline. 2) Escort through TSA at JFK. As it’s a non-published benefit I don’t know how frequently this is offered but I have received it several times. 3) Meet and Greet upon arrival. This seems to be hit or miss…but I have been met at the gate upon disembarking at JFK, LAX and LHR quite a few times. I don’t understand the point of this service and I have refused it more… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by RTG

Re, meet and greet: It can make a difference in places like JFK. I came off a Suites flight the other day and helpful agent waiting for me at the jet bridge escorted me through the diplomatic channel (apparently not a given) as opposed to the main esta line for immigration, resulting in a 1h+ saving — all in: 20 mins from aircraft door to being in car on my way to Manhattan (incl. waiting for checked bags)! I am close to hitting the TPPS threshold for the first time and it is interesting to see your thoughts on differentiation… Read more »


Good point re meet and greet. You are right to highlight that depending on one’s citizenship this service can make a difference.

Personally, I would love for SQ to explore more reciprocal benefits…for example, Lufthansa F class lounge access in Frankfurt (and in return HON Circle get F lounge access at Changi). *G has been so diluted that the *G airlines should look at connecting bilaterally a few things at their highest internal tiers.

Re the boarding priority, SQ needs to rethink this on the ULR flights where 3/4 of the flight is “priority.”

Congrats on soon becoming TPPS!

Last edited 7 months ago by RTG

It’s only if u fly suites then u get meet n greet not in J. Same thing happen for my when I flew from IAD to LHR to SIN. As my LHR to SIN was in suite I got meet n greet too n a buggy


Nope, that’s not true. I had meet and greet and was in J every time. As I mentioned it has been hit or miss …about 3x at LHR, 2x at JFK and 1x at LAX. For example, I’ve flown to LAX twice in the last 6 months in J, one time I received meet and greet and one time I didn’t. As I usually refuse the escort, I suspect I may not receive it much anymore as SQ is pretty good at recording preferences.

I’ve been TPPS for quite a few years.


Nice to know. I’ll take note too and see how this pans out as my TPPS only been a year. Need a trip to JFK this with connection to BOS so hopefully it helps. Thanks


Hi Aaron, does the extra baggage allowance extend to all passengers on the same booking as the main cardholder? I asked the question to a service consultant at the PPS CONNECT center and they weren’t sure but I seem to recall pre-pandemic that the extra baggage allowance was available (on SQ-operated flights only) to all pax on same booking – do you have any insights here? Thanks!


Yes it did extend to all pax individually and no reason to have changed post covid – none of the other benefits have (except specifically stated as suspended ). traveled pre covid with 90kgs + as PPS in J class and no one raised an eyebrow … Whether you need to max allowance, over 2-3 pax ie 150-200 kgs is rare but possible …


Does the redemptions via the voyage card in travel$ quantify as full fare tickets which give PPS?


Well done Aaron. Enjoy.
Question about crediting PPS value: if booking on the Lufthansa website for a flight that is partly operated by SQ (via either FRA or MUC to SIN) the PPS value should be credited for the sector flown on SQ metal. Is this assumption correct and confirmed in practice?


Wait, your dad could have given you PPS for all those years but he prefered reading about his son grinding it out from the far distance of his ivory tower?

Sounds painfully familiar.

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Baggage coming out first is a legendary myth. My bags are never the first. Not even the first batch as a TPPS from my last 5 flights.

But when I check in at the very last minute in Y with no status it used to come out really fast (no lounge access no status no point going airport early when as a student)


1. You see KFEG and TPPS separately because one is based on your own accumulation. This applies to all supp card holders. Regular QPPS and TPPS don’t have a separate KFEG tracker (even though they would likely have earned more than 50k elite miles in the process of qualifying for PPS).
2. The guaranteed economy class seat is suspended? 🙁 No wonder they refused when I was struggling to get on a Friday CGK flight recently…


Been a SPPS for a few years, now adays, the PPS Connect service will take a few hours to call you back…


These perks are nice to have but the fact that SQ does not ever upgrade anyone has always made me feel that the incredibly high threshold to get to PPS is simply not worth it – you can get equivilent status much more easily on other carriers and then get upgraded.

When I lived in Dubai and was EK Platinum (equivilent of Solitare) I used to get upgraded all the time (once even from economy to first). It made you very loyal.


SQ does upgrade – I’ve been upgraded from J to F and Suites but they are rare. Maybe once every couple of years.


Does other frequent flyer club have such supplementary card/membership? Can share what club, if any?



How did your Dad do the name change from your Mum to you?


Hi Aaron, how long do you receive the welcome pack? I’ve upgraded for PPS Club close to two months soon, but yet to receive the pack. Thanks



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