DBS yuu Card offering 18% rebates on Gojek rides

DBS yuu Cardholders now earn a beefy rebate of 18% on Gojek rides, which (whisper it quietly) beats even 6 mpd.

Ah, yuu. You’re starting to grow on me, like a mole on PCK’s face.

Back in April, I grit my teeth, relaxed my sphincter, and conceded that the new-and-improved DBS yuu Card was compelling enough to make me switch from miles to cashback on grocery spend. An easy-to-achieve, Temasek-funded 18% rebate was just impossible to say no to, even with 6 mpd on the line. 

And now it seems like some higher power is toying with me again, because I’m going to have to acknowledge that until 29 February 2024, cashback beats miles on Gojek rides too.

Earn 18% rebates on Gojek rides with DBS yuu Cards

DBS x Gojek

From 17 August 2023, DBS yuu AMEX and Visa Cardholders now earn up to 36 yuu points per S$1 spent on Gojek rides. This consists of:

  • 10 base points per S$1 spent (no min. spend, no cap)
  • 26 bonus points per S$1 spent (min. S$600 spend, cap S$600 spend)

1 yuu point is worth 0.5 cents, so that’s equivalent to an 18% rebate, capped at S$78 per calendar month. For avoidance of doubt, the monthly cap is shared with other yuu merchants (Gojek has basically become a yuu merchant). 

👍 Extra rebate from Gojek
From 17 August to 17 September 2023, Gojek will award a bonus 1 yuu point per S$1 spent, which works out to an additional rebate of 0.5%. The total rebate for a DBS yuu Cardholder spending on Gojek is therefore 18.5%.

As a reminder, the 26 bonus points per S$1 is a limited-time promotion that is currently scheduled to end on 29 February 2024. As things stand, the rebate on Gojek and other yuu merchants will drop to 5% from 1 October 2023, after which we can all go back to using miles cards and never speak of this sordid period again.

Get S$18 Gojek vouchers


From 17 August to 17 September 2023, DBS yuu Cardholders can earn S$18 worth of Gojek vouchers when they make their first Gojek transaction with the yuu Card. 

For avoidance of doubt, this promo is available to both new and existing Gojek users; all that matters is that you haven’t used a yuu Card on Gojek in the six-month period prior to 17 August 2023.

A maximum of 550 redemptions are available each week, and eligible customers will receive 6x S$3 Gojek vouchers in their Gojek app by the week following their first transaction. Vouchers will be applied automatically on the next six rides, when payment is made with a DBS yuu Card.

Each user is only entitled to one redemption, so even if you have both the DBS yuu AMEX and DBS yuu Visa, you’ll only receive one set of vouchers. 

What other cards can I use for gojek?

If you’re looking to earn miles on gojek rides, there are many cards out there which would give you 4-6 mpd.

CardEarn RateRemarks
UOB Lady’s Card
6 mpdMax S$1K per c. month. Must choose “transport” as bonus category
UOB Lady’s Solitaire
6 mpdMax S$3K per c. month. Must choose “transport” as bonus category
HSBC Revolution
4 mpdMax S$1K per c. month
4 mpd*Max S$2K per c. month
Citi Rewards
4 mpdMax S$1K per s. month, excludes travel
KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card
3 mpdNo cap. Min S$800 spend on SIA Group in a membership year
C. month = Calendar Month | S. month = Statement Month

Here’s the thing though: even if I were using a UOB Lady’s Card and earning 6 mpd, my value per mile would have to be more than 3 cents to trump 18% rebates. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit high for me- I’m at 1.5 cents.

Therefore, assuming the minimum spend isn’t a hurdle (and with my projected monthly spend on groceries + Gojek, it shouldn’t), then this would be the logical solution to use until the upsized bonuses end on 29 February 2024.

DBS yuu Card sign-up offer

If you don’t already have a DBS yuu Card, the bank is currently offering the following sign-up offers for new and existing DBS customers.

DBS yuu Visa
New Cardmembers are defined as those who do not currently hold a principal DBS/POSB card, and have not cancelled one in the past 12 months

A minimum spend of S$500 within 30 days of approval is required. You’ll obviously want to spend this entire amount at yuu merchants for the biggest possible rebate. 

❓ yuu Merchants
🛒 DFI Retail Group (DFI)
  • 7-Eleven
  • Cold Storage
  • CS Fresh
  • Giant
  • Guardian
🍞 BreadTalk Group (BTG)
  • BreadTalk
  • Butter Bean
  • Food Junction*
  • Food Republic*
  • Toast Box
  • Thye Moh Chan
🐘 Mandai Wildlife Group
  • Bird Paradise
  • Night Safari
  • River Wonders
  • Singapore Zoo
📱 Singtel
  • Singtel Shop
  • Singtel Exclusive Retailers
🚕 Gojek
  • All Gojek Singapore services
*Selected outlets only

The T&Cs of this offer can be found here.


DBS yuu Card
Apply (AMEX)
Apply (Visa)

DBS yuu Cardholders can now earn up to 18% rebates on Gojek rides until 29 February 2024, which should be reason enough for anybody to switch to earning cashback instead of miles on this category. 

There is a minimum spend of S$600 per calendar month (which also happens to be the cap), but it shouldn’t be too hard to hit, since you can combine spending at other yuu merchants such as Cold Storage, Giant and BreadTalk.

I feel so dirty. 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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