Qatar Airways selling Avios with up to a 50% bonus


From now till 12 June 2024, buy Qatar Privilege Club Avios with up to a 50% bonus, or 1.53 US cents per mile.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club has launched a new flash sale on Avios purchases, which offers up to a 50% bonus till 12 June 2024. 

This reduces the cost per mile to 1.53 US cents (~2.06 SG cents), and can be potentially lucrative if you already have a redemption in mind and need the miles immediately. However, those willing to wait might find better value in the current Citi PayAll promotion for income tax season.

Buy Qatar Airways Avios with up to a 50% bonus 

Buy Qatar Airways Avios

From now till 12 June 2024, 4.59 a.m SGT, Qatar Privilege Club members will enjoy up to a 50% bonus on Avios purchases.

Offers are targeted, and you’ll need to login to your account to see how yours is structured. Here’s what I see on mine:

Purchase Amount Bonus Cost Per Mile
1,000-2,000 None 2.8 US cents
(3.77 SG cents)
3,000-15,000 20% 2-2.33 US cents
(2.7-3.14 SG cents)
(for whatever reason, I can’t buy 39,000 miles!)
40% 1.64-1.71 US cents
(2.21-2.31 SG cents)
50% 1.53 US cents
(2.06 SG cents)

In my case, I’ll need to purchase at least 40,000 Avios to enjoy the 50% bonus. As a reminder, each member can buy, gift or transfer up to 250,000 Avios (before bonuses) in a calendar year, which works out to 375,000 Avios after the bonus. 

Members must have earned at least 1 Avios since enrolment in order to purchase additional Avios. I assume this is a hedge they’ve built into the system to prevent people from opening multiple accounts and acting as mileage brokers. However, those Avios need not be earned by flying; you also meet the minimum Avios threshold via credit card transfers or any other partner activity. 

When do Qatar Avios expire?

Qatar Privilege Club Avios do not expire, so long as you earn or redeem at least 1 Avios every 36 months. Should you fail to do this, you can revalidate your Avios within one year of the end of the 36-month period by paying a fee. 

Qatar Privilege Club Platinum members enjoy non-expiring Avios.

What can you redeem with Qatar Privilege Club?

Qatar Airways QSuites

I’ve made no secret of my distrust of Qatar Privilege Club. This is a programme that thinks nothing of unannounced devaluations (and to be fair, revaluations too), or quietly adding back junky award segment fees.

That said, I have to concede that the programme does have some sweet spots, and the absence of fuel surcharges when redeeming Qatar Airways flights via Qatar Privilege Club is an attractive feature.

As a reminder, here’s how much it’d cost to fly from Singapore to the following destinations via Qatar Airways (Qatar Airways has no award chart; consult the QCalculator for quotes).

✈️ One-way Business Class Awards
Destination Qatar Privilege Club KrisFlyer
Doha 50,000 N/A
Athens, Bucharest, Sofia, Thessaloniki 70,000 N/A
Barcelona, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich  75,000 103,500
Houston, New York 95,000 111,500
*Assumes QPC Avios redeemed for Qatar Airways, KrisFlyer miles for Singapore Airlines. Not all destinations served by each carrier.

Award rates between Singapore and Europe are extremely competitive, with Qatar Privilege Club requiring just 70,000-75,000 Avios compared to KrisFlyer’s 103,500 miles (not to mention a wider network of destinations).

There’s also value to be found for flights to the USA, and keep in mind again that Qatar Airways serves additional destinations that Singapore Airlines does not, such as Boston, Chicago, Miami and Washington DC.

⚠️ Important Note

Back in December 2023, Qatar Privilege Club introduced peak and off-peak pricing. The prices quoted above reflect off-peak pricing. Peak pricing will cost 20% more. When searching for awards, always look for the “off-peak” label. Anything without a label is peak pricing. 

Peak and off-peak pricing only applies to redemptions on Qatar Airways.

Even if you don’t plan to fly with Qatar Airways, there are some excellent partner redemptions to consider. Qatar Privilege Club partners with Bangkok Airways, which allows you to redeem tickets on the Singapore to Koh Samui route for just 6,000 miles. Commercial tickets on this route are often expensive, so there’s potential for great value here.

Redeem Bangkok Airways awards via Qatar Privilege Club. 

Here’s some other examples of sweet spots worth considering (with the operating carrier in brackets):

From SIN to Business Class Economy Class
Kuala Lumpur (MH) 12,500 6,000
Hong Kong (CX) 22,000 11,000
Colombo (UL) 22,000 11,000
Perth (QF) 38,750 13,000
Sydney (QF) 62,000 20,000
Helsinki (AY) 62,500 30,000

Do note that you may need to transfer your Avios to British Airways in order for some of the options above to appear, as the Qatar Airways website does not display all partner awards.

Here’s a guide to the process, which is really quite straightforward once you know where to click.

Qatar Privilege Club caveats

While Qatar Privilege Club does not impose fuel surcharges on Qatar Airways flights, you will have to pay a non-refundable award segment fee as follows:

  Economy Business & First
Fee per segment US$35 US$70

Since all flights will invariably involve a layover in Doha, a round-trip award redemption from Singapore to Europe would have US$280 of these junk fees tacked on, which can’t be refunded should you cancel the booking!

All this to say: there’s value in Qatar Privilege Club, but you should confirm that there’s award space available on the dates and routes you want (Qatar’s website normally doesn’t let you search with a zero balance, but there is a workaround).

What’s more, you should ensure that it’s regular award space, and not the more expensive Flexi awards, which cost 2x the price. Flexi awards are labelled with “Q2” tags; for example, DOH-SIN prices out at 50,000 Avios normally, but 100,000 Avios for a Flexi award.

Finally, you should book awards as soon as Avios come into your account. Qatar Airways is one place I don’t feel confident holding miles!

What credit card should I use to buy Qatar Privilege Club Avios?

Qatar Privilege Club does not process miles purchases directly, so they won’t code as airline spend. Instead, miles purchases are processed through in USD under MCC 7399 (Business Services Not Elsewhere Classified).

Here’s the best cards to maximize the miles earned on your purchase:

Card Earn Rate Remarks
Citi Rewards Card
4 mpd Cap of S$1K per s. month 
UOB Visa Signature
4 mpd Min S$1K, max S$2K FCY spend per s. month
Maybank Visa Infinite
3.2 mpd
(till 31 Aug 24)
No cap
Maybank Horizon
3.2 mpd
(till 30 Jun 24)
Min. S$800 per c. month
SCB Visa Infinite
3 mpd Min S$2K per s. month
HSBC TravelOne Card
2.4 mpd No cap
2.4 mpd No cap 
S. Month= Statement Month | C. Month= Calendar Month

Remember, you can always pair the Citi Rewards Card with the Amaze Card to earn 4 mpd on purchases, with lower foreign currency transaction fees compared to banks.

What about Citi PayAll?

Citi PayAll Promo

Before you buy Avios from Qatar Airways, you might want to consider the Citi PayAll alternative.

From 22 April 2024, 10 a.m to 31 July 2024, 11.59 p.m, Citi cardholders will earn:

  • 2 mpd on all Citi PayAll tax transactions
  • 1.6 mpd on all Citi PayAll non-tax transactions

This is subject to a minimum spend of S$5,000 on non-tax transactions on a single card, and capped at S$150,000 across all Citi PayAll categories. 

Given the revised service fee of 2.6%, you’re looking at a cost of 1.3 cents per mile across all cards for income tax payments, and 1.63 cents per mile across all cards for non-income tax payments.

💰 Income Tax Payments (2 mpd)
Card Base Bonus Cost Per Mile 
(@ 2.6% fee)
Citi ULTIMA 1.6 mpd 0.4 mpd
Citi Prestige 1.3 mpd 0.7 mpd 1.3¢
Citi Premier Miles  1.2 mpd 0.8 mpd 1.3¢
Citi Rewards 0.4 mpd 1.6 mpd 1.3¢
💰 Non-Income Tax Payments (1.6 mpd)
Card Base Bonus Cost Per Mile 
(@ 2.6% fee)
Citi ULTIMA 1.6 mpd N/A
Citi Prestige 1.3 mpd 0.3 mpd 1.63¢
Citi PremierMiles  1.2 mpd 0.4 mpd 1.63¢
Citi Rewards 0.4 mpd 1.2 mpd 1.63¢

Depending on how much tax you have to pay, your blended cpm will fall within the range of 1.31-1.62 cents. The more tax you have to pay, the lower the cost per mile you can generate.

So why would anyone buy direct in that case? Well, if you need to top-up your account for an upcoming redemption, Avios purchased via Qatar Airways will be posted within 72 hours (most people report they’re posted instantly). 

In contrast, the bonus Citi Miles/ThankYou points from the PayAll offer will only be credited by 20 November 2024. If you need the miles now, then you’ll have to buy them from Qatar direct.

For the full details of the Citi PayAll offer, refer to the post below.

Citi PayAll offer: 2 mpd on tax payments, 1.6 mpd on non-tax payments


Qatar Airways Privilege Club has launched a new flash sale that offers up to a 50% bonus on Avios purchases, reducing the price to 1.53 US cents per mile.

There are some very good redemption opportunities to be had via the programme, such as Koh Samui for just 6,000 miles or Helsinki in Business Class for 62,500 miles. However, given Qatar’s history of unannounced devaluations, you should not be buying miles speculatively. Only buy if you have a definite use in mind, and have confirmed that award space is available.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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Thanks for the article! I noticed HSBC revolution wasn’t in the list of cards to use for avios miles purchase, any possible reason? Thanks


When I try to purchase with Citi Rewards card, I get an authentication error even though I filled it properly.

Error: There was a problem with your authentication information, please try again.”

I tried multiple times but still failed. Does anyone know what might be the issue?