Why would I want Delta Skymiles status?

Complimentary status for 3 months.

Many of you will never set foot on a Delta aircraft your whole life. And that’s just fine, you’re not really missing much. Granted, I’ve only ever experienced the airline’s short haul economy product, and although its new business class seat looks pretty sweet, I’d rather not subject myself to the legendary wonders of American airline hospitality any more than I have to.

But some of you will. Maybe you’re visiting the States and Delta’s offering the best point to point prices on a domestic leg. Or maybe you won’t fly Delta, but you intend to fly one of its Skyteam partners.

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If that’s the case, and if you already have status on some other airline, you might be interested to know that Delta has a status match/challenge program.

Simply register for status match and if approved you’ll get Delta status  (see below for what tiers map to what) that lasts for 90 days. To extend it beyond the 90 days, you will need to earn a certain number of MQMs within that 90 days.

During those 90 days, you’ll enjoy the full fledged benefits of Delta status. Assuming you have Krisflyer Gold (and I’m guessing this will get matched to Delta Gold-see below), you’ll be able to enjoy perks on Delta like a free bag, priority boarding, luggage and security.

When flying on Skyteam partners, you’ll get lounge access and priority luggage.

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Skyteam London lounge
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Skyteam Istanbul Lounge

Delta has listed the following airline programs and their corresponding status match on their webpage

Delta SkyMiles Medallion Status




Air Canada Altitude Status

Prestige 25K,

Elite 35K

Elite 50K

Elite 75K,

Super Elite 100K

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Status


MVP Gold

MVP Gold 75K

All Nippon Airways Mileage Club Status




American Airlines AAdvantage Status



Executive Platinum,

Platinum Pro,

Concierge Key

Asiana Airlines Asiana Club Status



Diamond Plus,


British Airways Executive Club Status




Copa Airlines ConnectMiles Status




Presidential Platinum

Japan Airlines Mileage Bank Fly On Status





Lufthansa Miles & More Status

Frequent Traveler


HON Circle Members

United Airlines Mileage Plus Status

Premier Silver

Premier Gold

Premier Platinum,

Platinum 1K,

Global Services

This list is not exhaustive, however, as the page also says “If you have status with another airline not listed above, you may still be eligible for this challenge. Please submit your information below to confirm eligibility”

I’ve dropped them an email about whether they’ll be matching Krisflyer status and if so, what tiers map to what. If they do, I imagine they will map PPS/Solitaire PPS members to Platinum, with Krisflyer Golds and Silvers mapping to Gold and Silver respectively.

So if you’ve got 5 minutes and simply want to avoid paying a bag fee, or if you’ve got an upcoming Skyteam partner flight coming up, why not take the plunge?

(HT: Damien)

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How long will the match be active? My fight is end of May so will have to wait until end of Feb to apply for the match. Too late?

For Skyteam partner flights (e.g., AF), is there additional baggage benefits (like *G)? Not just priority but free extra bag?
Can’t find this on their website.