The ANZ Travel Visa Signature is dying a slow and undignified death

I received an SMS from ANZ informing me that the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card T&Cs had been updated with effect from 1 April 2017.

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I’m sure this is a good thing! I said to myself as I clicked on the link. After all, SMSes have always brought me good news, useless PDPA act notwithstanding-

Please be informed that with effect from 1 April 2017,

– Complimentary airport limousine and lounge access for ANZ Signature Priority Banking Visa Infinite Card and Travel Visa Signature Card will cease.

– There will be revisions to the ANZ Travel Card Rewards Programme Terms & Conditions:

Additional  bonus 10,000 Travel$ will no longer be awarded to ANZ Travel Cardmembers who pay Annual Fee from the 2nd year of membership.

The revised T&C can be found here

When the ANZ Travel Visa Signature card launched back in July 2012, it was something genuinely novel. It offered 1.4 mpd on local spending with no minimum spend required, 12,000 miles upon payment of the $200 annual fee, 2.8mpd on overseas spending, unlimited lounge access and limo transfer with a $1,500 spend.

Then they started chipping away at the benefits.

First, the 2.8mpd on all overseas spend was replaced by 2.8mpd on spend in Australia and NZ only. Then, the renewal miles went from 12,000 to 10,000. Then, unlimited lounge access was taken away and the limo service minimum spend went up to $2,500, then required you to redeem Travel$, then disappeared (it was brought back for a limited period but needed S$7,000 spend per calendar quarter)

This card has died the death of a thousand cuts. Given that you can’t even use it to buy miles at 2 cents each anymore, I can’t think of any reason to hold on to it. I’ve said that you should never pay annual fees unless you get something in return and there’s no reason an exception should be made for this card.

Final point: The Milelion has some affiliate links for the ANZ Travel card. In light of these changes, I cannot in good conscience recommend the card to anyone. These links will be removed.

Given ANZ’s impending demise in Singapore, it might be a good idea to look for a way to cash out on your Travel$ asap.

Alas ANZ Travel card, we barely knew ye!

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27 thoughts on “The ANZ Travel Visa Signature is dying a slow and undignified death”

  1. I have the ANZ Travel Card. And I agree with you that the card is useless now. Will transfer my points and cancel the card…

  2. This is my general spending card to earn miles. After its demise, which card should I go for? I do not mind paying annual fees to buy miles.

      1. I’m currently holding a UOB corp card which earns UNI$. Can I combine with the UOB Prvi and redeem it for miles? Does anyone knows?

  3. The only reason am holding onto this card is (1.) to allow for paying IRAS while earning miles and (2.) to earn 1.6 miles per regular spend (do not yet have the UOB card).

    My other card for tax payment – HSBC Infinite Card is coming up for renewal next month. Not sure the (~$500) annual fee is worth the better earn rate on taxes.

      1. Is there a difference between the Prvi Visa and Prvi MasterCard? Which should I get if I want only one? I don’t think there’s any reason to get both. Am I right?

    1. it’s more than just that. remember, on this site we don’t condone using a single card for everything. suppose you had the anz travel card. would you be using it for all your purchases? if not, what other cards would be in your portfolio? if you did UOB you could have prvi, pp amex (if you got it while it was still around), ppv, visa signature, all of which can be used for general, food, online, overseas spending respectively. your “ecosystem” would be more powerful than if you were using anz just for general spending and other bank cards for other things.

  4. I received a letter from ANZ on the summary of the transfer to DBS. For credit cards, it is mentioned that transferee (i.e DBS) will map the credit card product benefits and features offered by transferor (i.e ANZ) to the one most similar that DBS has.

    I am wondering what will happen with the miles accumulated as it mentions nothing about the rewards/miles.

    1. I’d the exact same question for ANZ, spoke to their CSO last week.

      Apparently, these details aren’t finalized yet (ex: which DBS card would replace a given ANZ Card, what would happen to the Travel$, etc). Once these are decided, customers would be intimated and be given a 30 day period to decide on continuing or cancelling.

      The latest this would be done is Nov of 2017 when the ANZ cards would cease to exist.

      1. Its a very legal letter. Its basically notifying ANZ customers that there is a scheme to be lodged for High Court approval and/or MAS approval to allow the transaction to go ahead. Its a small booklet about 15 half pages long? Overseas atm so dont have it.

        1. thanks. a few people have been asking so i wanted to write something about it. i mean there is some obvious mapping that can happen (travel card–> altitude) and I suspect they’ll tell people to convert out their rewards points or forfeit them (conversion of points from anz to dbs is technically possible but messy for them), but always good when they confirm

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