Cathay Pacific adding “The Deck” lounge to Hong Kong Airport line up

Yet another lounge experience for Cathay and oneworld premium cabin passengers to enjoy.

While most airlines settle for one large lounge in their home base, Cathay Pacific has chosen to build several smaller facilities, each of which offers the passenger a slightly different experience. I have to say I’m quite a fan of the concept, as multiple lounges not only means less walking time to the gate, but varies the experience for frequent travelers, preventing lounge fatigue (unless, of course, you run to every single lounge when you’re at the airport)

Cathay Pacific closed its Cathay Dragon lounge near the G16 gate at Hong Kong International Airport back in the middle of 2016. That lounge will be reopening as The Deck on 22 March 2018. This means that Cathay Pacific now operates five different lounge at HKIA (at least until The Cabin closes, see below), not including The Arrival which, as the name suggests, is for arriving passengers.

The Deck. Photo credit: Cathay Pacific

The Deck measures 823 square meters and has space for 180 passengers. For comparison:

  • The Pier is 3,306 square meters with 550 capacity
  • The Wing is 4,857 square meters with 686 capacity
  • The Cabin is 1,339 square meters (this will close 30 April 2018)
  • The Bridge is 2,567 square meters

This means that Cathay collectively has more than 11,500 square meters of lounge space at HKIA (adjusted for the impending closing of The Cabin), versus Singapore Airlines which has about 6,800 square meters across Terminals 2 and 3 at Changi.

Here’s some excerpts from the PR:

The Noodle Bar

Like our other lounges, the dining experience is at the heart of The Deck, with the Main Lounge providing a range of self-service, freshly made international offerings. Not to be missed at The Deck is The Noodle Bar – an iconic favourite among Cathay Pacific customers.

Passengers who yearn for a taste of Hong Kong can choose from a selection of local classics, including wonton noodles in a hearty broth, fish ball noodles and a variety of dim sum and buns. Ready-to-order Asian delights, such as dan dan noodles and Japanese-style vegetarian noodles, are also available.

The Terrace

The Deck is distinct from Cathay Pacific’s other lounges at its home in Hong Kong for the fact that it sits on a balcony on the eastern side of the terminal building.

From The Terrace, an open-ceiling L-shaped verandah featuring both table and individual seating, lounge visitors can take in panoramic views of the airport’s apron, taxi-ways and northern runway whilst enjoying their choice from a wide variety of drinks and dining options.

At 823 square metres, The Deck has seating for 180 passengers and is fitted with designer furniture and lighting carefully selected for practicality, comfort and privacy, while the use of natural materials, plenty of greenery and artworks by local artists add to the lounge’s welcoming atmosphere.

The lounge is further equipped with a relaxation room zone featuring bespoke Solo chairs, as well as eight shower suites, washroom facilities and a range of comfortable seating throughout.

The lounge will also have eight shower rooms. A few other PR photos here:

Photo credit: Cathay Pacific
Photo credit: Cathay Pacific
Photo credit: Cathay Pacific

The opening of The Deck is a welcome move, because by all accounts the old G16 Cathay Dragon lounge was nothing to write home about. Unlike The Pier and The Wing, The Deck will not have a separate first class section.

The lounge is open daily from 5.30am till last departure, and will be accessible to First and Business Class passengers on all oneworld carriers plus oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members.


When it comes to lounges, I love variety so I’m glad to see another new space to explore when I’m in Hong Kong. It’s surely more expensive for Cathay to operate so many different facilities in one airport than just one large one, so I really appreciate what they’re doing for the sake of passenger experience.

SQ has been talking for the longest time about bringing their new “home away from home” lounge concept to Singapore, but I don’t have any information about when that will actually happen. In the meantime, their Terminal 2 lounge is in dire need of an overhaul, and although their Terminal 3 lounge is still pretty decent, they’re going to have to do some major investment in the Changi lounges to up their game.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
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