Review: Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong Lounges

Cathay Pacific has no fewer than four business class lounge in Hong Kong Airport. Which one should you go for?

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Cathay Pacific operates not one, not two, not three, but four different lounges in HKG (the above image shows five, but that’s including The Arrival, which is an arrivals lounge that I reviewed previously). That’s sure to confuse first time CX travelers as they try to seek out the “best” lounge that gives them the best experience for their money/miles.

What I like is that Cathay’s four lounges aren’t carbon copies of one another- they were created with genuinely different design philosophies and to serve different purposes. I was determined to try as many of them as I could, and thus began the great Cathay Lounge Race, where I’d try and burn off all the calories from weeks of eating and not exercising in one two hour afternoon dash.

Here’s the map of Hong Kong’s Terminal 1 and the Cathay lounges therein:

Image result for cathay pacific lounge map hkg

I passed through immigration and found myself on the 6th floor at the departure level, near gates 1-5. This is where The Wing is located. My flight to Singapore would depart from Gate 29, which is where The Cabin was located. Would I be able to squeeze in visits to all four lounges in the two hours I had to departure?

The Wing

My first stop was The Wing, which opened back in 1998 and is one of only two locations where Cathay offers a separate First Class lounge (the other one being The Pier).

The lounge is split onto two floors- on the 6th floor you have the welcome area, shower rooms plus general seating with light bites, on the 7th you have more serious dining options like The Noodle Bar.

Let me try and break down the 6th floor offerings first. The 6th floor is great for sitting and chilling, and is definitely less crowded than the 7th due to the smaller selection of F&B.

You’ll still find hot items like soup and dim sum here, just that the selection won’t be as extensive as upstairs.

A small selection of red wines, white wines, still and sparkling water and juice was available.

But of course the real highlight is the famous Solus chairs that were designed specifically for CX

From LoungeBuddy:

You can also choose to enjoy Cathay Pacific’s exclusive Solus Chair designed in collaboration with Foster + Partners. Each chair is handcrafted in Italy by the luxury furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau and includes several features meant to appeal to travelers flying solo. The simple “C” shape with built-in seat and desk can quickly adapt between work and reading modes while balancing the desire for privacy without becoming claustrophobic. Even small details like a coat hook were not forgotten.

That’s a heck of a lot of engineering for a chair. I sat in one and quite enjoyed the space it afforded, in particular the back support afforded by the armrest that jutted out from the leather. It reminded me of what SQ is trying to do with their new home away from home concept of offering individual productivity pods

The 6th floor also has showers, and it was at this lounge that I decided to take a shower in one of the 24 shower suites.

The shower rooms are small and functional; don’t expect to luxuriate in one of CX’s cabanas if you’re slumming it in Business Class.

Image result for cathay pacific first cabana

Indeed, just like in Arrivals Lounge, the bath amenities are unbranded and come in pump dispensers.

There isn’t a lot of counter space to put things…

…but there was a drawer that pulled out revealing a hairdryer and various personal care products.

Refreshed, i ventured up the stairs to the 7th floor. To give you a lay of the land- when you go up the stairs to the 7th floor, you’ll see a big open space with a lot of seats. This is the general buffet area, where you’ll find a mix of Asian and Western options.

You’ll also find the Long Bar overlooking the tarmac, where they offer wines and champagne.

As I mentioned earlier, this area was more crowded than downstairs as everyone made a beeline for the food.

The food selection was decent- think your usual Western staples of fish in white sauce, baked chicken, a pasta dish. There were a couple of Asian items here as well but the meat and potatoes (I’m so clever) of the Asian dining experience were to be found in The Noodle Bar.

The Noodle Bar is separate enclave within The Wing that caters to Asian tastes with noodles and dim sum offerings.

You can get a steaming hot bowl of freshly prepared noodles, served within minutes of ordering.

You’re more than welcome to bring over wine you get from The Long Bar, but The Noodle Bar area only has water, soft drinks, canned beer and juice.

Next to the noodle bar is The Coffee Loft, Cathay’s idea of a nice coffee lounge with an expensive coffee machine and barista.

Below the counter is a selection of pastries and and pies, which the staff will gladly serve on request.

You can also get some savory mini sandwiches

The Cabin

It was now time to make haste for The Cabin, located at Gate 25. I completely walked past the lounge without realizing it was there, because the signage for the lounge is extremely inconspicuous.

To access the Foster + Partners designed The Cabin, you head down a flight of stairs from the main passenger atrium. This is a shared facility for Business and First Class passengers that is perhaps a 10 minute stroll from the Wing (or a 5 minute jog, as I did. Go me.)

The lounge is narrow and long. AusBT puts the length of the lounge at 90m, meaning it spans the length of several gates.

The awesome thing about The Cabin is that it’s got a terrific eye-level view of the tarmac, where I spotted this gorgeous lady waiting to be filled. With passengers. And cargo.

The Cabin is the only lounge to feature The Health Bar, a new concept by Cathay that focuses on “superfoods” (you guys know that’s just a marketing term right?) and otherwise healthy eating.

So expect lots of greens and trendy foods like quinoa.

For whatever reason, carcinogenic deli meats are still available. Ha!

They also offer freshly made juices for those weirdos who like to do juice cleanse. What’s up with that? Does it provide for interesting bowel movements?

Fortunately if you end up here you can still be naughty and get alcohol. This bar didn’t get “Long Bar” status (or at least I didn’t see signage for it), but it had wines and champagne available on pour.

The same buffet items as in The Wing were available.

Plus a selection of breads (gasp, white bread!)

A small word about the soda dispenser. I love how organically they integrated it with the surrounding fixtures. They could have just used one of those standard issue soda fountains you see at Mcdonald’s, you know the really colorful one, but they didn’t. And the end result is so elegant, with the soda fountain recessed within a marble shell. It almost made me want to drink Coke.

If you walk all the way down the very long lounge, you’ll find more seating and working areas.

The sharp eyed amongst you will have spotted that everyone’s favourite chair has made an appearance here too, in a red color scheme.

There is a row of computer terminals at the end of the lounge.

Even this quiet enclave has a drinks and coffee corner of its own.

The Bridge

50 minutes left till my flight departed and I sprinted as fast as I could to The Bridge. It was by now becoming clear that making it all the way to The Pier was increasingly unrealistic.

The Bridge is one of Cathay’s newest facilities, also designed by Foster + Partners. Like The Cabin, it does not have a separate First and Business Class area but rather merges them into one to provide a shared elegant space. This one is a bit harder to miss because there’s a big sign on the arch above.

Like The Cabin, you need to take an escalator down one level to reach the reception area.

This is without a doubt the most visually stunning of all the lounges, with wood floors, abundant artwork and plenty of natural light.

The style of the lounge evokes memories of your living room at home…if your living room overlooked the tarmac.

I had at this point run across 3/4 of HKG’s Terminal 1 and was badly in need of a drink. Or seven. So I sauntered over to the long bar (look! More Solus chairs!)

I seated myself at the end of the long bar and a smiling bartender passed me the menu

I don’t know why I pretended to look at the menu, there was only one drink that I deemed acceptable

Cathay serves Moet and Chandon champagne in its lounges- I have never understood the buzz this brand gets, because in terms of taste there are so many other champagne houses that produce superior quality at the same price point.

The Long Bar had some finger foods at one corner too if you were peckish. Mostly fried stuff like spring rolls.

The bartender noted I was out of breath and asked me how my day was. She laughed when I told her about my lounge marathon, and said she thought The Pier was a bridge too far, given that my flight was boarding is just over 15 minutes.

15 minutes huh? Better get cracking with the photo taking then.

There is a large dining area at The Bridge and it was mostly empty.

The food selection here was just as extensive as in The Wing, perhaps even more so. I saw quite a few items here that I didn’t see at The Wing, and I think that’s to make up for the lack of a Noodle Bar in this lounge.

I threw together a plate of food which I wolfed down before heading back to my boarding gate.

The Pier?

I did not have time to visit The Pier, which is on the opposite end of the terminal. And that’s a right shame, because it’s been recently renovated and these publicity photos look great

If you want to check out some reviews, I’m going to link you here and here. This is definitely one place I’m going to visit next time round.


I covered 3 out of 4 lounges, which all things considered isn’t bad. I did like The Bridge the best out of all the 3, but the lack of a noodle bar is a disappointment.

I really appreciate that Cathay has made the effort to create four lounges with different atmospheres and different USPs- if you want a traditional lounge experience, The Pier or The Wing can give you that. If you want a warm homely atmosphere, The Bridge has you covered. If you’re into eating healthy on the road, The Cabin can be your choice. Obviously running four different types of lounges means incurring greater operating costs, and perhaps CX can’t really afford that, but it really adds something unique to the customer experience.

SQ needs to step up its game for its lounges in SIN. I understand the game plan is to refurbish the SilverKris lounges overseas with the new Home concept before doing SIN, but the first lounge in SYD was completed at the end of 2013 and we’ve yet to see a makeover for those in SIN. Hopefully we’ll get an update on the timeline soon.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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The Pier is by far the best lounge, both the F and the J sections. That said, the other lounges are great as well, and far better than anything SQ has in SIN. They really do need to step up their game in this regard.


Indeed, CX lounge is the only reason I’m envious of CX flyers. SKL in T2 is really disappointing, so much so I don’t spend a single minute more than necessary in there if I need a bite and drink. If I’ve the time, i’d rather head to T3 SKL and trek back to my boarding gate at T2. SQ’s ground experience in SIN definitely needs to kick up a notch or 2. Am afraid we might only see a real change, if any, when T5 opens.

Great report as always. Looking fwd to the final installment!


hi aaron, u meant that syd lounge was completed in 2013?

anw, this is a great update for those who are evaluating cx as an alternative to sq post the devaluation, i’m sure more of us will be able to share their experiences in the hk lounges.


I made a beeline for The Pier as well the last time I flew CX back from HKG. It was completely worth the hike (and the skytrain ride).

You should have gone straight there! The place reminds me of the Andaz in Tokyo. And they have Aesop toiletries of all sorts. And a cocktail menu. And a Tea room. And great views of the long haul A350s waiting for late night departures. Whoo.



I concur, the Pier is the best lounge and I hope you get to visit it soon! (Alaska miles are on sale!!!)


I have a 7 hours layover in HK in September on CX J flights. Thanks for the reviews, I think I can definitely complete the Great CX Lounges Run within 7 hours! At least my wife won’t be complaining about the long layover now :-p

Now… should I make The Pier to be the first or last stop?


Concur that on e The Pier lounge from everyone! Best of the lot as I have lots of times went there and then walk and exercise back to the gates near Wing for my departure. Alaska miles are great and I have got the 50% discount lowering the cost per mile to 0.197cts. I will encourage everyone to take advantage of it as I have not seen a 60% discount ye…. Best redemption of Alaska MP is redeeming JAL from SIN-TYO -KUL with a stopover at TYO….imagine this is effectively a round trip and you get to try both 772er… Read more »



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