UOB tweaks terms and conditions for PRVI Pay facility

Admin fee increasing from 2% to 2.2% for installment options, installment period reduced from 12 months to 3 months.

UOB PRVI Miles cardholders can take advantage of the PRVI Pay facility, which allows them to buy as many miles as they want for 2 cents each. Although the landing page seems to have disappeared from the UOB website, I confirmed a while back with UOB that the facility is still available. 

A reader named Zul wrote in to inform me that UOB had slightly updated the T&C for PRVI Pay. Here’s what’s changed:

Admin fee increased to 2.2% when installment option chosen; 12-month installments reduced to 3-months

PRVI Pay used to charge a flat admin fee of 2% and award the equivalent of 1 mile per $1 charged to the facility- hence the 2 cpm figure.

However, you had two options for paying the amount due: you could either pay in one lump sum and get all your miles upfront, or pay in 12-month installments and get the miles in installments too.

If, for example, I charged $12,000 to the PRVI Pay facility, I could:

  • Pay off that $12,000 + $240 admin fee immediately to earn 12,000 miles OR
  • Pay off $1,000 + $20 admin fee each month for 12 months to earn 1,000 miles each month

The new T&Cs, which take effect 15 May 2018, reduce the installment period from 12-months to 3-months and increase the admin fee from 2% to 2.2%. This makes the installment option somewhat less attractive, as 2 cpm is the absolute upper threshold for me to buy miles.

Remember that any amounts charged to PRVI Pay do not count for the purpose of hitting the $50,000 annual spend on the PRVI Miles AMEX card (which yields 20,000 bonus miles). Also, any early repayment of the PRVI Pay facility incurs a $100 penalty fee. The requested amount plus admin fee must be within the credit limit of your PRVI Miles card. The full FAQ can be found here.


Back when 12-month installment options were available, PRVI Pay could work like a personal loan facility with 2% annual interest. That 2% would have been offset by the miles you acquired, so in that sense it might have been attractive to certain individuals.

A 3-month restriction and a 2.2% admin fee obviously makes the installment option less enticing, although the good news is the base admin fee of 2% remains unchanged. I’d certainly consider using the PRVI Pay facility to top up a KrisFlyer account that was just short of some key redemption threshold- it’s certainly better than buying miles from Singapore Airlines at US$40 per 1,000.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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How many times can we use this option? Can I buy miles on a monthly basis? Say, 30K Miles x 6 months


You can use the option as many times as you like but need to repay the full amount before your next application due to the credit limit imposed. I have done it on a weekly basis earning a few 100K UNI$ last year. However, once you converted these UNI$ to miles, they will reject your subsequent applications.


That’s interesting that they would reject applications after redeeming miles.


How long does it take for the application to be approved, and the UNI$ credited? Will we be in time for the Asia Miles bonus promo?

[…] from UOB comes at a cost of 2% of the requested sum if you were to repay it immediately, or at a 2.2% interest rate if you were to repay the sum over 3 months. This effectively allows you to purchase unlimited miles from UOB (capped at your monthly credit […]



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