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Citi Prestige is offering a 100,000 miles promo of its own (sort of)

It's not strictly speaking a 100,000 miles bonus, but it's still a way to pick up miles for cheap...assuming you've got some really big spending planned.

It seems like 100,000 miles is the new black, at least for high-end credit cards. After SCB got the ball rolling with the SCB X Card, Citi has decided to launch a 100,000 miles promotion of its own for the Citi Prestige.

Citi Prestige customers should have received an eDM or SMS about an offer which runs from 15 October to 31 December 2019, where cardholders can earn up to 100,000 miles (250,000 Citi Thank You points) by spending on their Citi Prestige and paying a program fee.

Now, despite what the marketing materials say, it’s not really a 100,000 miles bonus. Citi’s figures include the base miles you’d earn, so it’d be more accurate to call it a “Buy up to 61,000 miles for $700 offer”- still good, but not quite as catchy.

The full T&Cs can be found here.

Citi is offering two variants of this promotion:

Offer 1: Spend S$30K and pay S$700 to get 61,000 bonus miles

Citi Prestige cardholders who spend S$30K in 2.5 months (an odd timeframe to be sure, but I’m guessing it’s to tie in with 31 December) and pay a fee of S$700 will receive 152.5K bonus ThankYou points (61K miles).


This is on top of the 97.5K base ThankYou points (39K miles, or S$30K @ 1.3 mpd), so your total haul is 100K miles.

In other words, you’re basically paying S$700 to buy 61K miles, or a cost of 1.15 cents per mile.

Offer 2: Spend S$15K and pay S$350 to get 30,500 bonus miles

If S$30K is too rich for you, Citi is offering half the miles with half the fee. Citi Prestige cardholders who spend S$15K by 31 December 2019 and pay a fee of S$350 will receive 76.25K bonus ThankYou points (30.5K miles).

This is on top of the 48.75K base ThankYou points (19.5K miles, or S$15K @ 1.3 mpd), so your total haul is 50K miles.

In this case, you’re paying S$300 to buy 30.5K miles, which is the same price of 1.15 cents per mile as above.

Registration required


Enrolment via SMS is required. Send the following to 72484 to register:

PRESTIGESPEND<space>Last 4 digits of your Citi Prestige Card number

Note that you don’t actually need to pick an offer. If you register and spend at least S$30K, you’ll automatically be charged S$700 for 152,500 bonus points (it’s not possible to opt for the lower tier). If you register and spend S$15-30K, you’ll automatically be charged S$350 for 76,250 bonus points. And if you register but don’t meet S$15K, you won’t be charged anything.

Is this a good deal?

If you’re going to spend S$15K or S$30K anyway, then the opportunity to buy miles at just 1.15 cents each is something that warrants serious consideration. After all, it’s one of the lowest prices to buy miles in Singapore:

MethodIncome RequiredCPMAnnual Miles Limit
SCB Visa Infinite Tax Payment (Spend >$2K p.m) $150K1.14Tax bill
UOB Reserve/DBS Insignia with RentHero Invitation1.14Rental amount
HSBC Visa Infinite Tax Payment (Spend >$50K p.a in prev year) $120K1.2Tax bill
BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard with RentHero $30K1.21Rental amount
HSBC Premier MC Tax PaymentAUM: $200K1.25Tax bill
Citi PayAll with Citi Ultima Invitation1.25Bill amount
UOB PRVI Miles/SCB Visa Infinite (>$2K p.m)/UOB Visa Infinite Metal with RentHero UOB PRVI Miles: $30K
SCB Visa Infinite/ UOB Reserve: $150K
1.30Bill amount
HSBC Visa Infinite Welcome Gift- Premier customer $120K + AUM $200K1.3935K
SC EasyBill with SCB Visa Infinite (Spend >$2K p.m) $150K1.43Bill amount
CardUp with BOC Elite Miles World Mastercard$30K1.47Bill amount
HSBC Visa Infinite Tax Payment (Spend <$50K p.a in prev year) $120K1.5Tax bill
DBS Altitude with RentHero$30K1.51Rental amount
Citi PayAll with Citi Prestige/Citi PremierMiles AMEXCiti Prestige: $120K
Citi PremierMiles AMEX: $80K
1.54Bill amount
Cardup with UOB PRVI Miles$30K1.57Bill amount
SCB Visa Infinite Tax Payment (Spend <$2K p.m)$150K1.6Tax bill
Citi PayAll with Citi PremierMiles Visa $30K1.67Bill amount
SCB Visa Infinite Welcome Gift$150K1.6835K
HSBC Visa Plat/Revolution Tax Payment $30K1.75Tax bill
Citibank PremierMiles AMEX Annual Fee$80K1.7815K
Cardup with DBS Altitude/Citibank PM Visa $30K1.83Bill amount
HSBC Visa Infinite Welcome Gift- Regular Customer $120K1.8635K
OCBC VOYAGE Tax Payment$120K1.9Tax bill
UOB Reserve VI Payment FacilityInvitation1.9Unlimited
Citibank PremierMiles Visa, DBS Altitude, KrisFlyer UOB Card, OCBC 90N Annual Fee$30K1.9310K
OCBC VOYAGE Payment Facility $120K1.9 or 1.95Unlimited
UOB PRVI Pay Facility $30K2.0Unlimited
UOB VI Metal Payment Facility $150K2.0Unlimited
SC EasyBill with SCB Visa Infinite (Spend <$2K p.m) $150K2.0Bill amount
OCBC VOYAGE Annual Fee- Option 2$120K2.14150K
Citi Prestige Annual Fee$120K2.1425K
DBS Altitude Tax Payment $30K2.5Tax bill
OCBC VOYAGE Annual Fee- Option 1$120K3.2515K

The other question is how this compares to the SCB X Card’s 100,000 miles offer. If you view the cards in their entirety (because the only way you can take advantage of the Citi Prestige offer is to pay the annual fee too), here’s what the math looks like:

SCB X Card
Citi Prestige
60K offer 100K offer S$15K offer S$30K offer
Spend Requirement S$6K in 60 days
S$15K in 2.5 months S$30K in 2.5 months
Program Fee N/A
S$350 S$700
Annual Fee S$695.50
S$535 S$535
Bonus Miles  30,000 70,000 30,500 61,000
Miles from Annual Fee 30,000 30,000 25,000 25,000
CPM 1.16 0.7 1.59 1.44

The SCB X Card offers a lower CPM, but that’s about the only thing it has going for it- it certainly can’t match the Citi Prestige in terms of card-specific benefits.

What spending counts?


As per the T&C, the following transactions do not count towards the spending requirement:

(i) any Equal Payment Plan (EPP) purchases,
(ii) refunded/ disputed/ unauthorised/fraudulent retail purchases,
(iii) Quick Cash/Ready Credit PayLite and other instalment loans,
(iv) PayLite/ FlexiBill/cash advance/ quasi-cash transactions/ balance transfers/ annual card membership fees/interest/goods and services taxes,
(v) bill payments made using the Eligible Card as a source of funds,
(vi) late payment fees and
(vii) any other form of service/ miscellaneous fees.

Apart from the exclusions listed here, everything else should count, even if it doesn’t earn base points.For example, insurance and education payments would count towards the spending requirement, but you wouldn’t earn any points on these specific transactions. 

PayAll spending will be included, and is probably the easiest way of hitting the spending requirement. Spending S$30K in 2.5 months is no mean feat, but I suppose Citi has high expectations of its Prestige customers (after all, it expects them to spend S$20K in 3 months to redeem a limo…)

Citi ThankYou points are one of the most valuable points currencies in Singapore

Citi points are one of the most useful points currencies in Singapore, thanks to the sheer number of transfer partners available. Most banks offer just KrisFlyer, or at most, Asia Miles. Citi has 11 different transfer partners, including some with great sweet spots like Etihad GuestBritish Airways Avios and Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles.

Thank You points earned on the Citi Prestige card do not expire.


S$30K is a lot of money to spend in 2.5 months, no doubt about it. I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to hit this (not that I have a Citi Prestige card anymore anyway), but assuming you’ve got spending planned anyway, then this is worth taking a look at.



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Am curious about the ability to use Payall. There is one exclusion to qualifying spend which seems broad enough to cover Payall:

(v) bill payments made using the Eligible Card as a source of funds,


Your bonus miles row for SCB X card is flipped for 60k and 100k offer I believe


Hi Aaron, I think your bonus miles columns for SCB 60K and 100K miles need to be swapped?

On another note, I think supplementary card holder spendings doesn’t accrue to the total spending also after going through the T&Cs… 🙁


Same question around clause: (v) bill payments made using the Eligible Card as a source of funds, in the context of Card Up rent payments


CSO answers across 3 attempts were inconsistent so took the time to write in via secure email. The reply confirmed that Card Up, Rent Hero et al are excluded from the promotion. Pity but par for the course I think.


i wonder if grabpay topups can be included….

ah beng
ah beng

Grab wallet can only hold 5k max at any one time. Not enough to clock the 30k spending….


top up your wife grabpay…. haha


Can’t find it in the TnCs but they used the examples of “Main cardholder”. Sub card how?


Can you clarify if you heard that Payall counts from Citi itself – I couldn’t see this published anywhere. I’d be tempted if it does but not otherwise.


I am also keen to know if Cardup is eligible. I tried calling Citibank and the person kept asking for merchant code.

The CardUp Team

Hi Tom and Patrick,

We’ve confirmed with Citi that CardUp spend is eligible for this promo.

Feel free to drop any other questions you have to us at [email protected]!

The CardUp Team

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