SCB relaunches (plastic) X Card with 60,000 miles sign up bonus; clarifies eligible spending

The X Card is now back in plastic form with the same 60,000 miles sign up bonus.

Well well well. Just a couple of days after I speculated when we’d see the X Card return, SCB has gone and relaunched the product- but not quite how I expected it.

It’s now possible get your hands on an SCB X Card once again- if you’re ok with plastic. As per SCB’s website:

As metal X Cards need a longer time to produce, we thought it is better for you to receive a plastic card first to experience the power of X. You can still enjoy all X Card privileges, the metal X Card will be sent to you as soon as it is ready

According to SCB, plastic X Cards will be sent out in white envelopes as an interim measure until metal X Cards and boxes are ready. Plastic cardholders will automatically be upgraded to metal cards upon availability, with no action needed from them.

What I also didn’t expect is that SCB has kept the same 60,000 miles sign up bonus that we saw just before the card got pulled on 20 August. This suggests the reason for the suspension was a lack of card stock rather than acquisition budget.

SCB clarifies exclusion categories for sign up bonus

With so much on the line, it’s no wonder people are going into paranoid overdrive about what does and doesn’t count towards the S$6,000 spending for the 100,000 (or 60,000 if you missed the boat) miles sign up bonus.

Although SCB already lists excluded transactions in the T&Cs, it’s come out to provide some helpful clarifications on frequently asked questions:

Q: Are transactions at hospitals considered as eligible spend?

A: Dear client, transactions made at hospitals (both government and private hospitals) are qualifying transactions to accumulate towards the $6,000 spend.

Q: Are transactions done at educational institutions considered as eligible spend?

A: Dear client, transactions made at private education institutions are eligible. Please refer to to confirm if the school is a local government educational institute – schools are excluded as eligible spend if it’s found on this website.

Q: Are transactions made at charitable organisations considered eligible spend to accumulate towards the $6,000 spend for the Air Miles promotion?

A: Dear client, transactions made at charitable organisations are eligible spend.

Unfortunately, there’s no still answer to the always bewitching Paypal question, or SimplyGo for that matter. Nonetheless, it’s a step in the right direction and I hope the FAQ will be updated as necessary.

The FAQs also re-emphasize that the bank is unable to confirm with individual cardholders if the spending requirement has been met, that cardholders will receive an SMS informing them about their eligibility by 30 November, and that points cannot be credited in advance.


I’m curious to see what a plastic X Card looks like, so if you happen to receive one please let me know.

As I’ve said before, a 60,000 miles sign up bonus, while obviously not as good as 100,000 miles, is still a very compelling offer. You’ll need to pay a non-waivable S$695.50 annual fee, but your net cost will be about 1.16 cents per mile, which is quite a bargain in the grand scheme of things.

Everyone who got on board with the 100,000 miles sign up bonus should have completed their qualifying spending by now, so all that’s left to do is wait for the end of November to roll round.

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Yay……confirmed donations to charity will count. But I already met the spend on Agoda back in August.


Hi, I am looking at the tnc and it says application submission date from 1 Aug 2019 will be awarded 30,000 miles instead of the 60,000 miles? Can anyone clarify? Thanks!


Alright then, Mr. Fortune Teller…
I’ll be expecting that Amex Platinum Reserve relaunch any day now. 😉


Just applied and got the card but what a bad encounter with SC customer service. The digital card was activated but couldn’t be used. Few CS online chats & many phone calls.. No one bothers to resolve it.

Finally received the plastic card and it looks nice (not heavy) 😂
I’ve just charged some fitness package that transacted through PayPal-hoping it’s counted towards the 6k!


Is it worth signing up the card just for the $60k promotion.? Don’t intend to hold it long term. If so, how soon can I cancel it.