Staycations coming soon: Singapore hotels can now apply for permission to take guests

Staycations may be possible as early as end July, with Singapore hotels now able to apply for permission to take staycation guests.

Good news for those of you going crazy at home: Singapore hotels will soon be able to accept staycation guests again. 

According to Today Online, hotels can now apply to the government to accept staycation bookings. They will need to demonstrate their ability to comply with safe management measures drawn up by the STB, MTI, Enterprise Singapore and MOH. 

Don’t expect to go somewhere this weekend though- the STB will take up to 14 days to assess each application, so it’s probably more realistic to look at end July/ early August as potential staycation dates. 

What’s the status of staycations now?

St Regis Singapore
St Regis Singapore

Staycations have been off the cards since Singapore started the Circuit Breaker on 7 April, and most guests have been people serving Stay-Home Notices (SHNs). 

Even though we’re now in Phase 2, the STB has stated that hotels can currently only accept reservations from the following groups of people: 

  • individuals whose current place of residence is not available due to home renovation;
  • individuals who have sold their current place of residence but have not secured alternative residence;
  • individuals whose existing rental lease have ended but have not secured alternative places of residence;
  • returnees who completed their stay-home notice (SHN) at dedicated facilities but do not have a place of their own as they do not ordinarily live in Singapore; or
  • healthcare workers who wish to isolate themselves from other family members living in the same residential unit;
  • Green/ Fast-lane Travellers; and
  • Travellers, including Long-Term Pass holders entering Singapore from 17 June 2020, 2359hrs, and who had remained in Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Mainland China, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Vietnamese in the last consecutive 14 days prior to their entry, who wish to serve their 14-day SHN
    in a Hotel.

Which hotels will be open for staycations?

There’s no official list yet, obviously, but the STB has set up a page that will compile all the hotels approved for staycation guests.

See the list of hotels approved for staycations here

It seems logical that hotels which are not currently hosting SHN guests will be the first to get approval for staycations, however. 

What will the staycation experience be like?

Don’t expect the quintessential breakfast buffet for a while

Not quite how you remember it.

Don’t expect breakfast buffets and self-serve happy hour spreads in the executive lounge. It’s more likely that hotels will transition to an a la carte dining experience, or a system where buffet items are handled and served by staff members only. 

Hotels will be required to limit occupancy to no more than one person per 10 sqm in public spaces, and reduce face-to-face contact by staggering the times that guests can be in the hotel lobby and guest facilities.

Lifts may have capacity limits, meaning longer wait times depending on the crowd. There will be an increased focus on contactless service (e.g items delivered to rooms via robot butlers), and rooms will (hopefully) be obsessively cleaned. For what it’s worth, I’ve just bought myself a UV light on Qoo10 and can’t wait to do my first room inspection. 

W Sentosa Swimming Pool
W Sentosa Swimming Pool

On the bright side, hotel facilities should be up and running. Gyms, swimming pools, and spas have been given the green light to reopen, with capacity constraints. 

What deals can we expect?

At the moment, hotels are not allowed to advertise staycation deals, in order to avoid confusion. This moratorium will presumably be lifted as hotels get approved to take staycation guests.

The Singapore Hotels Association (SHA) has a dedicated staycation deals page, which as you might have guessed is empty at the moment. Do bookmark it, though, because it’s bound to get really busy over the next couple of months. 

Check out staycation deals here

I’ll also be on the lookout for great deals, and publish them on The Milelion as and when I spot them. Feel free to forward me any deals you come across. 


It looks increasingly likely that leisure travel won’t be possible for Singaporeans until early 2021, so a staycation is probably as good as it gets for now. 

I’m personally looking forward to using my Regent Singapore voucher, and I’m sure we’ll see a deluge of deals in the near future. 

Any hotels on your wish list now? 

Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Aaron founded The Milelion to help people travel better for less and impress chiobu. He was 50% successful.

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Regent told me the following:

However, we have recently received some updates that we would like to share with you in the interest of full disclosure. In the past months, Regent Singapore has been operating as a SHN-designated hotel offering returning citizens and visitors a safe haven for seeing out their mandatory 14-day Stay Home Notice. We have been recently asked to extend these services for a few more months and will not be able to accept any bookings till mid-October. Regent Singapore will continue to support the government in their efforts to provide accommodation to Singaporeans and travellers returning from abroad as a precautionary measure.”


With everyone one rushing when things open I wonder on the possibility of using our vouchers and points to make bookings because everyone’s gonna think the same.

Hotels would be more keen to entertain cash paying customers and limit vouchers n points redemptions as they are cash strapped too


agreed. cash is priority for proprietors. they sold vouchers and points for cash. if they accept all the vouchers and points right after CB, till operating capacity, it wouldn’t make sense for them. vouchers and points won’t pay their operating costs. reading about offers engenders FOMO about saving money and getting experiences reality is that not doing staycations saves more money. and neutered staycation experience in singapore can’t compare to regular holiday elsewhere reviews, websites, hotels, airlines are about making money. Fair play to them trying to drum up interest. I would do the same in their shoes. but as… Read more »


eating out for small parties now IS similar to before CB. Maybe better. I’ve already eaten out every other day since 19/6. And I must say service has been excellent and the more popular places have had to place tables further apart (hooray!) and limit reservations (finally!) and some of the iff-ier places have definitely stepped up on hygiene (incroyable!) and attentiveness to personal space (never before!). Discounts nada but that’s ok. Definitely agree with Aaron on not eating out saving more money but it’s the ‘normal value’ for the time and money spent that I am concerned with. Staycations… Read more »